Marhaba Mustapha Lyrics

Marhaba, Ya Mustafa
Pleasant Greetings! O Mustafa (prophet Muhammed)
Peace be upon him (prophet Muhammed)
Peace be upon him

Aye Habib-e-Khuda
O, beloved of the God
Praiseworthy of being the Chosen One

Peace be upon him
Peace be upon him

Sooraj ka uthna, Chand chamakana
The rising of the Sun, the light of the Moon ||| you are an integral, active part of the Divine plan/destiny
Hai aap se
Is all due to you
Peace be upon him

Fiza mein thandak, Phool mehekna
The coolness in the breeze, the fragrance in the flower
Hai aap se
Is all due to you
Peace be upon him

Saara sadhkha aap ka, Saara sadhkha aap ka
All the blessing are due to you, All the blessings are due to you
Peace be upon him

Marhaba, Ya Mustafa
Pleasant Greetings! O Mustafa
Peace be upon him
Peace be upon him

Mutmayeen hai qalb mera, Zikr se aapke
My heart/mind/body/soul finds peace/satisfaction by `remembering’ you
Peace be upon him
Peace be upon him

Dil nahin chahata nazar hataoun, Roze se aapke
My heart does not want me to see any other sight, except your shrine
Kuch bhi nahin mujhse raha, Kuch bhi nahin mujhse raha
I’m incapable of doing anything, I’m incapable of doing anything
Peace be upon him
Peace be upon him

Marhaba, Ya Mustafa
Pleasant Greetings! O Mustafa
Peace be upon him
Peace be upon him

Naat Information
Album: Al-Risalah(2008)
Track: Marhaba Mustapha
Composer: A.R. Rahman
Lyrics: Hazrat Khaja Syed Shah Ameenullah Hussainy (R.A)

  • meher shaikh


  • ghazanfar

    Beautiful naat. I wish Rahman saab redo this without background music and eliminate the parts which make it shirky (though these parts may not be considered shirky while movie context)

  • amirah gulnawaz

    mashala subhanallah may this naat last long

  • Azra Malik

    Subhan Allah

  • Mukram Ibrahim

    i love nath i love milad raza qudri

  • amelia

    wow i love this it is so beautiful and calm

  • sabir

    nice vice

  • tereliya

    aap ko din kis nay de ya namaz padhane roja rakhana kis nay se kha ya their is no difference between allah nd MOHAMMAD S.A.W

  • tereliya

    if u love MOHAMMAD S.A.W. then no need 2 worry of ur past present futuer if u dnts love then u cry on urs naseeb i chalange

  • mohamed saibutheen

    love rahman muscie give long life for him

  • mohamed saibutheen

    i love rahman i love his musie


    This is a exclusive and unique
    article.It belongs to fundamental

    Thanks for the article.

  • Nayab

    “Sooraj ka uthna, Chand chamakanaHai aap se 
    alallahu-alaihi-wa-sallamFiza mein thandak, Phool mehekna
    Hai aap se ”

    I feel we should say this.
    Because these things are due to ALLAH.
    Please guide me if i am wrong.

    • Muhammad Aaqib

      if u have ever know what is the meaning of “LOVE”. then u never would say ………………..

  • Saminhussain


  • Mohammed Zahid77


  • Mohd Irfan


  • Visvrs

    i want to cry what a vioce

  • Sanoof

    what a lyrics

  • Rehmat

    mashaallah i love this song…no words to discribe

  • peringottukara

    wonderful music!!

    excellent work Rahmanji!!
    but there is some shirk in the lyrics…
    we are not supposed to worship Prophet Mohammed (S.A)

    • Zaheerpgdba

      Ki MOHAMMAD S.A.W. se wafa tune to hum tere hai ye jaha cheez kya LOH Kalam Tere hai 

      If you Love Prophet Mohmmad S.A.W. then only u can achieve Allah Grace and Heaven 

    • Manasib

      where can u find shirk. Mr peringottukara

      • sameioko

        shirk: “suraj ka utna…..chand ka chamakna… hai aapse”. it is by Allah not Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H

  • Mohammedaneesh05

    i love this song more than anything…. 
    this song is that much close to heart
    plz…. do more songs like this…
    may allah bless u….

  • Mdsami

    rehman  bhai make more song like this

  • MohammadTafazzulBarakati

    masha allah

  • MohammadTafazzulBarakati

    masha allah

  • muhammad akhtar

    amin . summa amin  .jazaq ALLAH  . aap ne meray AQA kitareef ki ALLAH aap ko buladian ata  farmaye  amin .  thanks  A .R Rehman bhai

  • Shahin

    SHAHIN  1 days ago     

    Subhan Allah, Mashaallah  best song ever thanks. Allah apki awaz me hamesha assi hi mithas rakhe. 

  • wasim

    Subhan allah

  • Ansulasnola

    best song ever thank a.r rehman

  • feroz

    Assalamualikum, i like very much

  • Nasirmittal

    i like this naat and i respest for a r rahman

  • muyeed qasmi

    allah aapko aur naate -e-rasoolallah padne ki saadat aata farmaye .


  • isthikar

    masha allah.. .. thanks a lot from ma bottom of ma heart to Rehman saab..



  • faraz hasan

    lyrics is so beautyfull.
    Allah hafiz.

  • sameer

    Its great amazing I am so happy

    God bless you dear Rahman sahib
    You are telling the truth which is the world want to hide
    Your brother sameer

    • yahamalik

      ramada mubarik

  • shakira

    roja to the naats. there is no stopping your rise to the top.
    Allah's blessing be upon you.

  • Arshiya

    Jazak Allah, this naat-e-rasool is awesome….A.R Rehman Allah apki awaaz hamesha sada rakka…

  • farkhunda

    very good naats may allah fulfill whatever you dream aur tumhari aawaz aur tum ko allah salamat rakhi amen

  • ranu

    this is first time ever i have heard this type of beautiful naat thank u rehman sahib 4 making dis naat.

  • mehwish

    maasha allah kya naat hai

    • taha malik

      how are you mehwish

  • murshad

    masha allah
    god bless u

  • siddique

    maasha allah ,,rahmanji allah hyr rakke

  • farah khan


  • Idris

    Awesome.. I like this Naat a lot… wonderful work from AR Rahmaan Sahab….

  • zishan khan

    i love this song and i m a big fan of A R Rahman after listening this song its touching my heart really.well done Rahman sir God bless u

  • sohel

    this naat e rasool is best composition of rahman in my opinion

  • karim sakhi

    this real a great God bless you Rehman sab

  • som

    i love this naat

  • shabbir

    Incredible…God Bless you

  • sayeeqa,salma

    very nice but in title word mentioned mustapha instead of mustafa..

  • Sheherazade

    Awesome anasheed masha'Allah !

  • Syedi


  • zuzar a moonim

    it is a beautifully sung n composed naath…it brings a lot of inner peace n tranquility when one hears it…..

  • syeda

    mashaallah ver nice beautifully sung

  • Sabir

    Very Nice. Would like to hear a lot more Devotional songs coming from you.

  • Farzana Malik

    Lovely! Mashallah!

  • husein mitha

    Like Allah says " USE YOUR REASON " (in deciding what is right and what is wrong).

    The Faculty of Discernment is Allah's biggest gift to mankind. Use it do not abuse it.

    Let Him be the best judge.

  • luv4all

    Typing Mistake in the line

    Kuch bhi nahin mujhse raha, Kuch bhi nahin mujhse raja

    the last word must be “raha” instead of “raja”

    • Administrator

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake… We have taken appropriate actions to fix it. Thanks again!

  • aki

    Rehman is really great keep it up.we want to hear more and more from you thanks

  • TAJ


    • Mdrashid

      u are right

  • Pritam

    Masha’allha! Masha’allah! Masha’allah!
    Just beautiful brother, May Allah Bless you and all of us. Ameen…Summa Ameen…Ya Rabbal Aalemneen.

  • Maher

    Well said about Parey Aaqa SWS.

  • Mohammed Saleem

    Assallamu allaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu……..mustafa sallallahu allahi wasallam kay shan ku pukaray bhoth miti kaaam bt Aaab Aap kuch Hindus ka gana ku ganay walay heeen sunay hamay log…..plz aviod that……kudha hafiz……sallalahu wala muhamed sallalahu walaihi wasallam ……………

  • Madeeha

    Well… before listening to the words or anything, any content that has music is haram, whatever the meaning… for that matter, even we shouldn’t listen to sami yusuf’s songs because of the music. being muslims, lets not argue on who is right or who is not. if you think it’s right and you don’t want to listen to any of the scholar’s views or dig up in the matter, simple, go on with it.
    For those who believe that music is haram, stop listening…
    This way no arguments…
    Not everyone accepts something new very fast. especially if he or she has been brought up with it…

  • arshad

    music is haraam!!!u shuld not use music to prays our nabi e karim swallallahoualaihiwassalm!!!!

    • Sahiba

      Not all music is haaram in Islam…. here is one the scholar’s response to a question posed on music and Islam…

      In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

      All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

      Dear questioner, thanks for your question, which reflects the great confidence you place in us. We implore Allah Almighty to help us serve His cause and render our work for His Sake.

      In his response to the question you posed, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and an Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states:

      “Music is an issue that has been hotly debated by scholars of the past and the present. While many of them have been generally inclined to condemn all forms of music, with the singular exception of ad-duff (tambourine) in weddings, quite a few of them have taken a more positive approach of considering only music containing sensual, pagan, or unethical themes or subliminal messages as being categorically forbidden.

      The latter view seems to be more consistent with the general nature of Islam, which is undoubtedly a complete way of life that caters to all of the genuine human instincts and needs within permissible limits. Thus, to say that all music is forbidden in Islam does not seem to agree with the balanced approach of Islam to issues of human life and experience.

      Traditions often cited by the first group scholars to justify condemnation of all musical instruments and music, according to some scholars, are considered as either spurious, or phrased in such way solely because of their associations with drinking, dancing, and sensuality.

      While everyone agrees that all forms of music that contain pagan, sensual themes, or subliminal messages are clearly forbidden, the latter group of scholars considers all forms of music free of such themes and messages as permissible.

      As a matter of fact, we know from the authentic traditions that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, not only allowed music in the weddings but also listened to girls singing: While listening to girls singing on such an occasion, he interrupted them only once when they sang the following verse, “In our midst is a prophet who knows what will happen tomorrow”; whence, the Prophet, peace be upon him, told them, “Cut this sentence out, and continue singing what you have been singing earlier.” There is nothing in the sources to indicate that the above permission is limited to the occasion of wedding, as some people tend to think.

      In light of these, according to the last mentioned group of scholars, music that is deemed to be free of un-Islamic and unethical themes and messages, the same is true of musical instruments so long as they are not used for the above, have been considered as permissible.

      But we have to stress that Islam clearly prohibits mixed dancing of males and females.”

      Excerpted, with slight modifications, from:

  • mukram

    this naath is looking like song please delete from this site this is sung by a.r rahman he is only fit for hindi songs he dont know what is the difference between naath and song……..

    • Sahiba

      Wow…sucha hateful msg to such a beautiful composition….just listen to the words…who cares about the rest?!

      • Mohsin


        With your name, u seem to be from a muslim mother.. "Who care about the rest"???

        The one who created you cares.. His order should be obeyed by us.. so if someone gives u poison in a honey, will you accept it?? Who cares abt poison.. its honey.. will you have it?

  • ALi

    it’s sound like song…, hindus r making change in the greeting sound of Naat sharif …
    we (Muslims) shouldn’t Accept this Behavior of Hindus…. M i Wrong ???? Plz Reply

    • Sahiba

      So what if it’s a song???…All of Sami Yusuf’s Naats sound like song…..Rehman is an Indian…he has an Indian touch to this Naat…. I love it…n MashAllah…it’s beautiful!

      • Mohsin


        let it be Sami Yousuf or AR Rahman.. Allah said, Music is haram.. let Sami plays or AR Rahman plays.. haram is haram..


        • D

          There is nothing wrong in spreading thought of Allah or inspiration which will bring you closer to him..

          It is written the prophet him self was in love with spread of the word of Allah, be it through a beat of a drum, if music is so much haram then why is it the Adhan is in a form of music the way it is read out aloud..

          The Quran is read as poetry, Allah made things which are close to him in rhythm of the heart, he has not forbidden music which can make you think about Islam, he has only written music can be intoxicating and it is written that if it is used to distance you from Allah, then it is forbidden..

          So stop being almighty and saying what is haram and what is halal.. you got to think if it could bring one person closer to there faith then it is more than one man spreading it is haram and im sure the person who inspired someone to go closer will be rewarded a 1000 times more than the person whos mind is closed..

          so good on the guy, the days of backward thinking have gone..


        • shamim

          it dose not matter who sings the main thing is it touches ur heart .And that is the beauty of this naat

        • Mariam

          please quote from Al Quran where ALLAH SWT says that music is haram.
          then we could all agree that haram is haram

          AR Rehman is not a hindu, he is a muslim.

        • Please

          Please who said music is haram, Please read the whole COMMENT:

          Every Prophet is given a miracle

          We have had more than 124,000 prophets among us, of all those 124,000 and the rest, only 4 prophets were given the book, called Qur’an (Different books for different prophets). Means these 4 prophets are stronger and capable of doing more than the others. These 4 prophets had miracles from Allah. Biggest miracle, Qur’an, Hazrat Musa was capable of split the sea in two, Hazrat Isa was capable of giving life to the dead and Hazrat Daud, he got music, voice, the most beautiful voice which could even make the nature sing with him.

          Hazrat Daud was the one prophet who sang, and used music to make people come closer to Islam, and believe in Allah. Then is it possible that Allah sends a messenger who can spread Islam by singing, which is stated Haram by you!? That means you are telling that Hazrat Daud was not following Islamic rules, and that he was not Muslim!?
          When Hazrat Aisha (as) got married, it was used music in her wedding, and when they came to her wedding with music, it was asked if they brought singers along with them too or not! Is it then possible that they then believe that music is Haram?

          Everything that makes people believe and come closer to Islam and Allah is not haram. If music is used in the good sense, as Hazrat Daud did, then music and singing and listening to music is not haram. But for example in modern Rap, it is usually used cursing words, and so on. That is then haram, but not the music itself.

        • queen of z

          Really Allah “said that”. Did you talk to him cuz I don’t believe he would talk to people like you. Such idiotic mindset.

    • Ram

      You are absolutely wrong my dear.. Hinduism was the first religion
      the Brahma (Mohamed) brought it to the humans on this world.

      The book of God (Vaidant’s lyrics are musical so as the Quaran
      in arabic is lyrical.

      The universe is built on music and sound. Even when you call Allah..
      Ya Allaaaaah is musical.
      So keep your heart at peace and enjoy the magical world.

      Best regards

  • arshad

    masha allah
    it is top song i heard

    • Taslim

      Before comment, respect the meaning of the song. I think many people still dont have the basic knowledge of the sayings of the Quraan. Rehman is really great.

  • saedha


  • Zishan

    Great song …
    thank you Allah Rakkhah Rahman

  • irem

    if im not wrong it sounds like there is music playing in the background.

    • Muhammad

      The words are great. I compose poetry as well, and our Holy Prophet (SAW) can be praised in many ways.

      No need to bring music into the equation. His (our Holy Prophet) greatness presents itself without having to intoxicate the mind.

      The poison in honey analogy is perfect.

      Salaams to all of you for caring enough to realize we're not each other's enemies; Shaytan (LA) loves to see us divided.

    • queen of z

      Stop it already with this nonsense of music. What is wrong with music and what is wrong with singing praises of Allah?

    • azim

      With all due respect Brothers and sisters,

      What is wrong with music?

      Some other person said music is "hindu" tradition or Allah said music was HARAM!! When and in waht context???


      I believe we are in the 21st century…………..

      Isnt it time to let everyone express their praise and gratitude to the Almighty without trying to put "our own" stamp of approval?

      thats how Fundamentalism sows the seeds and then feeds itself

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