Bismillah Lyrics

Version #1:
Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Raheem
In the name of Allah, Most Merciful Most Gracious

Allahu Allah Jalle Shaane Allah
Tera naam mein loon meyri ho ve tasalla

Allah Hu Allah Hu

Sana bashar ke liye hai bashar sana ke liye
Tamaam hamd sazavaar hai khuda ke liye
Ata ke samne Ya Rab khata ka zikr hi kiya
Ke Thu ata ke liye hai bashar khata ke liye
Voh rang laee hai rahmat Teyri sare mehshar
Ke dekh ata bhi tarsne lage khata ke liye

Version 2:
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
In the name of ALLAH. Most Gracious. Most Merciful

Thana bashr ke liye hai. Bashr thana ke liye
Tamaam hamd sazavaar hai khuda ke liye.
‘Ata ke saamne Ya Rab khathaa ka zikr he kiya.
Ke Thu ata ke liye hai bashr khataa ke liye.
Voh rang laaiy hai rehmat Teri sare mehshir.
Ke dekh ata bhi tarsne laghe khataa ke liye.


Ya Rahmanu Ya ALLAH
Ya Raheemu Ya ALLAH
Ya Kareemu Ya ALLAH
Ya Salaamu Ya ALLAH

Bismillah (The opening or beginning).
Everything starts with the name of Allah and comes from Allah. This song addresses invoking the
name of Allah at the beginning of any activity to remember Him in all that we undertake that is
good and fulfills the correct etiquette / adab. Hence an opening or starting point of the journey
through the album which, consequently, creates a greater awareness and yearning for us to want
meet with our Beloved Creator.
A mixture of Arabic and Urdu. Starting with an echoing of ‘In the name of Allah’ resonating
ethereally, moving to the remembrance of Allah as ‘Allah Hu’. The influence is of classic qawwalli
Indian-Pakistani subcontinent.

Language: Arabic, English, Urdu
Album: Pilgrim

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