Nur ‘Ala Nur Lyrics

Nur ‘Ala Nur. Nur ‘Ala Nur.

Saare nabbiya da nabi tho imam soniya
Lakkah tere teh durood teh salaam sorhniya

Salaatullah salaamullah ‘Ala TA ha rasulillah
Salaatullah salaamullah ‘Ala Ya seen habibillah

Nabi ul-Anbiya wa imaamu hum.
Malaayeenal ‘adiyyah laka ya Rasulallah

Tere husn ki ki tareef karan
Rab aap vi devaana aiy

Light upon light – brighter than bright
Merciful kind – best of mankind
from Pilgrim, track released 28 July 2011

This track celebrates the illumination and lighting of the path of the pilgrim. The illumination signifies intellectual, spiritual and physical well being. This was brought by the light of lights , Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at a time of darkness in the world, giving hope and supporting the journey.

The rhythm influence is of a Caribbean style and has Urdu, English and Arabic lyrics, from an Arabic qasida.

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