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Dil Jis Se Zinda Hain Lyrics

Dil Jis se Zinda hai

Written By: Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

Dil jis se zinda hai, wo tamanna Tumhi to ho,
That which is keeping my heart alive, that hope is just you
Hum jis mein bas rahay hain, wo dunya tumhi to ho
That which we are living and existing is, that world is nothing but you

Dil Jis Say Zinda Hai Woh Tum Ho…

Teri deed jis ko naseeb hai,
Woh naseeb ka dil e deed hai,
Tera dekhna meri Eid hai,
Tera rukh Kalam e Majeed hai.

Dil Jis Se Zinda Hai Woh Tum Ho…

Teri zulf gar shab e Qadr hai
Tera chehra Badr e Muneer hai
Tere sadqe jaoon mein Ya Nabi
Tu Habib e Rab e Qadeer hai

Dil Jis Se Zinda Hain Woh Tum Ho…

Tera husn jalwa e toor hai,
Teri shakal Surah e Noor hai,
Kay jahaan mein koi aaj tak,
Teri misl hai na nazeer hai.

Mujh pur khata ki laaj tumhare hi haath hai
The sinner that I am, my security is dependent upon you

Mujh nang – e – do jahan ka waseela tumhi to ho
Me being empty of good works for this world and the next, my intercessor is none other than you

Jo dastgir hai wo tumhara hi haath hai
The hand that keeps its grip on us, that hand is none other than yours

Jo doobne na dai wo sahara tumhi to ho
The one that does not let us drown, that support is none other than you

Dunya mein rehmat e do jahan aur kaun hai
Who else is a mercy for both the worlds?

Jis ki nahi nazeer wo tanha tumhi to ho
You alone are unique in that there is no other like you

Pootha jo seena e shab e taar e alast se
When the chest of the star in the beginning exploded

Us noor e awaleen ka ujala tumhi to ho
You are the guiding light that takes us back to the original star

Jalte hai Jibraeel ke par jis maqam par
At the point where Gabrielʼs wings start to burn

Us ki hakeekaton se shanaasa tumhi to ho
The only one that knows the reality of what is beyond that is you

Sab kuch tumhaare waaste paida kiya gaya
Everything has been created for your sake

Eh taajdaar e yasrib o bat-ha tumhi to ho
You are the one who wears the crown of Yasrib, you are the ruler of the valley of Bat-ha

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