Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Lyrics

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Ban Ke Tamanna Meri
My longing comes to my lips as a supplication

Zindagi Shamma Ki Surat Ho Khudaya Meri
O Lord, make my life like that of a candle, a guiding light

Ho Mere Dam Se Yunhi Mere Watan Ki Zeenat
May my homeland through me attain elegance

Jis Tarha Phool Se Hoti Hai Chaman Ki Zeenat
As the garden through flowers attains beauty and elegance

Zindagi Ho Meri Parwane Ki Surat Ya Rab
O Lord, make my life like that of a moth

Ilm Ki Shamma Se Ho Mujh ko Mohabbat Ya Rab!
May I yearn to seek knowledge at the lantern of wisdom

Ho Mera Kaam Garibon Ki Himayat Karna
I will dedicate my life to help the poor and needy

Dardmando Se Zaifon Se Mohabbat Karna
And to fill the lives of the old and vulnerable with love and affection

Mere Allah Burai Se Bachana Mujhko
O Lord, protect me from the path of the misguided

Naik Jo Rah Ho, Ussi Reh Pe Chalana Mujhko
And lead me to the path of the faithful and righteous

A Tribute to Dr Muhammad Iqbal

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