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Junaid Jamshed's Biography: Junaid Jamshid is very popular in young generation of Pakistan .His songs are very popular in girls and guys a equally .He has a large fan following in Pakistan. In recent years Jamshed has become associated with the Tablighi Jamaat and he has left singing and now has committed himself to the preaching of Islam. and only working on Naats and Hamd .His Naats are also very popular in all over Pakistan. His Haamd and Nat Albums Badrud-duja-shamsudduha ,Mehboob-e-Yazdaan ,Jalwa-e-Janan are very populor
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Aiy Taiba

Artist Page:   52 COMMENTS

Ilahi Teri Chokhat Per Bhikari Ban Ker Aya Hoon

Artist Page:   253 COMMENTS

Jalwa e Jaana

Artist Page:   60 COMMENTS

Mera Dil Badal De

Artist Page:   9 COMMENTS

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