Dhamani Sisters

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Dhamani Sisters's Biography: Batul Dhamani & Fatima Dhamani (Dhamani Sisters) are two shia sisters and recite nohas. They are currently residing in United Kingdom.
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Al Ajal Al Ajal

Artist Page:   4 COMMENTS

Ali Hamara Hai

Artist Page:   1 COMMENT

Bano Ka Yeh Arman Tha

Artist Page:   4 COMMENTS

Haider Haider

Artist Page:   4 COMMENTS

Hazir Hain Hazri Mein

Artist Page:   3 COMMENTS

Hazri Abbass Ki

Artist Page:   ADD COMMENTS

Hye Hum Yateem Ho Gaye

Artist Page:   2 COMMENTS

Kaash Abbass Na Maray Jaatay

Artist Page:   9 COMMENTS

Madad Kijiye Ya Imam e Zamana

Artist Page:   6 COMMENTS

Mera Iman Ali Hai Ali

Artist Page:   1 COMMENT

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