Insan Lyrics – إنسان

ياما نفسي أعيش انسان قلبه على كفه
Oh how I wish to live like a human being who carries his heart in his hand
كل اللي بردانين ف كفوفه يتدفوا
All those feeling cold would find warmth in the palms of his hands

يضحك يضحّك خلق الله
When he laughs all of God’s creation laughs
يفرح يفرّح كله معاه
When he’s happy he makes everyone else happy
إنسان جواك وجوايا

A human being inside you and me
إنسان له حلم له غاية
A human being who has a dream and an aim

اللي معاه على طول مش ليه
He’s always giving away everything he has
ولا حتى روحه ملك إيديه
And he doesn’t even own his own spirit
جواه في قلبه ونن عينيه
Inside his heart and in the depths of his eyes
شايل أمل وشروق وحياة
He carries hope, sunrise and life

إنسان بيحب ولا يكره
A human being who loves and never hates
إنسان شايل أمل بكره
A human being who has hope for a better tomorrow
بيبان في الشدة ويطمّن
He appears in the midst of hardship and reassures others
ولا خان ولا عمره هيخوّن
Never has he betrayed nor will he ever accuse anyone of treason

كلمات: حازم ويفي
لحن: حمزة نمرة

Singer: Hamza Namira
Director: Karim Shaaban
D.O.P: Oliver Wilkins
Producer: Ammar Abu Shady
Art Director & Photography: Ahmad Othman
Production House: Awakening Records
Assistant Director: Ahmad Sobhi
Assistant Producer: AbdulRahman Elgarawany
Production Manager: Moatasem Mosaad
Production Executives: Mahmoud Nabawy & Muhammad Mayo
Stylist: Ahmed Baraka
Set Decorator: Ramy Mustafa
Makeup: Muhammad Hassan
Editor: Karim Shaaban
Color Correction: Aroma
Colorist: Tamer Mortada
Lyrics: Hazam Wefy
Melody: Hamza Namira
Arrangement: Mustafa Ceceli


Bus Passenger: Samir Hakim
Fisherman: Amm Shayboon
Boy in the rain: Fady Adel
Young man in crowd: Muhammad Altia
Mother: Israa Mamdouh
Young girl: Jana Hossam
Young women: Nada Mahfouz & Hadeet Ali


Loay Mohamed
Ibrahim Nashaat
Muhammad Abdul Aziz
Ahmad el Nazahy
Abdullah Othman
Muhamma Ismael
Sherif Saleh
Jihad Abu shady
Ayman Abdul Halim
Yousef Salah
Ahmad Salah
Ahmad Reda
Hisham Habib
Samir Hakim
Muhammad Hassan
Ahmad Mahdy
Yousef Hossam
Omar Fathy


Tamer Mortada
Mustafa Ceceli
Wassim Malak
Bassem Abdulghani
Bara Kherigi
Sharif Banna
Wali-ur Rahman
Halil Kabaca
Levent Demirbas
AbdulRahman Khedr
Soha Rashed
Mostafa Fathallah
Lina El Nadi
Anas Tolba
Basma Hassan
Yahya Diwer
© Awakening Records 2009

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  1. shima

    Adore it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    May ALLAH bless U bro. hamza !!

  2. nur

    i’m lovin’ it..  

    … صبحان الله ( : صفة محمودة صفة كاملة
    ارجوا الىك بركة الله و رحمة الله

  3. nazlie fakier

    Alhamdulillah. Understanding the lyrics is much more important to me, I leave the singing part of it to my son. We love the nasheed Masha-Allah. Keep up the good work Alhamdulillah. Wasalaam