Your Beauty Lyrics

Brighter than the sun
Fairer than the moon
Your beauty is so dazzling

Bigger than the sea
Higher than the clouds
Your soul is so enlightening

What I’d give to see your face
Beaming with so much grace

Brighter than the sun
Fairer than the moon
Your beauty is so dazzling
Bigger than the sea
Higher than the clouds
Your soul is so enlightening (x2)

Ya Mawlay, ya Mawlay Salli ‘ala Taha (x2)
husnu Ahmadal Bashir
Akhjalal badral munir
Oh my Lord, Send your peace and blessings on Taha (one of the prophet’s names)
The beauty of Ahmad the portent
Ashamed the illuminative full moon

Will I be from those
You welcome with a smile
As you call your nation
Come to my side

Or will I see you frown
And then turn away
I did let you down
I forgot this Day

What I’d give to see your face
Beaming with so much grace

Brighter than the sun
Fairer than the moon
Your beauty is so dazzling

Bigger than the sea
Higher than the clouds
Your soul is so enlightening


Ya Habiba Allah
Ya Safiyya Allah
‘Alayka Salatu Allah
Wa Salamu Allah
Oh you the one who Allah loves
Oh you the one who Allah chose
May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon you

Your smile is so bright
It lits up the dark night
Brought mercy and light
To my waiting heart

I know that I’m weak
Of my sins I can’t speak
Your mercy I seek
Though I’m not worthy

What I’d give to see your face
Beaming with so much grace

Brighter than the sun
Fairer than the moon
Your beauty is so dazzling

Bigger than the sea
Higher than the clouds
Your soul is so enlightening


Nasheed Information:

Singers: Hamza Robertson & Sami Yusuf
Album: Something About Life

  • محمد

    چجوری میشه دانلود کرد

  • محمد

    چجوری میشه دانلود کرد

  • ikra

    wow i love your naats

  • Badsha Mohd Shas

    i like this song,
    thanks 4 makers

  • Hauwaa


  • Batista WWE Superstar

    Only good song in his album of Something about life is Your Beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faris /ethiopia

    may Allah accept your deeds

  • muhammad shariq

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww//amazzzing//goooooood yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

  • guast

    Lision this is a album about something in life

    So   thoghs of  u  who  said it has shirk i dont think that u can read

    by yusra

  • santhosh roy

    wonderful song



  • Kinystar1

    this nasheed is the best it is so amazing may allah bless you hamza

  • Rita

    awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lov it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amalfathima

    sami’s and hamza’s voice i     llllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jawad

    Hamza is a great muslim songer, so is this terrific song. I hope Allah protect him form the darkness of the soul and deceptions of Decieving satan, so about us all.  

  • Maqsood

    Hamza you are simply superb man !!!
    Very Great Son !!!

  • thedeen114

    Are the following lyrics considered shirk since they are asking mercy from Prophet PBUH instead of Allah or am I reading this wrong?

    I know that I’m weak
    Of my sins I can’t speak
    Your mercy I seek
    Though I’m not worthy

    • Ammar

      That’s exactly what came to my mind when I heard this song. Everything else is so good about it. But seeking Muhammad (SAAS)’s mercy is just not right; we can seek his love, his intercession and his approval. But Allah alone has the power to punish and forgive, and therefore, His mercy alone is to be sought. Perhaps the lyricist refers to the Prophet (SAAS)’s willingness to intercede for them on the Day of Judgement; he would, in a way, be merciful to them by pleading Allah to forgive their many sins. That’s one possible explanation. However, I still feel that this one line regarding ‘mercy’ could and should have been avoided – it can make the listeners feel really uncomfortable.

  • aisha

    the best sound

  • kausar

    its really nice but i saw some comments in which some say that music is not allowed of course its not allowed but as long as it is 4 allh swt we cannot judge anything ok i know that its not allowed but afterall it shws the beauty of allah swt n quraan so i dont mind but 4 me its really really awesome

  • zaid

    Simply Great

  • kausar

    a.alaykum wrhmtllh hi smi n hamza i love da qaswida may i know which musical instrument is used in this qasida pls rply soon

    • Student_1802

      Assalamualaikum my dear muslim sister KAUSAR,the nasheed is really awesome and best of all other nasheeds which has music in it BUT as we are muslims we should strictly follow that listening to music is totally HARAM in islam though music or musical instrument  may be used in any nasheed rather than getting used in a song So even if music is used 4 praising Allah(SWT) it is not correct………so my dear sister I hope you have understood what I was trying to explain you and also ALLAH{ SWT } with his grace &mercy guide us to the straight path[ALLAHUMMA IHDI NASSIRATAL MUSTAKHEEM ] & stop me & u listening to music 4ever……………………………………………………………………………….ALLAHAFIZ

  • Muhammad Abdul Moeid

    its a very beautiful nasheed
    feels like listning it all the time

    • kausar

      yah its really true feel like lstning it all da time must save in da mobile mashaallah

  • nago

    so what if there is music it is not your business what is up ur ass i like this music ha ha and have u got chilles up ur asse

  • Faizan

    Hi Sami and Hamza. How R U !
    This song is so sweet, I love this song. I have mp3 of this song. So nice.

  • Moon

    May i know what kinda Musical instrument is used inthis song??

  • Moon

    Assalamu alaikum wrwb… It s so beautiful, Masha Allah. May I know what kinda musical instrument is used in this song?? Coz Duff is the only allowed instrument

    • rayan

      i think it is a drum that muslims r allowed 2 use coz i won't think that what instrument they using is haram . don't noe but i reckon because I've got a drum that has the same beat & in noe 4 sure it's not haram.

  • Shahanah

    Assalamu alaikum wrwb… Can any1 tell me whether they've used any musical instruments except duff?
    Jazak Allah khaira

  • Hanna

    Man shalaah , Yaarab , Brothers thanks for but is it will be better for us and you cut the music , so as say my brother or sister Muslima, i think she's my sister , if i'm wrong Afwan,,

  • Hussain

    Our prophet never frowns at his nation peace be upon him and holy imams of his household
    may Allah fasten and hasten the holy appearance of his son (Almahdi)(enlighted)

  • Mohammad Ali

    great, great, great…god bless u alll…thank u…

  • mehmet

    maşallah kardeşim çok güzelll …ağzınıza sağlık….

  • Mustapha

    Is there any musik on this song?

  • Amal

    salam! Hi Sami & hamza truly this song very beauty. Masha allah god blessing u & ur family. i love this song so… Much my family also lk

  • Muslimah

    Salam alaykum

    Great lyrics ,can you please remove the Music and upload a vid without it?

  • Rosnina M Sharif

    Congratulations you have managed to ignite the soul and spirit of the Muslims and you also have to prove itself with great islamic song lyrics are so beautiful and touching hearts. Hopefully, Islam continues to blossom and grow in the eyes of the world and all Muslims are blessed by God.

    I am a big fan of Maher Hamza Robertson & Maher Zain. All the best to both of you. :)

  • Luqman al-Hakeem

    This is my favorite song!

  • leya

    my favorite song by hamza robertson

  • muslima

    Lovely naat, but please brother, will be bettter for you if you cut it out with the music, because the Prophet Muhammad SAW forbid us music of any form for reasons beyond our knowledge!

  • Islama

    great nasheed by great islamic singers
    may Allah bless you

  • Asma'

    beautiful song…

    really nice..

    syukran for the lyric..=)

  • Hasnain

    I love this nasheed!!! Everything that u said in this nasheed is 100 percent accurate.

    • Aysha

      I totally agree with u.



  • ana

    beautiful! masha’Allah

    • HASAN

      supppppppeerrrr i love thats song it is my favourite song and i like hamza roberston and sami yusuf

      • leya

        you should listen to you came to me by sami yusuf

        • kausar

          yah i heard that qaswida i hv gone totaly crazy im speechless i jst wish i could meet sami yusuf wow its so nicee

  • shiyad

    it is so beatiful…..alhamdulilla…

  • azra

    i lov sou much islam music
    is a verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nicccccccccccce a music

  • hassan

    salam :)
    it very nice song….:)
    thank u …….P
    may allah bless u………….:)

  • gospel

    first i listen it’s like echoing from deep in my soul
    it can’t get over
    makes my spirit rise
    good song…
    Islam … forever …

  • halima

    how much u make me wanna meet the prophrt mohamed
    & also make me miss him and love him & remember him when i hear such songs
    bless u

  • hana

    ma shallah very beauiful nasheed! in fact all of hi are and they sound the best with his voice!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Munavir

    incredible……………. feel like it comes from inner heart

  • tahir

    most incredible, amazing lyrics. Great Job, bro!

  • Nasratullah Kakar


    Thank you dear brother very nice Islamic Nasheed by Hamza Robertson & Sami Yusuf. I became very happy to hear and I call it that it is a heart touching, mind opening, and soul wake up thing as Ahmad Bukhatir as he sing an ISLAMIC Nasheed ” Kitabullah” and Sami Yousuf all ISLAMIC Nasheed. I appricate your ISLAMIC Feelings and love to ALLAH, ISLAM AND BELOVED Prophet Muhammad (SAAW).
    Wish you all the best and I hope you keep it up more and more and pass the messege of ISLAM to Non-Muslim and Muslim.
    Wa Salaam

  • samira

    Very beauty nasheed.masha’Allah

  • marwa

    maansshalah. very beautiful. thanx brother for this song… all muslims plz let kids listen to this song insted of them listenin to bad songs..thnx all

  • Abdullah

    Very beauty song..
    Thanx 4 attaching it..

  • Golnaz

    Nice song and thanks for the lyrics…

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