Maher Zain (ماهر زين)

Fascinated by the music and instruments, Maher Zain got his first keyboard when Maher Zain was only ten and ever since music officially became part of Maher’s world. The family moved to Sweden when Maher was only 8, where he continued his schooling, and later entered university and got a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With things changing around him, one thing remained the same – his strong passion for music. He would spend late nights at school with his friends where they would sing, rap, compose and experiment with music in every way. It didn’t take him long to realize that music became an integral part of who he is.

After being involved for a while in the music scene as a music producer, Maher was introduced to RedOne, a gifted music producer who was fast rising in the music scene in Sweden. Maher started working with RedOne and later moved to New York. For a few years he was in the middle of the hot rush of the NY music industry, working with chart topping artists such as Kat Deluna on her debut album including smash hits ‘Whine up’ and ‘Run the Show’. Maher had what many would describe as a dream job for someone so young in such a glamorous business, but for Maher it felt like this was far from what he would call ‘the dream’, “I loved the music but I hated everything that surrounded it, it always felt like something wasn’t right”.On a visit home to Sweden he became engaged once more with his Islamic faith and decided to move away from a career as a music producer to become a singer/songwriter of contemporary R&B music with a strong religious influence.
Maher Zain

In January 2009, Maher Zain decided to work on an album that reflects his identity – Arab, Western and Muslim – and signed with Awakening Records. Maher’s debut album Thank Youa Allah reached the number 1 spot on Amazon’s World Music charts and number 9 on the R&B charts.

In January 2010, in a music competition organized by Nujoom FM (Egypt’s biggest music radion station) Maher’s track ‘Ya Nabi Salam Alayka’ was voted as the best song for 2009. Runners up included big names like Hussein Aljismi, Mohammed Mounir and Sami Yusuf. Maher has already performed at sold out concerts in Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, England, France, Holland, Sweden, and the US amongst others and is fast becoming the ‘next superstar of Islamic music’.

Maher Zain Lyrics & Latest New Album

Album: Forgive Me (2012)

Album Notes: “Forgive Me” the incredible new album from platinum-selling artist Maher Zain. After the stunning success of his debut album “Thank You Allah” Maher Zain is back with his amazing second album! After the phenomenal success of his debut album “Thank You Allah” Maher Zain is back with another stunning masterpiece. Featuring 14 breathtaking tracks, including the hit single “Number One for Me”, the long-awaited second album “Forgive Me” is destined to captivate the imagination of audiences worldwide.

01. I Love You So
02. Number One For Me
03. Mawlaya
04. My Little Girl feat. Aya Zain
05. Forgive Me
06. One Big Family
07. Assalamu Alayka
08. Paradise
09. Masha Allah
10. Radhitu Billahi Rabba
11. Freedom
12. So Soon
13. Muhammad (pbuh)
14. Guide Me All the Way
15. Ku MilikMu (Arabic Version – Bonus Track)
16. Tuntunku KepadaMu (Arabic Version – Bonus Track)
17. Mawlaya (Arabic Version – Bonus Track)
18. Assalamu Alayka [Arabic Version]
19. Radhitu Billahi Rabba [Arabic Version]
Album: Forgive Me
Release: April 02, 2012
Label: Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
Total Length: N/A
Copyright: 2012
Maher Zain - Forgive Me

Album: Thank You Allah (2009)

Album Notes: On his debut album Thank You Allah, accomplished Swedish producer and singer Maher Zain effortlessly mixes the sounds of R&B with traditional nasheed, soul with contemporary pop music, not just updating Islamic music, but fearlessly reviving it with contemporary music. Thank You Allah with its 13 tracks is an instant classic of great power and timeless, unassailably intense spirituality. Thank You Allah manages to masterfully strike that fine balance between powerful upbeat songs of praise or encouragement, and sensitive, inspired ballads. It is a bright and shining testament to faith in Allah and praise for his countless blessings. Throughout the album’s thirteen tracks, Maher uses his soft, sincere, and heart-piercing vocal ability, together with his masterful music production prowess to uplift his listeners and to elucidate the pure joy of spiritual and musical flight. He not only crosses but banishes lines of separation between nasheed and modern music. He touches on the doubts and weaknesses we endure in this battle called life, but at the end of it all, with the grace of Allah, we shall overcome this fight!

01. Allahi Allah Kiya Karo (feat. Irfan Makki)
02. Always Be There
03. Always Be There (French Version)
04. Awaken
05. Baraka Allahu Lakuma
06. For the Rest of My Life
07. Freedom
08. Hold My Hand
09. I Believe (feat. Irfan Makki)
10. Incha Allah (French Version)
11. Insha Allah
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Palestine Will Be Free
14. Subhana Allah (feat. Mesut Kurtis)
15. Thank You Allah
16. Thank You Allah (Acoustic Version – Bonus)
17. The Chosen One
18. Toujours Proche (French Version)
19. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka (Arabic Version)
20. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka
21. Sepanjang Hidup
22. Inshallah (Arabic Version)
23. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka (Turkish Version)
24. Subhana Allah (Turkish Version)
25. Insha Allah (Turkish Version)
Album: Thank You Allah
Release: October 30, 2009
Label: Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
Total Length: 1:13:14
Copyright: 2009
Maher Zain - Thank You Allah
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    I love you I love you I love you I love you – You uplift me spiritually – May Allah reward you greatly for sharing your voice and these beautiful words with us.

  • SheriG

    I love you I love you I love you I love you – You uplift me spiritually – May Allah reward you greatly for sharing your voice and these beautiful words with us.

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  • parez ali

    masha allah really he is a profisional singer and he is the best singer
    he is a great example good youth , i ask allah to give paradise to u in sha allah :-) <3

  • parez ali

    masha allah really he is a profisional singer and he is the best singer
    he is a great example good youth , i ask allah to give paradise to u in sha allah :-) <3

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  • Dibz Bunkerzs

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    الله يبارك مهير زين آمين!

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    your lyric and your song are really soothing :)

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    pertama saya baru tahu senandung lagu maher zain itu enak didengar dan penyejuk hati di kala kita sedang susah dan bahagia . semoga senandung maher sebagai siraman rohani bagi semua orang yang mendengarkanya INSYA ALLAH DI BERKAHI

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  • noura fateh alharty

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  • noura fateh alharty

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    will u come again to Malaysia ,Kelantan
    din familj kan alltid under vasall ……….. Amen.
    Hur mår du, dotter, Maher ??????
    قد تكون حياتك العائلية دائما تحت آمين……….. تابعتها.
    كآپ کے خاندان کی زندگی جاگیردار آمین……….. کے تحت ہمیشہ کیا جا سکتا ہے.
    آyour family life may always be under the vassal ……….. Amen.
    How are you, daughter, Maher ??????
    پ کیسے ہیں، بیٹی، مہر؟؟؟؟؟؟يف أنت يا ابنة ماهر؟؟؟؟؟؟

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    Please come to my country brother, please sing for all of greed in here.
    You have a good song brother, awesome! make my tears can't stop to flow..
    Thank's brother maher. Assalamualaikum..

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    A very spiritique song for this dry heart! enjoy to play it endlessly. Subhanallah! Jazakallah khairan and Terima kasih.

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  • Rabia

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  • Riza Eka Yanoura

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    Allah bless you and every person supports you with beautiful words, and all your team.

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    Thank you Maher Zain, keep doing your pure art..

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    GOD bless you.

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  • darwis firdaus

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    Shukran – Najwa-Singapore

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    it would be good
    thank you I wish you would come to Morocco

    welcome to morroco

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  • daoude

    شكرا لك

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    assalamualaikum maher..i am khadija hussin from philippines n just got married last january24 this yr. know wat me n my husband lyks ur songs very much. we actually make ur songs as our wedding songs that will entertain d guests. n our officiating imam was unintentionally cried for ur songs. he like it too much and asked for the copy. for the rest of my life was our wedding songw/my husband wen we walked together in the aisle.
    we thank you very much maher for the beautiful songs..we hope u will still have another album..
    we wish u luck

    • rianto idwan

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    hope u'll create the other one!!
    my pray n support for u

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    assalamualaium,, i'm lidya from indonesia,,, our family really like your song Maher zain,,, we alwasy play it in the morning,,, the lyrics is really good because remembering us to be grateful to Allat the Creator and ,,, you can show that islam is really beautiful and peaceful,,, may Allah SWT Bless you,,, aminnn

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    I'm From Indonesia.. I LOVE all Your Song sooo much…soooo touching…..never get bored..!..Barokallaaaaah…..

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    Zakaria Elmanouzi From Denver Colorado USA.Mashae llah .May allah bless you.Best wishes.

  • furkhan

    assalamu alaikum…….maher, u have made me a different man….i used to take drugs and listen to music…once i got a chance to hear your song and from that moment i've quit drugs…ur songs posses truth and sincerity….keep up the good work.

  • Abu Naqibah

    Thank You Allah…
    For bringing such a great talent to this modern day whom his songs touch both Muslims & non-Muslims.
    Thank You Allah…
    For providing this great talent with imaan so he was not drifted too far and touched our hearts with his melody.
    Thank You Allah…
    For giving him the chance to express his thoughts and feelings which were shared and agreed with almost everybody who listen to his songs…
    Thank You Allah…
    For opening my heart to hear to his songs for which I praised you and salawat to our most beloved prophet Muhammad saw by singing along to the lyrics…
    Thank You Allah…
    May Maher Zain will continus his fine works and may the succes he gathered today won't change him to the other way… Ameen…

    • iman

      • iman

  • kay daniel

    Tanx for our song islamic.. its bring so meaningful for our human..hope its will b rmber us owez..tanx,brother..:)

    • maher zizan

      you are welcome………………………kay daniel

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  • honey

    Assalamualaikum.. :D
    i'm from Egypt;
    ma sh2 allah wla qwat ella bellah
    bgd e7sask 3ali awe wklamk yet7s men abl m yetfhem
    rbena yzidk eman w 5sho3
    yareet te3mel songs arabic kteer

  • NOR.

    Assalamualaikum may Allah bless u n family always. Your song for your dear wife is my dedication to my late husband. I don't know whether he had the opportunity to listen to your song but he had been dedicating beautiful love songs to me when he was around. Pls continue to write cos u have inspired d young to love ALLAH.

  • Januardi Rifianjani

    Assalamu'alaikum…I am Januardi from Indonesia…thank You, Allah…I proud with you Mr. Maher Zain, the best talented western nasyid singer…Thank You, Allah…I want "Baraka Allahu Lakuma" and "For The Rest of My Life" will performed in my wedding…Insha Allah…

  • Januardi Rifianjani

    Assalamu'alaikum…I am Januardi from Indonesia…thank You, Allah…I proud with you Mr. Maher Zain, the best talented western nasyid singer…Thank You, Allah…I want "Baraka Allahu Lakuma" and "For The Rest of My Life" will performed in my wedding…Insha Allah…

    • Januardi Rifianjani

      So, how?

  • din

    Assalamualaikum… I'm From MUKAH SARAWAK,MALAYSIA… All your song touch my heart…. the words of your song mk me think of ALLAH… and a make me realise that how wonderful islam is… i love ur song "Insya Allah"
    it mk me self-confidence…

  • nurizzah


  • nawal

    assalamualaikum maher i come from thailand my family like your song so much now we are try to sing a song like u but it not same
    your voice is vary nice and u look handsome too.
    thank you for your song that make my family happy
    i wish allah blessing to u

  • Eka

    I'm from Indonesia, i'm ur biggest fan and Ur voice is very wonderful and ur so very talented. Ur song very touch my heart and i think to become a better person day by day. Thanks to create wonderful lyrics…
    We will wait u to visit Indonesia, and sing a great songs…

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    • Clement Okoye

      My Dear Beloved Friend,

      I hereby write this email to you with great sorrow in my heart and heavy
      tears in my eyes simply because my Doctor just told me that i will die in
      three months time. I grew up as an orphan and so sad that i don't have
      anybody/family member to take care of my wealth despite my success in life.

      As a result of this development, i would like to will my money which is
      deposited in a financial institution to you on trust and fairness of God. I
      implore you to use the money judiciously to build charity organizations for
      the saints and the needy. I authorize 20% of the total sum in your favor as
      compensation and entitlement While 80% of the money should go to charity
      organizations and orphanage homes. The total money in question is
      $10.5million dollars and i will provide you with other information's once you
      indicate your willingness.

      always reply to my gmail address(


      Clement Okoye

  • a'naa

    when i lsietn to the words of your song i can only think of allah, rasool and my beloved, rabiya.

  • moez

    asalam alikom wrhamato allh im moez from tunisia we invite you to viste tunisia to the free islam canntry i hoppe to see you in tunisia allha yjazik kayran you barather in islam moez mizouri

  • miranda

    hello evry boddy how're you I just wante to ask aquestion
    is maher zain married and who is his wife what's the name of his children

  • nizam

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    not much understand the lyrics..
    its nice…
    now i have the lyrics in front of my eye..
    its amazing..
    i was inspired with the lyrics..

  • zul

    Alhamdulillah… Great voice, great song, great lyrics… All your song touch my hart… make me cry…
    My 3 year old daughter love it especially "Insya Allah"
    May Allah bless you…

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    i from indonesia…when yuo come to my cuontry…we wait yuo…yuo always in my heart…very good song.

  • Muhamad Azmil

    Assalamualaikum to Dear Maher Zain and to other Umat Islam..
    I love u r song very.."U r biggest fan" .. I wonder if u have a new song or album..
    I cant wait… All u r song hav a beautiful lyrics, and some of the song make me realise that how wonderful islam is…
    May God Bless u always… Amin :)

  • Ahamad Unni

    Thanking God for blessing you with such a talent. Can I keep in touch with you.

  • Yuni Frank

    Dear Maher ….Your Songs so very nice and I Love so much Your Voice …
    GREAT ….

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    I'll wait your new album soon…..

  • AwwaL

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    I'll wait your new album, soon…..

    Jazakumullah….khoiron katsir ya akhi fillah

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    may god bless you……

  • Susanna

    im not a muslim, but i like your songs, its the combination of your voice and the kind of music you & the producer present which touches listener like myself..and the rest. very nice. Best wishes keep it up Maher

  • Susanna

    im not a muslim, but i like your songs, its the combination of your voice and the kind of music you & the producer present which touches listener like myself..and the rest. very nice. Best wishes keep it up Maher

  • khairul

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    i like it so much…

    plaestine will be free….

    • franziska

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  • Abdullah Omar

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM ALL UMMAT ISLAM, I so like MAHER ZAIN song , Her song islam story and give lasson.

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM, Insya Allah see you next time.

  • rabab

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    Hii, how are you? I like all of your songs with beautiful lirics, for the first i know from my friend, her name Faizah suyuthy, She likes you very much, So do I.. Thank's for dakwah like you done…

  • muhammad hsm

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    Touch my heart.
    Good Album and Good Song

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    you are a good singer and you have that talent…………………
    may god bless you…

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    I pray to Allah to give you true happiness for ever.

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      Assalamualykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu
      May Allah Bless U Maher Zain May Allah take u to Jannah Ameen May Allah Bless u Ameen

      • Halima

        I Love all your Nasheeds Mashallah May Allah Bless U ameen
        May Allah Make u and Your Family all Good Muslims Ammen

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    Lik it vry mch n yur s0ngs are really amzing !!!
    You are giftd by ALLAH S.W.T.

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    I love your songs
    they can to make me back to my spirit when i am down

    thank for the spirit………..

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      • mohammad arif

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  • nizlina


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    Got the news that you are coming down to Malaysia. Welcome back. Thank you and appreciate it very much for your support to us. I might not be able to witness your performance, but from far, I pray that everything will be going well, inshaAllah.

    Take care and jazakallah.

    sister fil Islam.

  • Hazairin(Malaysia)

    Assalamualaikum WBT;

    Dear Maher Zain;

    AlhamdulillcLLll, your song & lyrics make me feel so close to cLLll SWT. Please keep it up until the end!!!

  • jannah

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    Assalamualaikum,maher zain and Thank You Allah!!
    Maher Zain, I love your songs very much, it touches my heart..

  • sharifah intan

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    Your song, ' For the Rest of My Life" is very beautiful. The lyric and the melody, was touching my heart.
    I like it so so much.

    Teluk Intan,, Perak, Malaysia.

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    very knock your songs remind me My soul is so more To Allah, thank Allah, thank you for Maher Zein
    when you will come to Indonesia

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    Salamu Alaykom akhi filla Maher Zain

    Sory for my poor english.
    The album songs are very beautiful and all my family and me enjoy them hapily.The lyrics are very simple and full of humain significations and peace values, for muslims as well as for all human kind.
    Sami Yusuf and you are the best ambasadors for correcting western vision about the islam values and the prophet mohammed peace be upon him( salla llahu alayhi wa sallam) teachings.
    May Allah The Almighty help you and grant your works for His sake.Amine.

    With the best

    Fouad MIRDASSE


  • muhammad fitri amdan

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  • az-zahra


  • az-zahra

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    az-zahra….. you're sister. (as a muslim)

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    Really like the music and the lyrics. Inspiring. Can’t wait for your next project.

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    Assalamu ‘Alaikum.

    I really like all the songs. Beside entertaining, all of them are refreshing to hear. Keep up the good work bro. Can’t wait your next songs.

    Wassalamu ‘Alaikum


    Lia, Indonesia

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  • Apsus Grumilah

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  • ida

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  • IDA

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  • OuBziie

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  • Md. Shahinur Islam

    Dear Maher, Asslslmus Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah. I am Shahinur from Bangladesh. just find your web and watch video. What a fantastic lyric ! Your songs are the best I ever heard. You are my best singer. Now I am your best fan. According to your believe, Palestine will be free, I also Hope Like you and always pray to Allah for freedom of Palestine. I also pray for your destination. Almighty Allah must make you successful. Your are not only for Muslim but also for Non Muslim. May Allah help you and make free from all conspiracy.

  • alia natasya

    i like maher zain songs so fanstastic

    • Desa Hassim

      Maher the great for the muslim world…


    maher zain ialah seorang penyanyi terkenal di dunia thank you allah

  • faris nasir

    very good singer.. the lyric help us to back remember to Allah all the time.. and our mouth back to saying Alhamdulilah and Insyaallah every single second..

  • nor hafizah

    Assalamualaikum , I'm from Malaysia .. I love your songs , especially FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and INSYAALLAH ! I've already buy your album .. All of your songs have a nice lyrics

  • ema fhahira

    Assalamualaikumiiiiiiiiii im from malaysia….congratulations for maher zain….u have nice voice…..u can change my life with your song…i like ur song especially For The Rest Of MY Life & Insyaallah…..good song n lyrics…i hope u success in yoyr second album….firts album wow amazingiiiiiiii

  • ema fhahira

    congratulations maher zain..u song very2 nice..especially ( For The Rest Of My LIfe & Insyaallah) nice song…….i like ur song n voice..

    • ema Fhahira

      i love ur song..espceally For The Rest Of My Life and Insyaallah..u have nice voice

  • thenajma119

    me toolike this song__

  • fatihah

    your song really got important message in it…..keep it on…
    hope one day non muslim will get to see the light of islam and it beauty

  • iluvislam

    love all your songs~ when you'll come to malaysia again?

  • Zahra Boubaker

    Salam Alayka


    Gönüllerde hasretin var

    Yürekler aşkınla çarpar

    Sensiz dünya bizlere dar

    Selam sana ey kuddusi yar


    Teri muhabbat ki mehak say

    Yeh zameen o asman abaad hai

    Rehmat ki barsaat aati hai

    Dil o jaan ya rasul allah


    Ayoha al mokhtar fena

    Zadana al hobo hanena

    Geetana bel khayr dena

    Ya khetama al morsalen

    Ya habebi, ya muhammed

    These three different languages really fantastic. You are the creative and proactive muslim singer…I am so proud of you, Maher.

  • subhi

    Thank for Mahir. You have beautiful voice and lyrics.
    I'm asking from Allaha blessing for you.

  • fadhila ulfa

    assalamu'alaikum maher zain??i like all you music, but my favorite music is palestin

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    your songs give me strength… Ya Allah peace be upon you maher zain…

  • namy miera

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    all song luve to hear..
    all the song give us s0me important messege..=)

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    i'll waiting next beautiful songs…

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    hi zain,i'm indian and indhu by religion but it never stopped me from listening to ur songs….especially that for rest of my life and awaken song…simply superb man,,,keep it up bro…

  • Gulnur

    You are very kind man I think…

  • Nurul Aqilah

    Assalamualaikum,maher zain have a beautiful songs..

  • ala

    really you very zain. i like every songs, i hope you be succeed.

    im kurdish in erbil from iraq.

  • red

    what is the summary of the thank you allah song???

  • Enna Salem

    Salam alikom Maher,

    You have a beautiful voice and very touching lyrics.

    I love all of your songs. I played your song for many times and never feel bored.

    May all the blessings be yours.


    • Gulnur

      1.000.000. FANS???? Vaau! it is amazing?!!!

  • amerun

    لو في يوم كان الحمل عليك تقيل
    وتايه لوحدك مش لاقي دليل
    والهموم تخلي الليل طويل
    وترميك في غربة ومرارة وويل
    مد ايديك ، تلقاه دايما حوليك
    هو الله ، قبلك حاسس بيك
    إن شاء الله إن شاء الله إن شاء الله
    هاتلاقي الطريق
    إن شاء الله إن شاء الله إن شاء الله
    هاتلاقي الطريق

    لو في يوم خدتنا معاصي أو ذنوب
    وخافت قلوبنا ما تقدر تتوب
    وتشكي الروح ، ومين بالسر ليه نبوح ؟
    ومين الي يقدر يداوي الجروح ؟
    مد ايديك ، تلقاه دايما حوليك
    هو الله ، قبلك حاسس بيك
    إن شاء الله إن شاء الله إن شاء الله
    حتلاقي الطريق
    إن شاء الله إن شاء الله إن شاء الله
    حتلاقي الطريق

    قول يا الله
    ده عنك مش بعيد
    ماتشيلش هم ولا تشعر بضيق
    قول يا الله
    اهدينى ياقلبي عشان أتوب
    امحيلي ذنوبي واهديني الطريق
    نورلي الطريق، نورلي الطريق، نورلي الطريق

    إن شاء الله
    إن شاء الله
    إن شاء الله
    هاتلاقي الطريق
    إن شاء الله
    إن شاء الله
    إن شاء الله
    هاتلاقي الطريق
    إن شاء الله
    إن شاء الله
    إن شاء الله
    هاتلاقي الطريق

  • bukhairi

    keep up the good work! =)

    • subhi

      Good album. I'm asking from God that bless in Mahir Zain.

  • aizy

    the best islamic songs i’ve ever heard on earth..tanxs GOD for sending someone special musician like you in the end of the day where lots of muslims hunger for somthing what we call soul meditation&medicine..THANXS TO ALMIGHTY ONE AGAIN…”ALHAMDULILLAH ”

  • nad

    Hi zain!

    You’re really zain; i.e good . your lyrics are also good especially when they’re spoken by one certain languge ; English or Arabic without mixing that makes the rythm difficult for us to immitate. Thanks a lot

  • mutiah sari

    Coool!!! Funtastic! amazing…just it I can say!!
    Indonesia is waiting for ur coming!!

  • syafm0vic 0 0 7

    I like this song that makes people melt when I first heard this song, and especially appreciate this song is definitely someone that will feel as though she felt a thrill trying to realize …!

    Thank You Zain Maher, and Work Continues ..

    by: syafm0vic007 | Cyberc0de | i-TOFU (IT-Team Of Fatihul Ulum)

  • nina

    ASSALAMMUALAIKUM…maher zain,i lurve ur songs…..congratstulation 4 ur success of being a popular islamic singer now……may ALLAH bless u……=)


    Thanks to the writer and music arrangement. This great songs are most best i love… and thanks to Maher Zain can sings with clear-full and soft.

  • Zaid


  • zaman

    Dear bro Maher,
    thanks for becoming popular islamic artist…im so touched with your song especially…for the rest of my live,hold my your eyes .insyaAllah ….felt like love at firt sight…..Wassalam…
    May Allah bless u always…

  • lilysuha

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  • @masmerahaziz

    nice song maher

  • rosnifa

    great songs!!i love it!!-from philippines-

  • aminiza

    i like the barakallah andthe rest of my life very much…….

  • sarims

    Assalamualaikum wbt,

    For me, Islam literally means 'submission to God' and is derived from a root word meaning 'peace'- which I can find it in your lyrics. And why it touched my heart so much – because I can feel that you are really sincere in what you are doing- as you said you doing this not for fame.

    So for that, – thank you Bro Maher for sharing your Islamic music with us – make me rethinking back how fortune I am, and how many things I was blessed with, that I kept saying to myself – Alhamdullillah, thank you Allah SWT.


  • Mariam

    Thanks alot for these beautiful songs especialy (for the rest of my life)and we hope the best from you with my best weishes.

  • Mariam

    Thanks alot for these beautiful songs especialy (for the rest of my life) and we hope the best from you ,with my best wishes for you and god bless you

  • fahad

    bismillah i thank 2 allah who gave the thought 2 think n i thank 2 maher zain who sung the song very meaning fully with him hearts and thanks those who involve in this once again thank u very much………

  • joe


    Congratulation..all your songs touched my heart …(especially open your eyes)
    thank to someone for introducing (open your eyes) in her blog…alhamdulillah…..

  • Aishah

    Assalamulaikum Maher Zain,

    What I can say is Congratulation = TAHNIAH! (MALAYSIAN LANGUAGE) for your great n meaningful album….Subhanaallah & Alhamdulillah… My son (3 years old) also love your song too …Insyaalllah …
    All the Best to you n your family….Wslm….Aishah, Malaysia..

  • Aishah


    Especially for Maher Zain , Congratulation = Tahniah! (Malaysian Language) for your GREAT2x & MEANINGFUL ALBUM….What I can say is Subhanaallah & Alhamdulillah….Everyday I listen to your songs when I'm driving, going to n going back from office….Anyway…All The Best to you n your family…..Wassalam….

    • WANA

      assalamualaikum maher zain,

      I very like this song MAHER ZAIN,….febered song always be there,barakallah,and for the rest of my life…………………..i like this song…….

  • aWa DeAlOva

    MAJER ZAIN : ur song was open my heart n my eyes..i was far away from Allah..and now..i heard ur make me feel so first i heard ur song..i was crying..thx 4 make dat song.. ilove all of ur song <3

  • Mohamed

    Syukran… Marvellous lyrics, waiting your next album

  • marwah

    maher zain i like it,keep istiqomah…

    • marwah

      maher zain ilike it.keep istiqomah yach..

  • mr,,,song

    i like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • mijie

    i love music,i love song,i love rap.
    honestly i love all ur song.
    as a muslim i'm proud of it.
    keep it up.i'm waiting 4 de next album.
    my gog(Allah) bless u bro.

  • Muhammed

    we love u Maher u r the best el hamdolilah , and keep going and in sha' allah to top and achieve ur all dreams

  • juz me

    they're the best nasyeeds i've ever heard!!it also changes my life!!thanx forever,may ALLAH bless u and your family…..[[[[ :

  • weenee


    I can't stop listening Maher Zain's song…I love all songs

    the lyrics also very meaningful. Keep it up Maher…

  • siham

    mashallah just beautiful lyrics keep up the good work jazak allah khair

  • princess purple

    all the best mher zain…

  • Zaahra-A'yen

    Masha ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are a great artist Maher Zain …. ur songs really inspired many muslims all over the world… May allah always bless u….. We Support and Love u Maher Zain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • farez

    maher zain song is de best!!!……n so sweet 2 hear.

  • suhail

    this is the best nasyid that i never heard…thanx u maher zain…Allahuakbar…may Allah bless u…

  • Halfian

    Iproud be Muslim

  • Halfian

    i proud be Muslim and i like all your song !!!

  • leha

    this song much meanning 4 all tenages

  • Faruq

    You knew how to make dakwah in very interesting way….
    you mixed both western and nasyidz way, to impress the listener.
    May ALLAH bless u and your family.
    Keep up the good work,and remember,
    that Islam preach through the proper manner,
    not through war,etc….

  • muhammad

    salam, i am from malaysia. hahah…

  • muhammad

    asalmualikm, your all. hehe…

    • muhammad

      salam your all,

  • Mochammad Asror

    I Like This All Song's… :)

  • adha

    U r da best Maher Zain….may Allah bless u..

  • husna

    all of u are right !! maher zain is the very vey best!!

  • nadia

    assalamualaikum..i love your song when i first hear it..

  • adha

    I luv all ur song….gud luck 4 u Maher Zain…may ALLAH bless u…

  • Ima


    the first time hear your songs. it make me be spirit in my life.

    your songs describe how we love allah swt,,, and remeber for all thing that have allah done for us, and make us always say alhamdulillah and isnyaallah every moment, every do something.

    good luck for you maher zain, I support your songs….

  • musleemin

    i'm very please with all ur songs…beautiful songs

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    I wanted to last in the dark I closed my eyes to all the signs
    YOU put on my way I walked everyday Further and further away from YOU
    Uuh Allah YOU brought me home I thank YOU with everdy breath I take
    Alhamdulilah x2
    All praises to Allah x2
    Alhamdulilah x2
    All praises to Allah x2
    I never thought about All the thing YOU have given to me
    I never thanked YOUR warns
    I was too proud to see the truth
    And that’s why YOU open the doors for me
    Now Allah I realize what I was missing
    By being far from YOU
    Chorus 2
    Allah I wana thank YOU I wana thank YOU for all the thing that YOU’ve d
    The thing that YOU’ve done YOU’ve done for me through all my years
    I’ve been last You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
    Indeed YOU give me hope Allah I wana thank YOU
    I wana thank YOU for all the thing that YOU’ve done
    YPU’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been last
    YOU guided me from all the ways that were wrong
    I wana thank YOU for brining me home
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    I was so far from you Yet to me we’re always so close
    I wanted to last in the dark I closed my eyes to all the signs
    YOU put on my way I walked everyday Further and further away from YOU
    Uuh Allah YOU brought me home I thank YOU with everdy breath I take
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    All praises to Allah x2
    Alhamdulilah x2
    All praises to Allah x2
    I never thought about All the thing YOU have given to me
    I never thanked YOUR warns
    I was too proud to see the truth
    And that’s why YOU open the doors for me
    Now Allah I realize what I was missing
    By being far from YOU
    Chorus 2
    Allah I wana thank YOU I wana thank YOU for all the thing that YOU’ve d
    The thing that YOU’ve done YOU’ve done for me through all my years
    I’ve been last You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
    Indeed YOU give me hope Allah I wana thank YOU
    I wana thank YOU for all the thing that YOU’ve done
    YPU’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been last
    YOU guided me from all the ways that were wrong
    I wana thank YOU for brining me home
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    To be honest with Maher Zain… you're the Chosen One… there's alots of unexpected thing will happen to you soon.. u just reminder that all this is from Allah on what ever situation like He always do…

    -Brother Farahi, Malaysia-


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    Continue the good work for Allah and Allah's love/lovers.

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  • Najib Abdul Rahman

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    wasalam ;-)




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    Safia, Malaysia

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    Maher zain

    Thanks for da great song, ALLAH always with u, diz part of dakwah thru a song. pls cont ur effort to create a true meaning & bright of Islam, remember ALLAH never far awy.

    thanks my brother..

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    love from malaysia

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    May Allah bless you. Insya Allah.

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    u r welcome to malaysia.

    thank mz…

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    Keep on moving and Allah bless u brother.

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    im not a good man….made lots of sins and mistakes in my life….
    but it changed me a lot…..thanks…

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    Assalamu wa alaikum, may allah bless you , you have very good vice , Keep singing naaths, masha allah

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    Bor Maher , thanks so much for coming to Malaysia. I'm looking foward to watch your live perfomance – Save The Soul Showcase on 14th Oct 2010. May Allah swt bless you, your family and Awakening Team Production.

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  • hawa

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    Let me tell you my stories about your compact disc. I don't fond on music. I am just a writer. Journalism writing and photojournalism are my bread and tamarind. I bought your CD in Bandar Seri Begawan music shop. That was my first time listening to the music of yours. I did not even know your name. My daughter told me it was a good music. First thing I heard was about Allah. This attracted me to buy. However, when I drove to Sabah, my wife nephew also fascinated with the music. She asked me where I bought it. I told her that was in Brunei. I did not know if the CD available in Malaysia. When we were at the Sabah Islamic Council building in Kota Kinabalu she bought the CD for Rm32.00. However, I just felt sad to know that some of your CD were copied without your legal concent.

  • MAT B HAR.

    Once again I just wished you not to forget the welfare of yourself, family – father, mother and siblings. Also help the Orphans, Single Mother with children, Widows and the weaker people. Don't sent you cash to the government because the money you donate could be used for other means. Thank you for concern to listen to these comments.

  • MAT B HAR.

    Dear Maher Zain, I am the Honorable Sir (Datuk) Rahmat bin Haji Abdul. Rahman, one of the worldwide journalists of the United States of America and UK. You were at the Badiah Complex in Jalan Tutong, Brunei Darussalam recently.
    I was taking your picture moving around. I spoke to your two friends who looked like Pakistani and Indian origin. But, what I am happy was with your two friends who were very friendly. Not, like one of the Malaysian guy from Peninsular Malaysia who excessively acted as if he was the one to sponsor your performance.
    I am writing some feature on your performance. However, pictures I took could be useable in the printing media.
    If you don't mind two of your friends got my calling card. Keep it up on the field that you ventured. Salam and Hope Allah guides you in the right path of your musical world.

    • Maher Fan

      Honorable Sir (Datuk)? From which constitution gave you that title? Being humble is always better rather than boasting, especially if its not true.

      • tiger lily


    • (^_^)

      Why do you have to tell people who is friendly who is not???

  • muhammad Azri(Malaysia)

    Assalamualaikum!! Maher zain is the superb!! In Malaysia, ure the most artist that we like..when again that u want to come here!!

  • iman

    I like all song of Maher Zain.. GOOD.. I will vote you!!

  • jalaluddin al firdaus

    maher akhii ta’aal ilaa baladii

  • Muhammad Aiman

    Assalamualaikum w.r.t, i am Aiman… i`m from malaysia…. Maher Zain…i love ur songs.. all of ur songs…… do the best…. wake up all muslims..

  • syafiq

    this make me crying….
    thank maher zain….

  • janatulnaim

    assalamualaikum maher zain,

    for ur info, i’ve fallen in love with ur song since the 1st time hearing it… and the song was “The Choosen One”.. hearing the rhythm made my soul at peace… i’m lovin’ it.. but after bought ur CD… & now i’m in love with Thank You Allah (Alhamdulillah).. so wonderful.. i’ll pray for your successful career ahead of you.. nice job!!

  • Muhammad Syukry

    I’m Syukry………….
    i like all of MAHER ZAIN song
    Baraka Allahu Lakuma is my favourite song!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hussein Al Gburi

    Dear Mazen

    I dont know what to say about all what you did

    Realy it’s graet work, and I proud of you

    All the best dear = )

  • min khun

    assalamualaikum… maher i love ur song this is the first time that i love islamic song so much….i think i fall in love with ur song soo much….

  • lily suzlini

    I am facing business difficulties and I am pregnant so my hormone is hay wire and pray to Allah for help. So hopeless till I heard yr song title “InsyaAllah” . I shed in tears and it gave me strength to wake up and never give up from praying to Allah.

  • Putri


    • SITI

      He is a amazing guy and a talented singer.Thank you for your wonderful songs about ALLAH and the BEAUTY OF ISLAM.

    • SITI

      Salam Maher,please come to KL to perform your musics again I would love to go since I would not be able on this 14th Oct.May Allah be with you for introducing ISLAM through your wonderful lyrics to the World.
      Amin Ya Rabbi Alamin.

  • zineb

    asalamo alikom maher
    i’m so love your song

    plz maher you came to marocaine
    good luck

  • rahaf (you re the best)

    i like all your songs

    especially the sonng awaken its amazing

  • Erie Yohoho

    U are awesome maher zain. May Allah show u,me, and all musleem the way to Jannah. Ameen

  • zulphoto

    Awesome Music!
    Simple lyrics with strong messages
    Nice tempo that pleased to the young (my teenage daughter /son love it so much)

    Looking forward for more singers/musician like you Maher Zain

    From Singapore with PEACE & LOVE

  • saa


    :: Maher Zain Great job for the Syiar of Islam. Your lyrics are very deep and it touches my heart ماشاء الله U r The Chosen One for me and all. Thank you ALLAH. InshaALLAH we Always be with you. بارك الله لكم ولنا ::

  • Reena Shah

    Allah bless u with complete package – voice, looks, image etc. So carry on with ur good work in showing Islam’s good n beautiful image to the world with ur great songs ! May Allah always bless U brother !

  • siti rabiatul

    i’m so love your song

  • siti rabiatul

    assalamualaikum maher i’m so proud because you came to malaysia my country and i hope you will happy came to malaysia . i know you have a consert at shah alam selangaor malaysia on 14/10/2010 i want to go there but i can’t to go . i really hope you will reply my mail

  • shahfizanst

    you are my inspiration the closed to ALlah…let Allah bless whole islam in this world..ALlah hu akbar…..

  • muhammaD asraF

    allahu akbar…….i starts to love maher zain’s song after my cousin came to my house during hari raya….i hope this song always in radio……thanks syirah and maher zain…

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  • art_2n

    i love this song very very much!it touch deep in my heart and when i hear this song,my tears are droping down…masyaAllah..

  • Ismail Zarif

    Nice Album.. Nice Songs.. Love it…

    I heard u r coming to Malaysia :D

  • Faten

    I’m love your songs and the contents inside the songs.. It’s so touching until the deep of soul~

  • lutfi

    saya sangat suka dengan lagu-lagu yang anda nyanyikan so good……….

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    • Khairul

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    what a BEAUTIFUL SONG.. I really love all of the song..

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    great song……love it so much….may Allah bless you….thanks the beautiful songs…..”for the rest of my life” of my favorite…

    • amirul

      islamic song

  • Zaza

    Asalamualaikum brother Maher,i love to ur songs..I can’t wait you to came to my country..’there’s a couple words i want to say’ lyric from for the rest of my life..Actually i love that lyric..Easy to pronoun.Bytheway Maher,i just want to ask you,did you already married?I’m as a your fan,i glad to your talent. :) love you Maher, i always supporting you at the back..

    I’m Zaza,your fan from Brunei Darussalam..Bye

  • syakirah

    touching lyric
    my young sisters like it too much both of them 7 & 5 year old……
    they have been memorise all your lyric…… it was awesome…
    they sing along together…..
    thanks for coming to my country (brunei)
    insyaAllah i’will come with my sisters but if the weather is find since we live at nearby sea it dangerous to go out wit those kid at rainy weather

  • allah’s servant


    Great job for the Syiar of Islam… Allahhu Akbar… We will always be with u…

  • allah’s creature

    Keep up the good job!!! Islam all the way to the rest of our life.. Insya Allah… Allah hu akbar..


    I did cry when i hear all Maher Zain’s songs, especially ‘palestine will be free’…the lyrics is so deep n ever since,deep in my soul, i pray for all palestinians that someday they will really be free…i hope all Muslims pray for them too…thank you ALLAH for introducing me to Maher Zain’s music…

  • MRH


    Your lyrics are very deep and it touches my heart every time i listen to your songs.. I never cried when i listen to any musics, but brother, amazingly your lyrics made my eyes fulled with tears, its all about Islam. Allahuakbar. Insya Allah, may Allah bless all Muslims in this world. Amin! Thank you Allah.

  • shaz


  • anisa

    kl thnx 4 uploadin em

  • Azmullah

    i luv all of your song ….

  • NorulHidayu

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  • yan iman

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  • F

    Salam…good jobs bro…keep it your songs…may Allah bless all of us….-AMIN-

  • Dhuha

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you are the best singer I have not saw
    allah iwafqak w tkamel 3ala hal soot el naje7 :D

  • Nizam

    “Palestine Will Be Free” was the 1st song and video that introduce you to me, and it make me realise how precious is my country to me,, but when i dug deeper what I found was that how near Allah can be to me if I just stop and look around,, Your song is definetly make me think a lot about Allah,, the only regret is that I will not be able to come and see your show live in Malaysia.
    All the best Maher and may Allah blessing will always shine on your life, music, work and family.

  • Lanene

    Your music is such an inspiration to others. I am so thankful to you for bringing Islam to me and my children in English so that we can rejoice and understand your words. We live in America and Islam is looked at so poorly by some and it is hard for us to read the Koran in Arabic. I am going to buy your album today–I hope I can find it here! Cleveland, Ohio USA

  • Maher Brunei Fan


    Is there any instrumental version for all Maher Zain’s songs?? i’m looking for it..


    For all Maher’s fan in Malaysia , insyaAllah, Brother Maher wiil perform concerts in Malaysia on 14th and 15th Ootober 2010 in Shah Alam(for 15th, the ticket is already sold out). I and my family just booked the ticket.

    For Bro Maher, thank you so much , actually my eyes swelled with tears when I heard that you will be coming to Malaysia and perfom concert…it just like our dreams come true. May Allah bless you…once again , thank you very very very much.

  • nurul

    Maher may Allah bless u and keep up a good work…

    Bangi, Malaysia

  • miftahuddin

    beautifful song….
    is very good..
    I liked

  • fahmi

    Maher, every song I listen to you I always remember to heaven and hell ….
    Maher thanks …

  • Sister Mani

    salam dear muslim brothers and sisters i have made a facebook account all based on Islam and alot more please feel free 2 add me on that if u have got a facebook account it would be nice to see new faces :) inshaALLAH tgc sister mani


    …ma’asslamo alaikom
    hey there brother maher,

    first time i heard one of your songs which was the “THANK YOU ALLAH”, it was a very relaxing and inspiring feeling i felt on that moment.
    i am so glad to know that there is someone blessed by ALLAH with such an amazing voice like yours. from then, i am more and more likely to look and hear your other Islamic music.

    my frustrations and being exhaust will somehow lightens upon hearing them. i find them very inspiring that they are felt through the soul. many realizations from that songs…

    anyway, thank you for that…keep it up and do take care of what ALLAH gifted you……….

    -we love your songs, from Philippines

    • fahmi zain

      i lovu full maher….

  • muhammadriduan

    best nasheed ever(^_^)

  • radziah

    i love all the nos. in this album (thank you Allah). melody n lyrics sooth my heart. i’m sure many are touched by these songs. Allah is great!

  • aissa

    يارب احفظه لنا

    • bahamed

      شكر خاص لماهر زين السالم لفلسطين

  • insyirah

    salam. Maher Zain, you’re the best!

    it seems that you have lots of fans from Malaysia, including me (: we really hope that you can perform concerts in Malaysia. insha Allah.

    Insyirah from KL, Malaysia.

    • stephenie

      of course…at 15th september 2010 he come to Malaysia at Stadium Shah Alam…

      • nur hayati

        salam,just want to ask,when is maher zain’s concert will be held in malaysia?? i wish to buy the ticket..

        • muhammaD asraF

          i think on 14th september…..

  • eddy hutagaol

    Assalamualaikun wr.wb
    Maher zein, lagu mu buat aku berinding…
    sangat menyentuh sekali..thanks

  • ida

    i love your song.. it so interesting. first time i hear your song is when i open up one of my friend blog. when i hear it over and over again , it so lovely, it differenct from the other singer

  • Nizam

    I will the first person to buy ticket for your concert here in Malaysia..

    • stephenie

      I’m too…(^_^)

  • nasor

    ماشاء الله عليكككككككككككك والله العظيمممممم رووووووووووعة

  • ROZA

    السلام عليكم
    ماشاء الله تبارك الله ألبوم لا أستطيع الا ان اقول فيه “إبداع”

    نفع الله بك الأمه يا رب

    روزا من جده

  • عااشقه صوت وابداع ماهر زين

    السلام عليكم انا بصراحه من اشد المعجباات بصوت الفنان والمنشد ماهر زين اتمنى الي يعرف كيف اتواصل معاه يساعدني بلييييز واي شي عنو
    شكراااا ماهر زين

  • M Bafadhal

    Brother Maher,
    I’m so interesting ’bout you n your songs. First time I look your song ”Inchaallah” at art ch in astro in the middle of this Ramadhan. I’m very proud of you. May Allah give all of us Rahmah n Maghfirah. Keep on to give the world peace n love.
    Salaam from me
    -Muhammad Bafadhal. Indonesia.
    nb: are Serena Williams that the tennis players, isn’t it?

  • Fahmi

    Assalamu’alaikum… great song!!! I really love it… Continue it… I wait for the next your creativity….

  • Ryuzaky

    subhanalloh meni sae kacida eumz! diantos kang maher album saterasna! nyak nyak nyak!

  • Arslan

    Salam! Me From Pakistan & Want To Say No Best Singer Ever..Meher Zain is Really beautiful singer With Beautiful Voice I Really Like Him & Love Him..Allah Bless Him Always..

  • sulha

    Salam Brother Maher,
    First time i heard ur song is when my sister introduced “Open your eyes” to me..The song really touched my heart till i had my tears dropped..I fell in love with the song and keep on listen to it so many times..Then i decided to buy ur album..MashaAllah…again i was so amazed with the content of the album.It’s so3x special..I feel so blessed that i get to know your songs…Hope that you’ll come to M’sia someday..

  • Akhtruz zaman

    SALAM AZIZ BHAI MY MAIL IS [Hidden by Administration]

    mere dil tarap raha hay mera jal raha hay sina
    yeh dawa wohi milegi
    mujhe le chalo madina

    Ya nabi salamu alaika ya rasool salamu alaika
    ya habib salamu alaika

  • Heba

    Salamo 3likom ,
    I just wanted to say that we all LOVE and SUPPORT you . PLEASE keep doing this because this is the right way to do it . PLUS your voice is so beautiful … it touches my heart like none before . I’m from Gaza Palestine , your song ( Palestine will be free ) it’s so right … that’s exactly what happened to us … Thank you for feeling for us and doing this . Your a good young man with a good soul … keep doing things with dr. Amr Khaled cuz he’s an awesome man too .I hope one day you come to Gaza … but if you didn’t we already feel that you’re here supporting us . Wish you the best . Heba .

  • mohamed aziz

    salam akhi . iam mohamed aziz , from london . please if you can send me your email address or your manger address because i like to discuss something private .
    thank you
    ramadan mubarck

  • syafika

    i love all of ur song, and 1st song dat i heard is open your eyes.
    i told my friend about you, and they’re like you too. we are like your songs very much. and i hope, u’ll come to malaysia one day, Insyallah :)

  • Nur kegembiraan

    Assalamualaikum….good songs..alhamdulillah…

  • Irfan Aditya Warman


    Hi!!! I’m from Indonesia,,, I’m islamic musician too… I like your song very much,,, I know you from one of my friend… i wish I meet you and we can make some music together…


  • Aqilah

    this is the best islamic song i’ve ever Maher Zain..don’t forget..Keep Moving Forward..:D

  • dajzhie

    mashaallah!! your songs are very makes me reflect..i love the album..i hope to hear upcoming albums of yours..nice work brother=)

  • dajzhie

    mashaallah!! your songs are very makes me reflect..i love the album..i hope to hear upcoming albums of yours..nice work=)

  • afzil

    Dear brother, really good nasheeds, great lyrics, deep meanings… U just need to colaborates with another singers like native deen, soldier of Allah, sammy yusuf, yusuf islam, zaim bikha etc to remind people all around the world about ALLAH is the greatest creator who create the universe and choose Muhammad as His messenger. And Islam is the way of life that could lead human into the bright-life for their eternity in heavenm
    May Allah bless u all…

  • Rasheedan


    I listen to you songs for every second. In my car, my laptop while i’m doing works, my ringtones, everywhere…

    My chinese friend were very touch with your for the rest of my life song. It really makes her become closer to Islam.

    May Allah give you the idea and strength to create more meaningful and dakwahful songs.

    I wish I can meet you to express my gratitude…

    Rasheedan, UNIMAS. Sarawak, Malaysia.

  • maher’s fan

    salam…such a wonderful Muslim u are….with brilliant ideas like yours,nice nasheed,and everything else,..subhana Allah…keep on the da’wah…insya Allah…

  • Rawaa’

    mashallah wat a great voice , lyrics ,music and melodies

    i wish him the best of luck and success here and in the hereafter inshallah

    and may Allah keep him healthy and well to write and produce us more and more from these lovely nasheeds

  • ammarothman

    best sangat2…bila nak buat konsert kat malaysia…

  • thaQep

    i listen 2 his album thrice per day and never get bored..
    thanx to Allah that gave him a talent…

  • bahrul ulum

    your inspiring songs make my heart beat harder………..i wish i could have all of your song

  • ismail hasyimi

    i like all your songs very 10x much.i’m your biggest fan. =)

  • Nur You praises..

  • creative ummah

    God Bless u bro ;’) keep it up and always remember that no matter how long u get on the wrong road there always a U-TURN =) MAY ALLAH USE U TO SERVE OUR UMMAH SLAM ;D

  • farah

    you are the best ireally like u hahaha
    go on !!

  • jahar

    salam. bro Maher. i like ur sing thank u Allah at firt i hearing it. some time i wanna sing indonesian version. i dream to be singer. i wanna sing together with u.
    one day, i will write your profil as top moslem singer in my blog. thank u

  • abdelmajid

    asalamo3alaicom inaha oghnia jamila wa salamoalaicom wa rahmato lahi wa barakatoh

  • Eva

    Assalamualaikum..i’m from indonesia,thank you Allah n thank you Maher i love u song “always be there,open your eyes” Hope Allah bless you

  • Hamba ALLAH


  • Hamba ALLAH

    Maher zain is the most great singer and the right creature of ALLAH.. He done well very very well.. I always touching of all of his songs and never been bore.. May ALLAH always rained you with bless and nuur.. Ameen

  • Zay

    Salam for All

    Ampun deh.. semua lagu maher zain bagus-bagus. tidak sabar untuk album berikutnya…
    semoga berkah Allah selalu menyertaimu Maher….

    I’m from Indonesia

  • zefi

    well done Maher! You are the best!

  • balqis

    i’m from Malaysia….love your songs!! please do come to my country..
    may Allah bless all of us

  • Sis Nina

    Bro Maher….i agree 200% ( actually more than that)with faruhi, u should make a concert in Malaysia. Please come over here…your fans are wating.

  • thak you allah

    are you married ??

  • imane

    salam 3alykoum,my broher what i’m going to say about u or u songs,i’m speatch less,u can not imagine what u songs have don to i toke i diffrents loke to my life sence the first time i listen to u songs,it really touched my heart,allah bless u and al the muslims across th world,ur songs touch my heart n automtically remind us about the reason why i’m here,and machallah 3like

  • Fatima

    Masha’alah! May Allah lead us to the right path. Jag köpte din album från Frankrike, trodde aldrig att du är från Sverige. Jag känner mig connect med dig, först som muslim sedan att vi båda lever i Sverige och har som hem :)

    May Allah bless you and alll the Muslims

  • faruhi

    maher…i think u should come to Malaysia and make a big concert here…lot of your fans here…

  • Anas v v

    iam an indian(kerala) i love u r music and u r voice . Allahi allah kiyakaro ..what a lyrics thank u allah and u .and lovable one is barkallah.. And a request for u if u r come to kerala at india please inform please and u r new album inform to my email please it an help to a muslim

  • Anas v v

    in the name of allah assalamu alaikum the new islamic video releasing time will u please inform bcoz i want that

  • aimi

    salam, its a wonderful album. tears ran down my cheek when i heard all of the songs in this album…it really touched my heart. cant wait for the next album :)Allah bless the Muslims in this world..

  • Mazian Sa’aid

    MashaAllah, today, Sunday, 11 Ramadhan 1431H (22/08/10), at 1.30pm, was the first time I heard Maher’s song, InshaAllah, and watched the video clip on tv. It was so good and my kids loved it too. After that, I quickly searched the net to find out more about this song and alhamduLillah I did find it. The most interesting part is, I found more songs of Maher Zain.
    Thank you very much Maher for the good work. May Allah Bless you and your family.
    I do hope that there will be more young mulims like you to contribute for Islam in whatever ways they best in. Allah Bless all muslims, InshaAllah.
    AlhamduLillah, Thank You Allah.
    Jazakallah, Syukran.
    Sungai Buloh, Malaysia.

  • muazzam

    allahuakhbar.Allah the almighty.create the person that has a very beautiful voice with alovely tune smart mind n strong dignity.ur songs touch our heart n automtically remind us about the reason why we’re here.thank u syukran ya Allah.

  • Haziq Hamid

    Assalamua’laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all Muslims

    I heard one of Maher Zain’s song, ‘Open your Eyes’ for the first time in my car played by Suria FM and it really did open my EYES and HEART to Islam and to the truth of our Creator. My eyes suddenly sheared a tears every time I play all of Maher Zain’s song. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah and Suria FM to met up with such a absolutely phenomenal masterpiece. Barakallahu fii kum…May God Bless you and every Muslims.

    Kota Bharu, MALAYSIA

  • fendi

    aku g tower record…
    ingat nak cari cd rock2 jenis pecah kepala…
    tibe2 cashier kedai pasang lagu si maher zain ni…teros aku tak jadi beli d pecah kepala, aku beli cd maher…perrghhhh

  • Siti Akbarlela

    I love your music especially your voice…Always be there,Open your eyes and Baraka Allahu Lakuna are my favourites!!! Do come to Malaysia.A lot of fans waiting for you…

  • diyana

    very nice song! I really love it!

  • siti nurul ain

    hi. i really love ur songs.ur the most best singer ever . i really love with title “THE REST OF MY LIFE” and “OPEN YOUR EYE”.i really love that.hope Allah bless u all over the time and i really hope u will publish the new song like tht.

    >from Malaysia<

  • Dan

    Lagu-lagu yang bukan saja menyentuh, malah menusuk langsung ke dalam jiwa, syabas Maher.

    Listening to your songs bring peace to mind and soul. I especially like the ending of “Open your eyes” – “You created everything, we belong to you…”, my heart sinks every time it gets to this point, I feel so humble and so small, “Ya Robb! we raise our hands, forever we thank you….”

    I hope you will come to Kuala Lumpur one day. And I hope you can include some Malay verses in some of your songs in your next project, for all your fans in South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Southern Thailand, and Southern Philippines).

  • zaimah

    for the first time i listen to the songs ….i felt like this is it what i was looking forward …and i’m looking forward to see maher in Malaysia….

  • rohaya

    At the age of 50…
    For the first time……
    These are songs acceptable at all age….
    fantastic lyrics…..
    my kids…..hd turning point…
    when listening to your songs…..
    please presents more….

  • kanwal

    assalm o alikum!
    ur songs are realy herat touchng n inspiring…..
    but em havng a question
    plzzzzz do ans me!
    what about the music playd behind the nnats( songs about almighty) is that allowd in islam!!?????/
    em waiting for your reply
    do ans me!
    fee amaan allah!

  • rahman

    from INDONESIA

    Assalamualaikum…, bagi saya lagu lagu Maher Zain sangat menyejukkan hati.kapan tour konser di indonesia?

  • Nabilah

    I love his music, He has inspired me in so many ways! It’s so beautiful inshallah makes me feel so hopeful during these difficult economic times.

    Keep on writing and singing!!

  • Sis Nina

    Assalamualikum Brother Maher, Alhamadullilah and thanks to Allah SWT for created you as a genius musician that can composed such a good songs with beautiful and meaningful lyrics…the songs that touch our heart. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all your muslim brothers and sisters, may Allah SWT bless you and your production team. Ohh yes …already bought your CD. For Malaysian fans….CD Maher Zain boleh dibeli di banyak tempat…Giant pun ada jual juga. Thanks

  • Anie

    Salam… all the best Maher.amazing song.subhanallah… hope u can come to Malaysia…insyaAllah

  • jasmin

    السلام عليكم انا دائما ادعو ان يكثر الله من امثالك
    alhamdulilah I’ve made tauba thanks to allah and you

  • hanny

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  • allah hanz

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    in this world we need this combination of music and nasheed. i can say you’ve reached a place no one reached before.
    keep the messages in sequences.

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  • green apple

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    Thumbs up for all the songs – My fav is Subhanallah. Allah hs given U such beautiful voice and talent..
    Keep up the tremendous work – May Allah guides us all – Amiinn

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    The 1st time I heard ur song was in the islamic bookstore in malaysia. I straight away bought ur album and been listening to it since. I was having the biggest test that Allah had given to me but when I listen to your song and understand the lyrics, I feel that we muslim brother's are the luckiest people alive because Allah is always there for us when we reach for him.

    Thank you Bro. Maher for giving us hope and strenght again.

    • atiqah

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    may ALLAH bless you and thank you for the beautiful songs (:

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    Hope ISLAM will more powerful!

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      tp 14hb

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    All the best to your future and hope to hear more of your songs.


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    so meaningful….alhamdulillah

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  • Mai


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    -Warm regards frm M'sia-

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    I suggest Maher Zain make an unplugged concert, seems all of your songs have good live instruments.

    musaza @ MUHD SAFUAN ZAINAL in facebook.

    Add me. Syukran.

    ~ Malaysian ~

    • ~@

      I AGREED!!!!!!!!!

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    • Shafruddin can get it in most major video or cd shops Insya allah

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    Thanks To Allah to give such a good singer like u

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  • Abdeldjalil




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    Wondeful song from you…Alhamdulillah..
    keep it up bro..


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    & dear god, MARRY ME!

    • lizza

      he’s married.sister..

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    But the song that really got me was en shaa allah.
    Maher I wish u all the best & may all ur dreams come true See u in ganna en shaa allah

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      • ajakz

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    Thank you for your songs

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    I'm from Malaysia,I just bought your album..I love you, I love your eyes swelled with tears when I listened to your song especially the one with "Insha Allah"..would wait for another 'spiritual touch" from you.

    • Siti Baizura

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      • azieza

        i aritu beli ms ulangtahun IKIM, Shah Alam, btw maher, really like your songs.. i listened to it almost everyday.. in car, office and at home..

        • Imah


          cd maher zain boleh beli kat mana2 kedai CD. Saya beli kat Tower Records.

      • Naseer

        Pengedar rasmi album Maher Zain di Malaysia: Inteam Records Sdn Bhd

        Rujuk Web ini:

      • fendi

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      • zoete

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    • bahamed

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    • Jamil Hamzah

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