Allah hi Allah Kiya Karo Lyrics

By: Maher Zain

Allahi Allah kiya karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam ussi ka liya karo.

Allah hee Allah…

Allahi Allah kiya karo
Dukh na kissi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam usi ka liya karo.

Allahi Allah…

Just like a sunrise can’t be denied
Oh, just like the river will find the sea
O Allah, You’re here and You’re always near
And I know without a doubt
That You always hear my prayer

Such ki raah pay chala karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam ussi ka liya karo.

Allah hee Allah..

Allah hee Allah kiya karo
Dukh naa kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam usi ka liya karo.

Allah hi Allah

So many bright stars
Like diamonds in the sky
Oh, it makes me wonder
How anyone can be blind
To all the signs so clear
Just open your eyes
And I know without a doubt
You will surly see the light

Aisa zulm na kiya karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam usi ka liya karo.

Allah hee Allah

Allah he Allah kiya karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam ussi ka liya karo.

Allah Hi Allah Kiya Karo Dukh Na Kissi Ko Diya …

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    allah hi allah liya karo,maaaaaaaaaassssssssssshhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllahhhhhhhhhh i loooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeee this nat allllllllllllloooooooooooooot allah please hear all duas i beg u

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    Hello im a big fan of ur naats mashallah they r really gd!!!
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    First instrumental part is kinda depressin

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    1 main urdu part has no lyrics for it

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    Half the lyrics arent here!!!!!!!

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    this song is sooo good and sung in urdu but i like listenin to songs by tulisa coverdrive selena gomez and all sorts

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     I love this song most such as all songs by maher, but could someone,please tell me in which language this song is sung??

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      It’s an Indian song, so it’s Hindi

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    In that lyrics teri hi dunya part is missing……..PLAESE EDIT THAT PLEASE

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    this is a nice nazam However, it has got tons of music which is not allowed  in islam

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    It has many random words in this lyric. Same like Salam Alaika song. Try and hear the song…. It is also
    very nice…

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    mashallah this is a beutifull nasheed and it is not a song 

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    i very like this song because i love a islamic song

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    Is this a song or a naat because I have to do this project for the prophet PBUH celebration we have to recite naats so please tell me if this is a naat or song 
    Salaam to all

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  • Nida

    I love this. It’s a remake of a very old pakistani song by Noorjahan
    There is actually a verse missing, that’s sung by Irfan Makki. I don’t know how to edit the page other wise I would have added it myself, but this is it:

    Teri hi dunya, Teri zami
    Yeh kehkasha hai, tu hai kareeb
    Mere Muala, suun le dua
    Hum behbasai hain tere bina
    Roshan kar jahaan

    I think this loosely translates to:

    Your’s is the world, your’s is the earth 
    There’s galaxies here, when You are close.
    My Lord, listen to my prayer
    We are lost without You
    You brighten the universe     

    Personally, I think it’s far more beautiful in Urdu than English.  

    • Navneet Prakash

      Hi Nida.. thanks for sharing this verse..Though in the second line it is Tu hai Kareem (generous) and not Kareeb :-)

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    wow….its a wonderful song…. :-) about Allah,4 Allah… love Allah.

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    ALLAH hoo Allah hoo bandy hardam allah hoo
    ALLAH hoo Allah hoo bandy hardam allah hoo

    ALLAH hoo Maan fie min koli fani
    ALLAH hoo Maan fie min koli fani 

    Na kuch tara Na kuch mara oo gafil insan oo gafil insan
    Na kuch tara Na kuch mara oo gafil insan oo gafil insan

    Sub kuch jan jan-e-booj kar bany hain kun anjan 
    Sub kuch jan jan-e-booj kar bany hain kun anjan 

    Dara or sukindar jasy Shanshah ali Shan 
    Lakho maan maati main soo gay 
    Lakho maan maati main soo gay

    Bary bary sultan 
    tari kia ookat bandy kuch bhi nahe  ha tooo
    ALLAH hoo Allah hoo bandy hardam allah hoo
    ALLAH hoo Allah hoo bandy hardam allah hoo
    ALLAH hoo Maan fie min koli fani
    ALLAH hoo Maan fie min koli fani

    ek saans ka panshi ha jany kab ur jay ee 
    ek saans ka panshi ha jany kab ur jay ee 

    Rah jaay e ga pinjara baki ur jaye gai rooh 
    ALLAH hoo Allah hoo bandy hardam allah hoo
    ALLAH hoo Allah hoo bandy hardam allah hoo


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    Selem ou aleykoum to all my muslim people
    I have a question knowing that find an answer though keywords seems to be a waste of time! That the reasOn why i prefer to Ask you directly the question.

    Irfan makki : where is he come from?
    I mean this song isnt in arabish, so in which language ? ( not the english part if course )
    Barakallah oufik for the answer
    Peace to all of u!

    • Robert Scott

      Irfan Makki is from Pakistan. It must be in arabic though I don’t speak arabic very well so I am not positive

    • Yasmine

      Irfan makki is from Pakistan, the language is URDU.

    • Razi

      W aleykoum al salam Déniz,,Irfan Makki was born in Pakistan and migrated to Canada with his family as an infant..

      the song is in Urdu and English

    • Yasmine

      Irfan makki is Pakistani and the language is URDU :)

    • Nuhi Vaz

      Irfan Makii is an Origin of Pakistan but he lives in Canada he grew there,this iz the Urdu language

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      my allah here you and peace be upon all muslims and non muslims inshallah

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    i m 2 singer like u

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    i like this song ! translate in indonesian pleaase……

    • DLIA

      Allahi Allah
      kiya karo

      Allahi Allah kiya karo Dukh na
      kisi ko diya karo

      Jo duniya ka malik hai Naam ussi ka
      liya karo.

      Allah hee Allah… Allah hee Allah…
      Allahi Allah kiya karo Dukh na kissi
      ko diya karo

      Jo duniya ka malik hai Naam usi ka
      liya karo. Allah hee Allah… Allah
      hee Allah…

      Seperti matahari terbit
      yang tidak dapat disangkal Oh, seperti sungai akan menemukan laut O Allah, kau
      di sini dan kau selalu dekat dan aku tahu tanpa keraguan bahwa Anda selalu
      mendengar doa saya seperti ki raah Pay chala karo Dukh na kisi ko diya karo Jo
      duniya ka malik hai Naam ussi ka liya karo. Allah hee Allah. Allah hee Allah…

      Allah hee Allah kiya karo Dukh naa
      kisi ko diya karo

      Jo duniya ka malik hai Naam usi ka
      liya karo. Allah hee Allah… Allah
      hee Allah…

      Begitu banyak
      bintang terang seperti berlian di langit Oh, itu membuat saya bertanya-tanya
      bagaimana orang dapat menjadi buta untuk semua tanda-tanda begitu jelas hanya
      membuka mata Anda dan aku tahu tanpa keraguan Anda pasti akan melihat cahaya

      Kaulah Pemilik
      Dunia, Kaulah Pemilik bumi ada galaksi di sini, ketika Anda dekat.

      Tuanku, mendengarkan doa saya kita, tersesat tanpa Anda Anda mencerahkan alam

      Kira kira demikian artinya

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god im feeling a bit dizzy ritting very 33 times ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    but the lyrics is not right .
    there’s rong .

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    Subhan Allah.

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  • Aisyah_kidZ

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    can someone translate in english?
    Allah he Allah kiya karo
    Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
    Jo duniya ka malik hai
    Naam ussi ka liya karo.

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    mahir and irfan
    you are best with sami yusuf

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      bey now


    …HI MAHER HW R U !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love this song but i think it has to much music!

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    Doesn’t matter we call it a nasheed or song. A nasheed is also a song. As I know nasheed originally come from arabic languge that refer to songs in general. I love this groovy song. True, it make us wanna dance. And it’s ok, coz that is this kind of music do to its listener. Islamic song dont always have to be slow and serious :)

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    hi maher how are you.i like this song because They include beautiful words.please.if you want to read it I'll give you call me in face ok

  • salma

    hi how are you i like this song Because they include words fantastic.i have 18 song islamic please , if you want to be approved I give it to you called me in face or in my telephon

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  • allah is the greatestttttt!!!!!



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    but i dunno, what language is it???

    • muslimah

      its urdu

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      thats urdu language

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        HI,Eni Khan…
        would you mind translating urdu one in english for us????
        thanx b4

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    Hello Everyone,
    listen and be carefully STOP,STOP AND STOP NO music in the name of ALLAH because allah did not like music.

    • meanna

      as soon as the music is good for us..
      and make us always remember Allah is okey …
      get the positive side from all of this.

    • meermohad

      yes but allah said how ever you can spread the nameof allah do it.
      and the new genaration like stuff like thius and so do i

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      there isn’t something prove that Allah hates music….as long as music gives you enlightment to Allah……

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    "On that day and see you smile
    When you see me"
    i like this part most :') thank you very much for inspiring me :)

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    can someone translate for me please the none english part please.

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    تمنينا أن يكون لماهر زين أيضا تسجيل لتلاوة القرآن الكريم.
    By : your brother al faqeer الجاوي

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  • zairy ikhquan

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    • Applemunchy

      Hi Hanady,

      Found it …

      Teri he dunya
      Teri zameen
      Ye kehkashaan hain
      Tu hai kareem
      Mere maula sun lay dua
      Hamd hai bas hai tere he naam
      Roshan kar jahaan….

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    n those of u who dont no wot somting means visit his transalation website: allahi allah kiya koro transalation . . .

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    • mangchik

      Allahi Allah kiya karo
      Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
      Jo duniya ka malik hai
      Naam ussi ka liya karo.
      Allah hee Allah
      Allahi Allah kiya karo
      Dukh na kissi ko diya karo
      Jo duniya ka malik hai
      Naam usi ka liya karo.
      Allahi Allah
      Just like a sunrise cant be denied
      Oh, just like the river will find the sea
      O Allah, Youre here and Youre always near
      And I know without a doubt
      That You always hear my prayer
      Such ki raah pay chala karo
      Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
      Jo duniya ka malik hai
      Naam ussi ka liya karo.
      Allah hee Allah..
      Allah hee Allah kiya karo
      Dukh naa kisi ko diya karo
      Jo duniya ka malik hai
      Naam usi ka liya karo.
      Allah hi Allah
      So many bright stars
      Like diamonds in the sky
      Oh, it makes me wonder
      How anyone can be blind
      To all the signs so clear
      Just open your eyes
      And I know without a doubt
      You will surly see the light
      Aisa zulm na kiya karo
      Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
      Jo duniya ka malik hai
      Naam usi ka liya karo.
      Allah hee Allah
      Allah he Allah kiya karo
      Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
      Jo duniya ka malik hai
      Naam ussi ka liya karo.
      Allah Hi Allah Kiya Karo Dukh Na Kissi Ko Diya

      taken from

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      بارك الله فيك اخي ماهر وحفظك لنا من كل شر ان شاء الله
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    This Universe is Yours.This world is Yours.And the Galaxies.You are the Blesser.Oh my Lord, listen to my prayers.We are worthless.just enlighten the world for us….
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