Awaken Lyrics

By: Maher Zain

We were given so many prizes
We changed the desert into oasis
We built buildings of different lengths and sizes
And we felt so very satisfied
We bought and bought
We couldn’t stop buying
We gave charity to the poor ’cause
We couldn’t stand their crying
We thought we paid our dues
But in fact
To ourselves we’re just lying

I’m walking with my head lowered in shame from my place
I’m walking with my head lowered from my race
Yes it’s easy to blame everything on the west
When in fact all focus should be on ourselves

We were told what to buy and we’d bought
We went to London, Paris and
We made show we were seen in the most exlusive shops
Yes we felt so very satisfied

We felt our money gave us infinite power
We forgot to teach our children about history and honor
We didn’t have any time to lose
When we were.. (were)
So busy feeling so satisfied

I’m walking with my head lowered in shame from my place
I’m walking with my head lowered from my race
Yes it’s easy to blame everything on the west
When in fact all focus should be on ourselves

We became the visuals without a soul
despite the heat
Our homes felt so empty and cold
To fill the emptiness
We bought and bought
Maybe all the fancy cars
And bling will make us feel satisfied

My dear brother and sister
It’s time to change inside
Open your eyes
Don’t throw away what’s right aside
Before the day comes
When there’s nowhere to run and hide
Now ask yourself ’cause Allah’s watching you

Is He satisfied?
Is Allah satisfied?
Is Allah satisfied?
Is Allah satisfied?

I’m walking with my head lowered in shame from my place
I’m walking with my head lowered from my race
Yes it’s easy to blame everything on the west
When in fact all focus should be on ourselves

  • mansour

    It was a very beautiful song but there is some problems in lyrics (note to :we went to london paris and …… the empty field had not wrote in the lyrics please correct it.

  • Imran Khan

    May Allah give more strength to continue .. Allah Hafiz

  • Imran Khan

    Assalamu Alaikum ! brother your songs just feel so good ( brakallah !! la kuma wabaraka Alaikuma wajamah bainekumaafi khair )

  • salmaan ahmed

    MAHER ZAIN is the best nasheed artist alive

  • Rhino Rhono Rhene

    The best singer,,,this is truth about islam______Allohu akbarrrrrrr………….

  • Azra

    Ihr Lied ist einfach nur klasse …
    Möge Allah sie und ihre Familie schützen .

  • Rafay

    there is no unity in Muslim world….Arab Muslims are living LUXURIOUS lives…on the other hand Muslims of Africa,Afghanistan,India,Pakistan,Palestine etc are dying of poverty and living in misery !!!! I this the message Zain tried to convey via this song !!!

  • maz786

    wow it’s so touching i luv it thank u maher zain i love all ur naats

  • Akawthar31

    hmmm……..sooo    am so vewy touched by vis song.

  • Hailysara95

    very niiiiice!!!!!!!!


    touched :’(

  • Anggie_anemon

    very touch my deepest heart,when I know the meaning of the song I was Crying,ya alloh…

  • Ann

    like to share :)

  • Reisajojo

    so mining full….i really like it..

  • Brownkawai

    I love this song 

    super lyrics



  • manarul hidayah

    Follow blog saya dund..

  • Manarul hidayah


  • Iman19888


  • Kaouthar Chairi

    So very true, May Allah bless us all with his Noor!  And Thanks to Maher

  • Faza_lina84

    subhanallah,,,, maher, your lyric make me awaken 

  • HAMba

    Maher Zain is the best…..

  • Ajie1990

    I’m walking with my head lowered in shame from my placeI’m walking with my head lowered from my raceYes it’s easy to blame everything on the westWhen in fact all focus should be on ourselves.

  • Shinta Alawiyah RF

    your song so touchy…….very touched my heart,,,,your song give us ADDA’WATUL ISLAM……..,,,,,
    La’allaka fauzun Mahir Zain !!!!!

  • Abimara

    hope this will awaken everybody who try to look for heaven after life…

  • valya

    it is true, very true words…..

  • Aisyah

    may Allah bless you and your family..
    hope someday, the glori of Islam is comeback….

  • Away

    Betul, terkadang kita hanya bisa memuasan semua keinginan kita sndiri tnpa memikirkan apakah Allah senang? Apakah Allah puas dengn smua itu? Masya Allah

  • cazChuZ

    lirik yang sangat menyentuh.

    memberikan pertanyaan tentang apa yang telah kita lakukan selama ini.

    sehingga, kita harus lebih introspeksi ke dalam.

    Semoga ALLAH SWT selalu melimpahkan hidayah-Nya pada Maher Zain dan kita semua (umat Muslim di seluruh dunia)

    Amiiin ya Rabbal Alamin

  • nurul atiqah fatin

    amazing song :) ilove it

  • salma muqita

    lirik yang mengagumkan.. : )

  • salma muqita

    lirik yang mengagumkan……… :)

  • Juju

    His songs make us reflect a lot! a lot! mashallah, may Allah bless him and his family


    sangat menyentuh perasaan..:")


    very inspiring

  • hendragalus


  • max

    maher zain is so good islamic singer.., i'm yor super fans.., thanx

  • Zulfi robbani

    Maher Zain is so great singing…, i’m very loket you musics…

  • sahab ad-deen

    i think it's individuals without a soul not new visuals.. ;)

  • asti

    its great song….keep remind us with your song….hope Allah always protect you n your family…

  • Naaz

    though the song was gud bt still there r many hu really neeed 2 b changed!!!!!!!!!

  • Sya

    This song really opened my eyes…every person will fall into dilemma and make you think you are on top of the world….alhamdulillah your preech really wakes me from my dream….thank you….



    • Mohamad Amirul

      kmk support ktk…. pujak ny suroh g sarawak… hehe… kt kuching…. hehe


        kmk setuju ngan kitak amirul……kmk minat gilak maher zain…….xixi

  • yati zain

    it's London, Paris and Costa del Sol my dear

  • Mirza

    This song is very ispiring, it inspires me to do good! Alhamdulillah for this!
    Selam from Bosnia & Herzegovina :)

  • humaira ahmed

    i love all ur nasheeds ur amazing

  • abidah


    • abidah


  • mohammed

    meaningful and touching but now one to hear by his heart

  • khadijah

    i like all maher's songs
    i like this song best
    it changed my life
    it changes all lives
    thank you ALLAH for sending him to us
    thank you brOther Maher Zain!!

  • Kemal ar

    So good. So meaningful. Salam from indonesia. Indonesia love your song

  • mummyRayyan

    assalamualikum all..
    maher, i bought yur cd a month ago… n i play it on n on n on… n its never gets bored.. such a calm & full of tought.. my 2 yr old son also luv all yur songs as he keep playing yur cd n will get mad when his papa turn the fm radio.. maher owh maher, yur Insyaallah song's num 1 rated here in ERA RADIO.. All the best in future!

    ~thanks 4 coming down @ IIU Malaysia last Oct~

  • aysha

    btw 2 al u ppl dis is nt a sng bt a nasheed
    n ders a big diffrnce btween a sng n a nasheed
    remember dat!!…

    • cnihary

      who cares its nasheed or song,…he sing right.!

      • humaira ahmed

        no i care it is a nasheed ders a big difference get da pic

  • siwar maamar

    fantastic song ,really maher zain is the best !!

  • apry

    amazing voice of maher and meaningfull lyrics…… i really impressed !

  • zacharias96

    Masallah.. I like your music!

  • jaguhan

    So meaningful and it is time to be awaken from the sleep within ourself. Praise to Allah. May all human being live in peace.

  • nisaislamic97

    wow,this song show reality of us,allof us

  • fariq zainuddin(bani jawi)

    We went to London, Paris and Costa Del Sol

    hope there are more singer like maher zain.

    i like muhammad nuh suggestion.

  • zulfa shamsuri

    i love this song and the lyrics alot…………..

  • zulfa shamsuri

    salam..what's wrong wit the lyrics mr maher..?i think these thought of urs are walking with my head lowered in shame…

  • icad

    i luv ur song Maher Zain

  • mohammed hada

    amazing song ,,and great advice in it…I LOVE U MAHER

  • Maher Zain

    assalamualaikum to muslim,i think theres an error at the lyrics..

  • Meli

    I luv all ur Islamic's song. It's really impressed me :)

  • Sammy Pierre

    I heard your song "Insha Allah" on the radio recently while driving in Cairo, and I couldn't believe myself–I really liked it. I never thought that it would happen in my life that I would like an Islamic-theme song, but I did, and I bought your CD. The other songs that I like is "Awaken" and "Thank you Allah" Your voice is calming and your lyrics are so meaningful. Shokran Maher. Best wishes from an Egyptian Christian fan.

    • osman

      i'm so impressed with yr comment..

  • yaakob

    Salam bro, ur songs drove me to tears thinking about all the wrongs I have done. May Allah forgive and bless us all.

  • hafizatul noura

    i luv maher zain's song 4 eva

  • Rama zarzour

    yes your songs are very effective ……… specially this song and it's lyrics……. wish one day i can meet you in order to meet the most creative person…………. keep it up………….. God bless you in your life

  • mehdi

    very nice song
    جزاك الله خيرا

  • salim

    so amazing

  • Osama Ammar

    Thank you my brother .. I ask ALLAH to make you in better state

  • Aicha

    this has to be one of the best islamic songs i have ever heard. maher zain is so talented, i hope he maintains his unique style and keep us tuned …

  • vahid

    Salaam brother Maher, congratulation for your fine Art that is in the way of Nabi Mohammad . with the best regards From Iran
    your brother Vahid.

  • ismail hasyimi

    i love this song

  • iman

    beautiful song!

  • islammuslim

    so amazing! ilike this song

  • nasr ahmed

    thanks so much my best wishs to u

  • Khalyda

    Yes it’s easy to blame everything on the west
    When in fact all focus should be on ourselves….truly have to see within ourselves……


    salam ‘alaik! a wonderful song i ever heard in english.the meaning of your song really touched my the light you have seen……that was hidayah….may Allah bless you.salam from Malaysia.

  • mat

    salam.. i like all songs of maher zain.. maher zain, when you want to make a show at Malaysia?

  • siti fairuz

    what amazing song…=)

  • hanif

    your voice is so nice. I’m sure your parents r proud of u. But,can u come to singapore to sing.PLEASE!

  • midou

    was a really amzing song, and has an aim that we should think about it

  • myrna of sabah

    SALAM maher i luv yr song dear, u have a very very good voice. Keep it up.

  • muhammad nuh

    salam ya akhi Maher zain, kaifa haluka?barakallahi fik…i hope u just fine and praying for your health to proceed for next album. i wanna wish congratulation on your successful album and thanked you for being an nasyid artist and i hope it will b forever….p/s can you create a song in Malay Language….Salam Akhi minal Malaysia…

  • sarah of algeria

    bro maher you are amizing …i love you brother …keep up with the good work…..may allah be with you in every step of your life.also we are all behind you…..go…go….go….

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