Baraka Allahu Lakuma Lyrics

By: Maher Zain

We’re here on this special day
Our hearts are full of pleasure
A day that brings the two of you
Close together
We’re gathered here to celebrate
A moment you’ll always treasure
We ask Allah to make your love
Last forever

Let’s raise our hands and make Du’a
Like the Prophet taught us
And with one voice
Let’s all say, say, say

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير
بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير
Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma
Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair.
Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma
Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair.

From now you’ll share all your chores
Through heart-ship to support each other
Together worshipping Allah
Seeking His pleasure

We pray that He will fill your life
With happiness and blessings
And grants your kids who make your home
Filled with laughter

Let’s raise our hands and make Dua
Like the Prophet taught us
And with one voice
Let’s all say, say, say

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير
Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma
Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair.
Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma
Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair.

بارك الله
بارك الله لكم ولنا

الله بارك لهما
الله أدم حبهما
الله صلّي وسلّم على رسول الله

الله تب علينا
الله ارض عنا
الله اهد خطانا
على سنة نبينا

Let’s raise our hands and make Du’a
Like the Prophet taught us
And with one voice
Let’s all say, say, say

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
Barakallahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma

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    I headed he is going to the Chicago convention :D I’m so going :3


    wawllah antum kois ya akhu ida sawi geni kida marah-marah hello wawllah ana habah ma antum,wawllah kois


    keren lagu nya menyenang kan banget buat hati teduh

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    how can you ever get so much love in a song as you do? so much love just for him…… allah.

    ya allah bles this men that inspires so much people. amien inschallah
    asalamoe alaikoem wa rahmatoelahi wa barakatoe

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    succes for u Maher…

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    I am getting married on the 24th March 2013 and would like to know if you have an instrumental version of this song?



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    this song presented for a newly wed who will starts their new part of life, insya Allah.,.

    Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma
    Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair

  • Muslim from KZ

    Alhamdulillah! Allah gives you brilliant voice and talent! Your songs makes us better! Thank you, Allah, for Maher…

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    This is so good. I sang it at my conference.everyone loved it.

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    May you live a HAPPY and PERFECT ………………………

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    For me he is the great arab singer,,,singer of all time,, i wish he will sing INSHALLAH in TAGALOG,,OH what a great pleasure,,,


    I would like to thank MAHER ZAIN, for all all the songs that he made, it inspires me a lot. i am a christian but everytime i felt so sad or down i immediately plays his songs then everything become fine, i wish one day i can comunicate with him or listen his real voice on the phone, i know its impossible. my day is not complete if i did not listen his songs,,,,, MAHER ZAIN,, thank you so much for such wonderful song,,,, may god bless you always,, ALLAH is always by your side..

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  • Cahya Nursholiha

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    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير
    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير

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  • Muslim

    Music is haraam so unfortunately what this brother is doing is not correct, but may Allah reward him if his intention is good. There is plenty of proof in Islam which says that music is forbidden, so don’t try to justify it to yourself if you disagree based on emotion and no proof, as you will find none solid enough to state otherwise.

    • Niyasali19

      i dont think so dude im against ur intentions

    • Earthling

      If music is haraam, why does it resonate and touches your heart and soul? Why did Allah gave us ears? Why did Allah let birds chirp and sing? Ponder upon that.

    • mahdi from eastern

      give me your logic reason to prove your statement, brother…ensure me your analogy simple test…qur’an is so complex, be carefull to appoint those meanning. may Allah give our heart the hidayah to open the thruth in islam…if our mind can open widely, so our religion will be glory again

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  • Nabella ad’Dieyla d’Luphie

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    apalagi penyanyi nya..
    i love u maher zain…. 

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    Two tumbs for Maher Zain, I Like this song ^_^


    two tumbs for Maher zain, I like this song ^_^

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    Look that sunset from the west as Hadith of Rasulullah Sallahu Alaihi Wassalam.

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    What a great song,
    it seems that Maher Zain gonna be my new idol :)

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  • binti

    we all do love Maher Zain for the sake of Allah……but why is he using insturment/ music…..because is haram haram haram……whaever Allah subhan wata'la say is harm….. Is bad and dirty .

    • zonta07

      Just wahabi told that statement..these kind of music are good for da' long these song praises Allah and love Rasul its ok.. Check opinion from old ulamak muktabar like Imam Al Ghazali or Jalaluddin Ar-Rumi.. who are you to blame these music..if you want said haram for music, its song like Metalica, Britney spear or other else..couse their music not praises Allah and Rasul..( sorry poor english)

      • denkz

        good reason.

    • ApenG

      yes. its true what you say is haram…. but some mahzab make it halal….

    • frisilia

      why u said that….this song very good….

      • kangyana

        anyone who said it's haram is a fool who dont understand islam, islam is universal religion bring peace to all mankind trough music and art…it's a pleasure which allah give to us..islam is rahmatan lil alamin..

    • shezadi

      hmmm……….yeah it's ok !…..y r u sayin it is haram!……..he ain't sayin anythin bad!wat's wrong in using music for naats?!

  • @dhafapwg7

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    i want sing with maher zain…

    karna lagunya sngt menyentuh ” QOLBU ”

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    • amina
  • May

    It is only a way to refer Allah in english. Because in english you cannot replace one with a word that doesn’t refer to a gender. ^^

    Still, this song is very good. This is talking about a wedding isn’t it?

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  • Muslim

    The word "He" is used when referring to Allah out of respect, dignity and high status. It would be totally inappropriate to use the word "it" and would not convey the proper understanding of Allah being who Allah is; Alive, Compassionate, Forgiving, Patient, Loving, etc. It is not correct to associate the word "He" with gender, as this would be comparing Allah to the creation, something totally against the teaching of Quran.

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      it's a different song than the other one……

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  • Angga

    I love this song..
    but there is something wrong I think…

    Allah is Allah..It's not a man or woman…so we're not allowed to call Allah with "his" I think..
    cause Allah is "Mukholafatu lil hawadisi" which means Allah is different with Allah's creatures..

    • fazlur

      i think,. he/his refers to …the husband

    • Muslim

      The word "He" is used when referring to Allah out of respect, dignity and high status. It would be totally inappropriate to use the word "it" and would not convey the proper understanding of Allah being who Allah is; Alive, Compassionate, Forgiving, Patient, Loving, etc. It is not correct to associate the word "He" with gender, as this would be comparing Allah to the creation, something totally against the teaching of Quran.

    • abu shidqy

      Dear all,

      We have to back to the Arabic language to clarify whether it is polite or not to use personal pronoun “He” or posessive pronoun “His” for Allah. In Arabic language, “He” has similar meaning as “Hua”, and “His” as “Hu”, and in AlQur’an the term “Hua” and “Hu” some time are applied for Allah in some surah, ex: in Ayatul Kursy in surah AlBaqoroh, or ” wa Huwa ‘alaa kulli syai’in qodiir”, etc. Wallahua’lam bi sawaab.

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  • Diki arek Jombang

    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير
    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير

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    We’re here on this special day
    Our hearts are full of pleasure
    A day that brings the two of you
    Close together
    this song is very good in my life

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    • fazlur

      yg mana bro,…tolong di ingetin

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    great ! i am so proud to be a muslim ^________^

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    wow,,,,,,,,,,,your song is very good.
    I admire you Maher,,,
    Maher in english is Clever,,,,
    I'm your admirer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • meru

    i love it..
    n i want this song accompany me on my wedding later..


    • ALLIYA


  • mustaqim…

    بارك الله
    بارك الله لكم ولنا

    الله بارك لهما
    الله أدم حبهما
    الله صلّي وسلّم على رسول الله

    الله تب علينا
    الله ارض عنا
    الله اهد خطانا
    على سنة نبينا

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    I like this song….
    Lagu terindah yang terngiang di telingaku….

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    وسيكون لطيفا لو أن جميع الأغاني من هذا القبيل

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    Does any body have the guitar chord for this?

  • :)…asko…:)

    masallah :)

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    subhanallah….saya sangat suka lagu ini. iramanya enak syairnya luar biasa. I love this song. good melody an lyrics.

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    Thank you MAHER… i'm really like your song's… May Allah Bsing you…

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    salute to Maher Zain for u

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    is the beatiful song…
    love u maher

  • Moh. Haris

    such a great voice, great song, great great great
    don't stop to spread the peace to the world. show the world that Islamic music could break the world

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    Very Love with Maher Zain :)

  • yudi mahendra

    Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma
    Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair.
    Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma
    Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair.

  • faridal


  • Shintya Nur Azizah

    Love your song very much..especially this song..full of du'a for people who get married

  • IAS

    barakallah means may Allah Blessing You

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    i love MAHER….
    I LOVE 4jji

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    Artinya : Allah memberkati Anda berdua dan memberkati Anda berdua
    Dan mendapatkan keturunan terbaik

    Kurang lebih ya coz pake google translate. ;)

  • Gerai Grafika

    Subhanalloh semoga di tiru musisi lokal tak hy menciptakan lagu percintaan sj andalannya tp yg bermutu seperti ini

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    I love t barakALLAH

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      berkat Allah mungkin..

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    i love lagu maher zain

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    mmg terbaik

    • Nurul

      This a revolution in islamic music world fit for 21st cetury and beyond, Thank you Maher Zain for your contribution to encourage islamic culture for comming days for muslin leadership in music world.

  • riena el-kamiel

    its the best song n i am like…..

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    masyaallah ya maher. what lovely song

  • May God bless you!!! We love ur music.

    Nyc songz Mashallah,. May God bless you!!!

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    • bynt mozes

      namanya juga orang kurang kerjaan kaleeee….

      • Doa

        emg buat pesta,
        pesta nikahan koq, kan sm juga buat doa…

    • azwi

      ini kan emang lagu doa untuk mereka yang baru menikah
      wajar lah kalau di putar di acara pesta pernikahan
      daripada muter dangdut….

    • melody

      Emang lagu itu cocok banget buat pesta perkawinan…baca aja liriknya..dan ada doa Nabi Muhammad SAW untuk kedua mempelai..
      JAdi orang yang menyanyikan justru ikut mendoakan, bukan sesuatu yang aneh koq.

      • Inang_zainal

        maksud gua pesta di cafe2 kang

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  • hafidz

    Let’s all say, say, say

    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير
    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير

    • Maher Zain

      I like my music!

      • May God bless you!!! We love ur music.

        May God bless you n ur family…! We lyk ur music

  • rukiya

    masha alah…….its nice

  • jamil

    Mari kita semua mengatakan, mengatakan, mengatakan

    Tuhan memberkati anda berdua dan memberkati anda berdua
    Dan mendapatkan koleksi terbaik
    Tuhan memberkati anda berdua dan memberkati anda berdua
    Dan mendapatkan koleksi terbaik

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    lagu nie wat saya tenang la..go maher zain..

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      Totally!!!!Its awesome!!!

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  • shofwa

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    Let’s all say, say, say
    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير
    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير

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    best nye lagu nieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

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    frm fatima

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    baraka Allah

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      nice n unic song ….. 1 in a millione …. i love it …. allah bless maher zain :) … allah bless we all :)

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    بارك الله
    بارك الله لكم ولنا

    الله بارك لهما
    الله أدم حبهما
    الله صلّي وسلّم على رسول الله

    الله تب علينا
    الله ارض عنا
    الله اهد خطانا
    على سنة نبينا

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  • @pamungkasdian

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    i love this song….
    all the maher zain……..

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    teringatkan kekeasih lama aku…….tak boleh bagi tau

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    Congratulation for the special nasyid "international version" in Nasyid Award 2011 at Jakarta Islamic Book Fair

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    very beautifull tender song ALLAH :)

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    Barak allahu lakuma

  • Noorazizah

    my family will sing this song as a gift to my lovely nephew(rais and syu) on their weddding day… my family hope this wedding will be bless by allah…amin….thank you maher zain

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    • mohamad azeem

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  • black

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  • ummu afiah raden

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    gREAT sONGs!

    • ujala

      it aint a song its a neesheed dont u all now music aint allowed

  • Alia



  • Alia



  • murnee

    when i listen 2 this song its make me n my bf to get marries as soon as possible..
    how beautiful this song and of course the sunah from prophet…

  • murnee

    when i listen 2 this song its make me n my bf to get marries as soon as possible..
    how beautiful this song and of course the sunah from prophet…

  • abi al-ghifari

    Subhanalloh….I like this, very sae….euy…amazing

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    the best song that i never heard in my whole life…may Allah bless u

    From: Malaysia Muslim Brothers

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    masha alhi i liked this song and make me happy and hope thank y maher GOD bless us and u really its alovely song and and its anice alhamdolilah for every thing thank u again i hope for u amore like that

    • ahmad aiman


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    Masha allah!!!! going to use this song to walk in on my wedding day as i enter my new home!!!!

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  • afnieeee


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    good luck ya!!!!!

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    Mashallah A Very Nice And Beautiful Voice Of Maher Zain. Allah Bless Us And You. Ameen Ya Rabul Alameen

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      Thank u a lot maher for ur amazing songs … I liked this one very much .

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    i feel encouraged by your songs…
    and also
    all my friends loves this song
    including my teacher….

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    your song like one story but you describe and make it a song. it like's you want to tell everyone what's happen it to you. I did not know is it true or not but the lyrics so meaningful… anyway you describe what are you feel that's other people cannot understand it. Not the tone are best but the meaning behind it.

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  • imran

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  • cik ezza

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    i pround of you
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    Muslims, praise Maher Zain, he has spread the islamic message, it was done with love for Allah, and it has reached people’s hearts. I am a Chinese Turkish, and I was born a free thinker, left to think what religious path I would like to follow. After hearing Maher Zain’s Nasheeds, it has opened my heart, Allah has opened my heart to Islam. Now I know the path I want, I want to be part of the many Muslims in the world, I want to be part of the Muslim brothers and sisters, and spread the message of islam too. The love of my life from Kyrgyzstan is muslim too, he got me into Nasheeds, thank you Allah for letting me meet him. :)
    May Allah bless all of you here inshallah. :)

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      Subhanallah…Alhamdulillah..Allahuakbar..May Allah Bless part of our true of life..

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    I love all ur song very much……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      dulu pendadah skang dah bertaubat

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    and i want to meet maher zain..i know all of his songs little bit to..i love maher zain..

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    my little brother likes this song very much!!

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    my allah with you..

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    القصائد التي تقوم بها جيدة جدا
    إنشاء القلب الذي يسمع لمسة

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    I like this song that makes people melt when I first heard this song, and especially appreciate this song is definitely someone that will feel as though she felt a thrill trying to realize …!

    Thank You Zain Maher, and Work Continues ..

    by: syafm0vic007 | Cyberc0de | i-TOFU (IT-Team Of Fatihul Ulum)

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    my favs track. i can sense your sincererity sing this song. we’ll play this track during my brother in law wedding reception….!!

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    very good song.may Allah bless you and all of us

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    Amazing Brother…May Allah always blesses U, keep creative…

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  • Osman

    Al-hamdulillah.. Finally I found this lyric. I had a long and very difficult to find because I do not know the title or name of the singer. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Abang

      Buy Maher Zain Original CD and i can assure you, you will love all the songs :)

  • Anis

    the best song i've ever heard !

    بارك الله
    بارك الله لكم ولنا

    الله بارك لهما
    الله أدم حبهما
    الله صلّي وسلّم على رسول الله

    الله تب علينا
    الله ارض عنا
    الله اهد خطانا
    على سنة نبينا

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    eventough i m not a muslim gurl .. but tis song reli touch ma heart .. maher zain is great …

  • roobini

    eventough i m not a muslim gurl… but tis song reli touch me heart … u r great maher zain …

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    hello maher zain .

    I’m from iran .

    I recieved your music work a monyh ago .

    I listened it about 50 times & frequently .

    I hope that more singers in islamic world , sing in grade of you (that it is 1) .

    now is Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:19:35 AM & I listening to “baraka-allahu-lakuma” .

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    Subhanallah…sedap di dengar lagu Maher Zain nie..

  • nurul

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    Allahu Akbar !

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    BARAKALLAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    go Maher Zain go..
    BARAKALLAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it's makes me happy..

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    the besz s0ng 0f my l!fe !

  • nurul janah

    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير
    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
    وجمع بينكما في خير
    Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma
    Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair.
    Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma
    Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair.

    • nurul izzita

      بارك الله
      بارك الله لكم ولنا

      الله بارك لهما
      الله أدم حبهما
      الله صلّي وسلّم على رسول الله

      الله تب علينا
      الله ارض عنا
      الله اهد خطانا
      على سنة نبينا

    • Anis

      بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
      وجمع بينكما في خير
      بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
      وجمع بينكما في خير

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      بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكم
      Barakallahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma

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    Masha Allah… I love this song

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    • jaa

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    Allah..very beautiful voice…Masyallah

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    • izzat beautiful

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    : )

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    • eda

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      my birthday party my sister play the song (barakallah)
      i'm so very happy for that……

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    I like this song vvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy muccchhh!!!!Congratulations Maher Zain!!!!

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    subhanallah, may this will be a new spirit for the moslems :)

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    i only heard one of ur songs yesterday…& im already fan!
    may allah bless u…
    this song is 1 of my fave's!

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    this song was very good

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      i hope you come in malaysia and you mashallah maher zain

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    maher zain became famos after he join islam…huhu..

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    I'm very fond of this one song.
    want to taste every day to sing this song

    • sugra bibi


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    i really impressed waoo love you zain

  • abir beautiful

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      that's great.. Maher Zain spread dawa' through out singing!

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      masyaAllah….it is so very unique

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    Assalamualaikum, maher zain. This lyrics so, beautiful. :)

  • rol

    hope Allah loves you….:)

  • islamic

    i proud with u maher zain..syukur alhamdulillah..ur song have full of meaning about islam..n u really praises allah n our nabi muhammad..masya'allah..

    • aqil

      i like this song…barakallah hulakuma wabaraka alaikuma ajama'a bainakuma fikhoir…….

  • zaky bahreisy

    I wanted to get married later if I want to invite Maher Zain to my home …..

    • Arip


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    King of nasheed…….
    maher zain go go go….

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    i like this song and maher zain very much….i hope one day i will meet him..insyaallah

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    • tori

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    very good song indeed. it is perfect

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    i love to hear you voice Maher Zain

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    i really this song..n all song maher zain…

    • iman

      love this song

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  • nahar

    for the very 1st time…i left my rock music to give priority to nasheed…juz because of your songs…very beautiful…it’s touched me~

  • Munchyz

    Hmm …
    Anyone here can tell me the meaning of the Arabic word ??
    Coz I have no idea what he said in this song except for the English words. … T_T

    • siti

      God bless you and us
      God bless them
      God love Adam
      God's blessings and peace upon the Messenger of Allah
      God has welcomed us
      About us God's land
      God, guide our steps

  • samra

    Masya Allah… come to us at the right time….so salute at you..MAHER….go…go…change the industrial…..make it more

  • mutara

    i love u 4ever,Jazakumullah khayran maher

    • mutiara

      i love u maher..
      jazakumullah khayr..

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    Very exciting..

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    i love ur song espacially baraka allah and for the rest of my life

  • syahril

    maher zain i love ur song espacially Baraka Allahu lakuma and for the rest of my life

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    luv u maher zain!!!!! :)-bg

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      you song is very good i like you song espacially baraka allah

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    allah send u…. masya allahhh barakallah…

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    I LOVE YOU MAHER ZAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • azwaar khan

    i love him so much keep on!!!!!1

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    the best nasyid in the world

  • razr

    massage easy to understand, and the lyrics easy to follow and remember

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    love this song and also the singer…

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    Alhamdulillah let's pray to Allah swt and may allah bless all Muslims.

  • Alhakim97

    This is the best song in yhe world…..I LOVE THIS SONG VERY MUCH

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    i love 4ever
    espicially baraka Allahu lakuma
    and thank Allah

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    Congratulations, this song helps us to remember the doa that we should recite for newly wed so we can replace our normal wish happy wedding day bla…bla…bla….

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    Love this song!! ^_^


    the best song nashid …..oh my god the good song…….

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    Love this song :)

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    i love maher zain

  • Syafiq Zulkifli

    Such a great song with a great lyric ! We from Alor Gajah,in Seri Pengkalan High School applauds you for this awesome song !

    -p/s and remember Allah is always by your side ^.^

  • afiqbukhari

    really like this song :) keep it up maher :D

  • ASFA

    dear mz…you are an idol 4 the whole muslims- around da world………….we're here 2 support U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MYA


    • Putera Aizat

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