For the Rest of My Life Lyrics

By: Maher Zain

I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You’ve found your home it’s here with me, and I’m here with you
Now let me let you know
You’ve opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along, oh
And there’s a couple of words I want to say

For the rest of my life, I’ll be with you
I’ll stay by your side, honest and true
Till the end of my time, I’ll be loving you, loving you

For the rest of my life, through days and nights
I’ll thank Allah for opening my eyes
Now and forever I, I’ll be there for you
I know it deep in my heart

I feel so blessed when I think of you
And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You’re my wife, and my friend and my strength
And I pray we’re together in Jannah
Finally now I’ve found my self, I feel so strong
Yes everything was changed when you came along, oh
And there’s a couple of words I want to say

For the rest of my life, I’ll be with you
I’ll stay by your side, honest and true
Till the end of my time, I’ll be loving you, loving you
For the rest of my life, through days and nights
I’ll thank Allah for opening my eyes
Now and forever I, I’ll be there for you
I know it deep in my heart

And now that you’re here, in front of me
I strongly feel love
And I have no doubt, and I’ll sing it loud
And that I will love you eternally

For the rest of my life, I’ll be with you
I’ll stay by your side, honest and true
Till the end of my time, I’ll be loving you, loving you
For the rest of my life, through days and nights
I’ll thank Allah for opening my eyes
Now and forever I, I’ll be there for you
I know it deep in my heart

“For The Rest Of My Life” Official Music Video by Maher Zain.
Album: Thank You Allah
Directed by: Lena Khan.
Lyrics: Maher Zain, Charbel Amso, Abou-Daniell & Bara Kherigi
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain & Abou-Daniell
© Awakening Records 2011

  • Ehsan Jafarinia

    این آهنگ رو فیلمبردار عروسی من و همسرم تو فیلم عروسیمون گذاشته بود.واقعا قشنگه

  • حسین

    این آهنگ فوق العاده است همیشه به یاد نامزدم می افتم این آهنگو اون بهم داد عاشقشم

  • هديه

    اين اهنگ خاطره آشنايي من با شوهرمه هر بار كه ميشنوم لبخند ميزنم روحم رو نوازش ميده واقعا قشنگه

  • grace

    i thank you this Dr,Ancient as you put smile on my face again. back,because it has been a lonely life for me since 3years ago because of my body no one want to marry me but when i contacted you i became every man desire and my Ex has come back again with many flowers and even begging me to come have a marriage with these is the happiest time of my life and i thank you papa,but if you also need help, you can contact him via

  • MenO

    i love maher zain and his songs very much i wish to met him very much

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    i love all your songs and i even love to sing them
    i wish i get a chance 2 sing wid u
    may allah fulfill my wish

  • noora

    its amazing such beautiful lyrics, loved it

  • Shahira

    This was very sad for me espiotly when the girl was sick.

  • Golnoosh

    today i got the meaning of this song… and i really enjoyed that…

    the climax of this song is that he prays to be with his wife in jannah again:)

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    I love to hear Maher Zain songs and words always wonderful and I love without Music Thanks and forward

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    So so soooooo amazing song maher alah ybarek wihafdak

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    i want song with u,, can i have good voice,,, allahuakbar

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    my favorite, I really really loved it, especially the lyrics, I can’t stopped to sing this song, It’s really marvelous ,keep on

  • Akram Nabil

    it is soo romantic and let us know the the value of wife and to y=thank allah for his gifts

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    this song is the reason for the tear drops on my guitar…

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    i love its

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    خیلی شعرش قشنگه
    مخصوصا روی کلیپ کارتون بالا (up)

  • mahsa

    i from iran and i love your song like i love yooooooooooooou For the rest of my life, through days and nights
    I’ll thank Allah for opening my eyes

  • fatima riaz

    i wish my husband sings this for me :) this is the best love son ever <3

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    i like this music veryyyyy much

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    a beautiful söng i ever knew, hm awesome! Make me cry..

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    jazakallahul khair ya maher zain,,,it means a lot to me:)

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    you songs are very excellent here especially FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE by Maher Zain.

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    It is very beautiful and charming…. I’m Persian language but I want to learn this song

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    Great singer. MashAllah

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    love so much….this song make me believe thats real love will come in my life also…thanks allag for all,,,,like u maher

  • Rozaini Fakurdin

    its so touching especiallly someone that you luv so much had gone forever………hopefully he being blessed by Allah……..insya Allah

  • Drissu

    it’s very nice song, thank you so much

  • Ayoub Zoubeir Youba-z

    I love This SONG .. my Favorite Line is :

    You’re my wife, and my friend and my strength
    And I pray we’re together in Jannah ”
    .. Your Prayers Guy To Found the Love of my life ;)

  • Ekien Utami

    subhanallah nice song…
    I hope that ill get husband like that..
    Much love 4 me cz Allah…Aamiin

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    hi maher…

    i love to lessen this song since my fiancee propose to marry m last jan 1 
    really great its very meaningful for couple…
    until now my fiancee keep asking m to sing for him this song b4 he sleep, thanks a lot for ur wonderful song 
    keep it up maher…

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      Yeah its true

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    I am looking for my another half pray for me brothers & sisters

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    we are persian too . i and mau darling husband love this song and its nice video clip (vahid & parisa parise allah for sending their love )

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    i thin it is forbidden to listen to such king of songs in islam

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    Alhamdulillah….what a beautiful song’s….
    i dedicated this song’s for someone,
    use to be….my Husband….

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      sryyyyy for u
      allah will make it up to u insha allah sooon.just believe :)

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    Are u really crying when u listen to it?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    maher zain can u
    crate a song like a
    how powerful the
    allah(sobhanawat allah).
    by:jabar g anganak

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    Why are they disabled it?

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    “I’ll thank Allah for opening my eyes
    Now and forever I, I’ll be there for you
    I know it deep in my heart”
    ….Thank’s Allah…..

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    it’s so romantic & lovely

  • Zepiur 95

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  • Ivan

    You`re my wife and my friend and my strength
    And I pray we`re together IN JANNAH (NOT eternally)
    Now I find myself so strong
    Everything WAS changed when you came along

  • ira purnama rizal

    i love it

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    Subhanallah, lagu ini sangat dalam artinya dan menyentuh hatiku. Membuatku sadar akan rasa cinta kasih terhadap pasangan maupun teman.

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    i realy feel good when i hear it "thaaaankx maher zain" for this album
    and keep on <3

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    i m in love with this song and for the first time my love (my finance ) sung this song for me , so word to describe how this song means to me , so thankx alot for singing such a lovely songs Mr. Maher Zain , Allah bless you

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    go maher, you're my favorite singer..

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    i went to a concert in jordan fo him he was mashallah very talented

    i just wanted to add that their is a correction in the lyrics :” And I pray we`re together eternally”

    it should be an i pray were together in jannanh cuz if u hear the song properly ull find its in jannah

    but at the end thx

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    cause the lyrics is so good!

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    i first listened the Indonesian version for this song and now i listen to the original version one in English and they are both feel so beautiful, all the things from the song is just beautiful and touching.. reminds us not to be blinded by the love for human, but to love someone because of Allah.. subhanallah

  • salma

    hello maher how are you i love this song very much.thanks

  • Zehan Abruzzo

    I was at the cross road of a relationship until I heard this song…..I am married with children and when someone who touched the deepest soul of my life comes along, I forgot all that I’ve shared with my spouse…Probably, because I did not feel and receive the love that I should receive. Until today, I still love the guy who pours so much love to me because he made me so alive. Even though we have broke up, the love was/is just too deep for me to forget. It shall stay forever with me…. Nonetheless….This song has brought new meaning to my husband and I. I believe that whatever has happened, there was reasons behind it and it was for a good course….No matter how you interpret the song.

    Masya Allah……

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      masha allah its nice song zain allha had give u nice vocie to …

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    i say ZAIN thanks and i m one of ur suppoters..

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    God is love (1 John 4:8); that's why love is so wonderful! True love is sacrifice for the one you love. That's why God gave His only Son to die in our place – because He loves us so very much, and wants us to be with Him eternally (John 3:16), just like this song says!

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  • AM

    Love this song(L). Love all of Maher Zains songs and his voice, Masha’allah.
    When he sings it comes right from the heart, you can hear that in his voice.
    I got tears after hearing this.

    Bless you Maher

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    mashallah ^_^
    This song make me happy and give to me heart a Celebrate.
    " I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally" … the best …
    I'm waiting for this sentance :) for along time ( of course when i'm marry ensaha allah)

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    thank you <3

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    It should be "and I pray we're together in Jannah"… not "I pray we're together eternally".

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    I DO LOVE this song… :) :) :)

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    Just crying

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  • maria margareta

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    Love U Maher <3

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    Yestoday i was found this song in Net by accident and was suprised. I repeat that it's great song. I wanna say the phrase from the movie "Book of Ilay" (with Denzel Washington):
    (Oldman) – God is Great, really?!
    (Denzel) – ALWAYS!!!

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    "You`re my wife and my friend and my strength
    And I pray we`re together eternally"

    The song is basically dedicated to Maher's wife. She might've been the person who has helped him find his way back to Allâh. I don't think there's anything wrong with a nasheed like this. Those are beautiful and true words.

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    and please buy Maher Zain Original CD if you really love and support him i bought few days ago thanks

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    • khairul


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    • zalila

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    • Abang

      insaflah jgnlah melakukan perhubungan yg diluar tabii sesama jantina email i kalau u nak brkenalan [HIDDEN BY SITE ADMINISTRATOR]

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    For the rest of my life
    I`ll be with you
    I`ll stay by your side honest and true
    Till the end of my time
    I`ll be loving you.

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    ( a waken – hold my hand- open your eyes

    don’t give up

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    Subhanallah…. May Allah Blessed you always…..

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    I love this song very much.

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      lepas tu ingat makwe

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    Aku memuji Allah untuk menghantar kau cintaku
    Anda mencari saya rumah dan belayar dengan saya
    Dan aku di sini bersama anda
    Sekarang biarkan aku memberitahu anda
    Anda telah membuka hati saya
    Saya selalu berfikir cinta itu salah
    Tapi semuanya berubah ketika anda datang
    Dan ada beberapa kata yang ingin saya katakan
    Selama sisa hidup saya
    Aku akan menyertai anda
    Saya akan tinggal di sisi anda jujur dan benar
    Hingga akhir waktu saya
    Aku akan mencintai anda. mencintaimu
    Selama sisa hidup saya
    Melalui hari dan malam
    Aku akan bersyukur kepada Allah untuk membuka mata saya
    Sekarang dan selamanya Aku aku akan berada di sana untuk anda
    Aku tahu bahawa jauh dalam hatiku
    Aku merasa sangat diberkati ketika aku teringat padamu
    Dan saya meminta Allah untuk memberkati semua yang kita lakukan
    Anda adalah isteri saya dan teman saya dan kekuatan saya
    Dan aku berdoa kita `kembali bersama-sama abadi
    Sekarang saya menemukan diri saya begitu kuat
    Semuanya berubah ketika anda datang
    Dan theres beberapa kata yang ingin saya katakan
    Selama sisa hidup saya
    Aku akan menyertai anda
    Saya akan tinggal di sisi anda jujur dan benar
    Hingga akhir waktu saya
    Aku akan mencintai anda. mencintaimu
    Selama sisa hidup saya
    Melalui hari dan malam
    Aku akan bersyukur kepada Allah untuk membuka mata saya
    Sekarang dan selamanya Aku akan berada di sana untuk anda
    Aku tahu bahawa jauh di dalam hati saya sekarang bahawa anda `kembali di sini
    Infront aku sangat merasakan cinta
    Dan aku tidak ragu
    Dan aku menyanyi keras bahawa aku akan mencintaimu selamanya
    Selama sisa hidup saya
    Aku akan menyertai anda
    Saya akan tinggal di sisi anda jujur dan benar
    Hingga akhir waktu saya
    Aku akan mencintai anda.mencintaimu
    Selama sisa hidup saya
    Melalui hari dan malam
    Aku akan bersyukur kepada Allah untuk membuka mata saya
    Sekarang dan selamanya Aku aku akan berada di sana untuk anda
    Aku tahu bahawa jauh dalam hatiku

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      ekele…kalu nak guna aku..aku ja la..

      jgn ada aku,saya..dah jd pelik..

      satu g..anda n kau..guna salah satu ja!!

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    i like..
    keep muslem no1,,!!

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    love this song.. :)

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    • SITI

      This is one of my favorite song masyaallah it’s so touching and meaningful lyrics. Hope we could have more singers like him.Praise to ALLAH for having Maher Zain to sing the ISLAMIC songs beautifully.

  • perAntau

    oh GOD!!!!this song very3 meaningfull.thanks maher zain..

  • muslima

    Mashallah this is a beautiful nasheed. He talks about the love Allah has instilled in his heart for his wife. when i first listened to this nasheed, it broke my heart as my husband promised to love me for the rest of his life but after having 2 children and spening 8 years togther decided to cheat with another women and leave me. He said he never loved me, khier. Please brothers and sisters pray for me and my boyys.


    • umie hasrina

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  • Aigerim

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  • Sisi

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  • chrysanhemum

    Tatkala ku mendengar lagu Maher Zain
    Aku teringat akan dirimu
    Engkau yang aku sayangi
    Telah pergi di jemput Ilahi

    Dua tahun tujuh bulan
    Itulah usia perkenalan
    Namun ajal di tangan Tuhan
    Kau meninggal dek kemalangan

    Setiap hari aku melihat
    Melihat lokasi berlaku tragedi
    Jarak hanya di depan mata
    masih terbayang wajahmu sahabat

    senyummu penuh rahsia
    kata-katamu penuh makna
    pandanganmu punya pesona
    kasihmu cukup setia

    satu katamu yang cukup berharga
    ucapan Selamat Hari Raya yang pertama buat diriku dan yang terakhir…

    to everyone who read this,I hope you all can read Al-Fatihah for my beloved friend…

  • adabiah adani

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    I praise ALLAH for send mY lOVE…

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    wish my future husband sing this song to me with his full heart when we already married later..
    may Allah bless u brother Maher..

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    ur lyrics really amaze me….. u have open my heart to be nearer to islam.. thanks.. alhamdullillah…

    • am


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    very nice! :)

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  • beyta

    FREEDOM AND JUST ME… i guess you are one person! Anyway, if you get bored listening to this song, why in the world are you commenting here and telling us???? Do you really think we care if you get bored or you don’t like it??? grow up man and see the world! Or maybe you are just one who like do disagree with everyone??…
    Im sorry to say but like this you dont sound muslim as Prophet SAW askes us to be! wassalam

  • eileen

    assalamualikum, i just want 2 say that i’m in love with this song since i start listen to it… this song was the best!


    It’s really touched me as a wife. Maher, you had created a lovely and beautiful songs for all the wives out there. Would drop my tears everytime hear this song. A love given by Allah by being a wife to somebody is such a blessing…Insya allah. For the rest of my life…my love.

  • I Love Allah swt and Rasulullah saw




  • I Love Allah swt and Rasulullah saw

    Dont fall in love with the song
    dont fall in love with Maher ZaiN







    MAY ALLAH GUIDE US TO THE STRAIGHT PATH “The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.”


  • anne_marie

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    ……i’m from ROMANIA….a christian country….but so many people listen to your music…..

    we wait for the next album;)

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    today’s morning (24th august) i just listened to your song…
    and this song directly grab me into your music…
    it’s inspired…

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  • wmsa


  • maryam

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  • moeljono


  • moeljono

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  • bobby-pinn


    a new generation of nasheed producing….
    i hope he will always be blessed by Allah…
    may ALLAH protect his life, which can make him continuing spread the beautiful message of ISLAM…
    i have already got his album (support ISLAMIC artist)…
    and im hoping that one day he will come to MALAYSIA to sings the beautiful words of Allah…

    thank you Maher Zain… you really a big impact in each every person who listen to all your songs…

    • alikhan sans

      same here… I love his songs big impact to me… long live Maher Zain..


    love to hear your song… it’s seem peacefully calm….may Allah bless you.

  • ASH

    Hiburan dalam Islam yang dinanti-nantikan… nasyid yang bersifat kontemporari, diadun dengan suntikan r&b dan soul… begitu menyentuh… tatkala mula mendengar, dan seakan faham akan apa yang disampaikan, mata mudah untuk bergenang, dan tidak mudah untuk diselindung…

    • Faezin

      Indah penggunaan bahasa yang amat jelas dan mudah difahami dan juga punyai maksud yang mendalam dalam tiap pertuturan bahasa… sangat indah Subhanallah

  • sittie arlyne

    Also I pray and hope that the man i will marry will practice monogamy even though polygamy is permitted… May ALLAH hear and grant my prays…

  • sittie arlyne

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    great voice and lyric…

  • amieza liana

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    • amieza liana

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  • Yun Siyun

    Im from S.Korea, im Buddhist. I realy love this song. Even though it bring Allah or God in english but its very good for. I been thinking about my exgf my first love and last love. Maher Zain, please come to Korea. You can perform in Itaewon,Seoul where many of ISLAMIC people from Brunei,Arab,Korean,Chinese and European muslim.

  • Pak lan

    This sing i was dedicated to my beloved wife lisa hani..the msg is simple but fully meaning to show how much that u love ur wife..thx for this beatiful song..i love my wife for the rest of my life..thanks to Allah for giving her into my life..

  • mocha moca


  • mocha moca

    amazing voice, amazing music every thing is amzing in u maher keep it up

  • Rukia

    I just found my new and final love and i feel this song was sang for us. Thank you for speaking on behalf of our hearts Mr.Maher, we appreciate.

    Stay blessed.

  • nur_rizuan

    salam to all..
    Maher is a very talented singer..
    he approaches people by the beautiful melody n very deep meaning lyrics..all his songs are very soothing n can ease the anger..
    i deeply in love with the rest of my life song, because it makes a man appreciate his wife even more..hope there’ll be another songs that dedicated to mother/father/siblings/friends from him..May Allah bless us all..Amin

  • Princess

    your vice is amazing, i heard you at the sounds of light concert is sydney, isnahallah ill see you there next year… keep up with the good work.

  • humaira

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    love this song..

  • memo

    i am not married but this song is touch my heart like lightind bless maher i hope you go to jannah amen

  • azzam

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    I loved it

  • puteri

    yeah miss epal…i like!!!

    DalaM isLam Ada SyAir…y boleH buAtkan orang MenaNgis & Dalam lagu ni xad sbuT pun pasal InTimaCy…Just Luahan PeRasaan SyG dr sUami untUk IsTeri…IsTeRi adalaH AnugeraH bukan Hak milik (^ _^)

  • miss_Epal

    JUST_ME ( just jealous)& FREEDOM (freedom for jealousy) hahahahaha….right?

    • JUST_ME

      You need to grow up girl !

      Jealous ?? Jealous of what, please ?

  • mrabuazkha

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  • mrabuazkha

    when i hear this song.. im cryin….remember with my wife….its really touchable

  • Sannah

    mashallah its a very beutiful naat, wat more cud a women want if she has a husband who looks after her like sum kind of a jewelry.
    great nasheed :)

    • muslim

      What more ? Get Allah's satisfaction and be allowed to see His Face in the Heaven, this is the ultimate pleasure for all believers…Think of it…

  • SAraH

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  • liza

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  • ieka(mlysia)

    so good..really luv this's hard to find a men who appreciate other's make me cry touching..

  • nurul miskiah

    AkU MiNtA kPdA ALLAH sEtAnGkAi BuNgA RoS SGaR….DiA beRi ak KaKtUs BrdUrI…aKu MinTa KupU2 DiBeRiNyA UlAT…aKu kEcEwA n sEdh..TpI aK tEtAp bRSbAr…nAmUn xlaMe KeMuDiAn, KaKtU iTu bRbungA iNdAh DaN uLaT iTu MenjAdI KuPu2 YAnG CnTiK…bEgItULAh cArA ALLAH MnGaSihi KiTe…SlUlU INdH pAdA wAkTuNyA…Saat yang lalu kosongkan


    life would be perfect if only every men in this world could share their love with their wives just like what’s written in your song, Maher Zain

  • wienzha

    i hope one day someone who love me truly will sing this song for me

  • iza

    wowW!! such an amazing song

    its mean deeply in my heart

  • biziboi

    I know that deep in my heart

    I feel so blessed when I think of you

    And I ask Allah to bless all we do

    You`re my wife and my friend and my strength

    And I pray we`re together eternally

    Now i know I found myself i feel so strong

    is Everything was changed when you came along


    And theres a couple word I want to say

  • syafiq abdullah

    mashaallah…so unic and beautiful song,brother.u always the best singer for me.ur song make me feel sad and dissapointed with my sins that i,ve done.i hope u will be in heaven in the next life…inyaallah…amin..thank u

  • nur

    salam salam
    masya allah.. i love this song so much
    love all d song from Maher Zain..

    congrats my dear Maher..
    u have ur lovely and superb voice with superb lyrics n music

  • miah

    your song"for the rest of my life" is the best of the best i ever heard.It's really touched my heart and makes me cry on how great the love is.I'm a women will feel thankfull if that happen to me.Being appreciate and precious.Hope that will have a man that appreciate me and feel i'm half of their life,their soul,their strength…I'll be thankfully to Allah for send him to me.Thanks maher,..

  • Valerie

    what’s wrong with MR FREEDOM and JUST ME? its just songs.. we all enjoy it.. so what if its islamic or not.. well im not even muslim i still like his songs. he express songs so what? dont make things such a big deal. DUH!

    oh and yea you can’t know his personality through songs.. all we know personality or not, its non of your business. and we like his songs.. and who cares. he sings well, talented.

    both Chris Brown and him ARE both human too.. duh!!

    • just_me

      No, I'd rather say, what's wrong with you ?? Everything's ok with me, I have no problem. Everybody has the right to have an opinion and express whatever they want as long as they respect others cause our freedom ends where someone else's begins. But you, you got a problem with me ??!

      You said that you love pretty much this music. Good for you, but I really don’t give a damn ! And though you have the right to say it, I have the right to think otherwise too.

      I never said he has no talent at all, I'm just saying from a religious point of view this song is useless and not correct, or even indecent. We're not in Hollywood. So once again, these things are part of the couple intimacy and should remain in private life, just as you won't get to kiss your wife in a public place.

      In islam, there are some ground rules we have to follow, but as a non-muslim it's quite beyond you.

      "oh and yea you can’t know his personality through songs.. all we know personality or not, its non of your business. and we like his songs.. and who cares."

      So stop saying that you can feel or imagine his personality through his songs. This was my message, no more no less, I don't care if you like or not his music, but don't say he's a good person beacause of his music. That's stupid.

      "both Chris Brown and him ARE both human too.. duh!"

      You think so ? What a find ! This sentence is just the reflection of your post and your person, poor, uninteresting!

  • Deejah

    Salam… i love all of your songs. i'm a big big big fan of you..

  • atira

    Continue fight in Allah road…Insyaallah we will be successful forever.

  • azizi

    i just love this song so much.the first time i listened to this song was on the really means a lot towards myself.a superb masterpiece. :)


    salam 4 u all….

    wow..!!Sobra ka talaga maher zain."For the rest of my life"gusto kita talaga…LOVE U MAHER ZAIN,MUCH…MUCH…MUCH MORE.

  • Mizedil

    Salam 4 u all!

    Lagu yang menyentuh kalbu, lirik yang penuh pengertian, melodi yang teramat indah! MAHASUCI ALLAH yang mengurniakan bakat untuk kamu Maher Zain. Luv all ur song especially "FOR THE REST OF MT LIFE!"

    lambaian dariQu,

    Sabah Negeri dibawah Bayu

  • AzeezIFWANN

    MashaAllah, this is a great song! To me this is a song of unity. It unite our muslim fellows somehow. An excellent job done! Keep it up! You are an inspiration to many muslims.

  • Hafiz

    Salam for U all,

    Im Malaysian,

    I just can't listen clearly on the part of lyric below..

    (I know that deep in my heart

    I feel so blessed when I think of you

    And I ask Allah to bless all we do

    You`re my wife and my friend and my strength

    And I pray we`re together IN JANNAH

    _?_ Now I found myself "FOR FEEL" so strong

    _?_ Everything "WAS" changed when you came along


    And theres a couple word I want to say)

    I think the "CAPITAL" words are for the missing words, but i juz couldnt listen clearly the words with the sign "_?_".

    And anyone, could you please tell me if i juz wrong on this.

    • MissLilZee

      first of all , this song is just AMAZIIIIIIIIING!!!

      and regarding the words that u couldnt hear:

      (I know that deep in my heart
      I feel so blessed when I think of you
      And I ask Allah to bless all we do
      You`re my wife and my friend and my strength
      And I pray we`re together IN JANNAH
      _?_ Now I found myself I FEEL so strong
      YES Everything “WAS” changed when you came along
      And theres a couple word I want to say)

      _?_ Now I found myself I FEEL so strong ( but this one i couldnt hear it too , sorry!!but i think its CAUZ !!)

      • shamsiah

        i think its..

        “FINALLY now I found myself I feel so strong”

        this song will definitely moved everyone’s heart.
        i, personally love this song so much. i love almost all of his songs. cause they’re (the songs) amazing.
        they’re so peaceful and so content. i listened to his songs over and over again just because the songs never borings me. may Allah blessed Maher Zain and us all. Amin.

  • Mohamad Lazim

    i heard repeatly after the 1st time i heard..the song is so nice..

  • syikin

    salam to all,

    very nice song..i love it so much! well done…

  • nurulnaqiah

    i fall in love with this song…
    even i not marry yet..
    it touch my heart..
    i cry when listen this song everyday..
    thanks maher..

  • syaznie

    luv all yur song maher….
    i feel peacefl aftr lstn yur song…thnks

  • Shabreen

    Masha Allah….truly well composed.. this song merits recognition internationally… is timely to bring unity in the family…..i love it…..hope to hear more meaningful melodies coming out Insha Allah

  • maryam gull shah

    mawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love it

  • imane

    really soo niiiiice song.4 the first time i listin to it i full in love with it soo's make me cry and ask allah for a good husband .thx hamer for this amazing song

  • lin

    love… love… love… this song so very much!!!!

  • جهاد

    mmmmmm just wana say thnx alot bro.

  • ain

    full of meaning for all of us

  • nAjAh

    beautiful lyric.. I love this song and I keep listening to it over and over again.. MasyaAllah… keep it up Maher Zain…

  • noor_brunei

    ya Allah =( the lyrics, the rhythm, the melody, everything! Makes me wana cry every time when i listen to his song, MasyaAllah..very soothing

  • Safitri

    Your songs is sooo beautiful.. Subhanallah….made me crying everytime listen to it… can't wait for the next album… Hope Allah always blessing you…

  • Dana

    Thank You Brother for all the song :

    Really what stunning !!! Mashalllah keep it up :)

  • nurilah

    salam 4 all… 4 the first time i hear this song. i can see myself feel love with it. to get it not easy as we think. but we can try to get the love.

  • Leesa


    Honestly, i know this song from a friend. He kept talking & asking either i have heard this song. Masya Allah ever since the first time i listen to this song, cant get it out of my head. its made me cry, really it touched my heart..may ALLAH bless you..Love your song..

  • abdul kasyaf


    Bro and sis

    just change " eternally" with janah it's mean "Heaven" in english

    hopefully useful

    I feel so blessed when I think of you

    And I ask Allah to bless all we do

    You`re my wife and my friend and my strength

    And I pray we`re together In Janah (heaven)…

    Now I find myself so strong

    Everything changed when you came along


    And theres a couple word I want to say

  • Faezah

    for the first time i hear this song, it really touched my heart..

    it give me feel warm..

  • nurul

    really touched my heart..

    u r so good..ican imagine ur personality through all the songs

    • just_me

      Ok , I’ll just give you a short example, from the singer Chris Brown when he beat his girlfriend up, even though he has spent his whole career singing love songs and playing love attitude.

      So while reading your comment, I thought it was a joke. Please, don’t be so naive, you can sing a thing and do the exact opposite in your real life ! How could you know the real personality of a person without knowing him ?

      I’m not saying that Maher is a violent man, not at all, but I’m just trying to make you understand that you can’t judge him or anyone else only through his music. That’s nonsense !

      • bobby-pinn


        dude, refer to the biodata of maher zain…
        and listen all of his songs…
        then you can imagine what NURUL has imagine..
        chris brown obviously not a muslim.. there’s a huge different there..


      • shadow

        relax d0wh…em0si sgt ni knpe?


        • dan

          duhh..its just a song man..beautiful love song..

  • Bahrul

    First time, just after a few words, I knew I’d loved this song..beautiful, honest and true..

  • izza


    romantic… this song is touching me deeply..
    make me remember an arabic song – zaujati- from ahmed bukhater..
    blessed love..

  • siti

    im very like this song its so meaning full to me…

  • freedom

    First of all, it sounds to me like a song straight out of a new Walt Disney's cartoon…Mushy love Song…I get terribly bored while listening to it.

    To all womens, don't delude yourself and keep in mind that it's just a song, no more no less. These words make sense if and only if we put them into practice.

    Moreover I can't figure out the purpose of this song ! A declaration of love should be made in private life, it's not allowed to spread your love life in Islam, it's intimacy. And once again, wholly needless for our sake.

    Finally, I wanna say I find it so pathetic that this song could make some womens cry, mostly when it's not intended for them. And my question is : Are you cryin'so when you listen the Quran ? When you hear some ahadiths about the punishment of the grave, the doomsday or hell ? Do you cry when you pray Allah and supplicate Him ? Do you do it? Ask yourselves….

    Ma3a salam.

    • Eman


      I'm with you in all what you have said except one point which is that the declaration of love should only be in private cause our prophet was always declaring his love for his wives on public specially 3a2sha and there is nothing wrong in declaring that you love someone specially your wife.

    • aslamtaslim

      dude…this song is created for married couples…. ahm a married man with 7 kids & this song really strengthens my love to my wife coz this song teaches me to appreciate her since da day i marry her

      Love Allah & His creations….appreciate Allah's love by loving His creations….and my wife in one of His creations

      Allah bless us all, amin!

    • bobby-pinn


      ease your mentality.. accept that women are like that.. we cry when we felt appreciated.. crying not because we are sad.. but because we’re happy that someone we know loved us dearly..

      freedom to express your feeling is one good thing to release your tense.. dis songs also can make all the young men realizes how to treat his partner.. i know that your intention is to make people to wake up from dreaming of this..and get back to the real world but dude, sometimes we need to feed this to our mind and heart… being too serius in life is not good… sometime we need entertainment, sometimes we need to smile and laugh, and sometimes we also need to cry…

  • mimi

    my fren asked me to hear the song. when i heard the first line, i already fell in love. good voice & good lyrics.

  • Kucing patah gigi

    Nice song from U akhi Maher…


    Thank u for a wonderful song, it touch into the deep of make my heart and make me cry..even it still make me cry every time i listen to it. hope i will find the who appreciate me like the women at the song…She was very lucky..once again, Thank u akhi Maher

  • Aniz ELfaraby

    oh my lord…..very2 nice song i've to hear….maher,u make me cry….

  • cherynae

    this song is too power 4 me….love after married

  • fajariyah djailani

    this song too sweet

  • Irzdan Sirdi

    i just fell in love……all over again with this song…..

    never before has the lyrics of a song touch my heart…..

  • Fizra

    totally makes my heart feeling soo calm..=))

  • nurul akmal

    ur song make me feel calm…

  • snakepoursten

    you make me cry my brother……

    1st time ive heard music with a good lirics and make me cry…

    specially your For The Rest Of Life song………100 stars for you mate…….

  • kama

    Dear brother’s, You’re quite famous here in Malaysia. Sadly I didn’t found any original track. But so many pirated version in the market. Aren’t you market your songs here. Why don’t you have a concert over here. We’d love to go..

    • firdaus ismail

      maher zain album now available in malaysia starting may 2010.

  • shaz

    from the first moment i hear this song i fall inlove with this song…

  • ayu


    when my husband sang this song in front of me, i was petrified…
    good song, with a very deep meaning…makes me cry

    sure the wives will be much appreciated

  • Saima Arshad

    Salaam , My name is Saima, i love Maher Zain, and his nasheeds, if Maher Zain sees this then ;

    Love ‘For the rest of my life’ its my favorite, although i am not married, i just find is so soothing and loving, ‘May every partner, be like the nasheed’ (Ameen)

    its amazing all your nasheeds are but this ones the best

    your big fan
    saima xx

  • hamba Allah


    good song…

  • fatima

    oh my god that song just touched my heart ……. love the song and love u maher

    forever thank god i was there when u came to melbourne

  • safir

    lv ur song

  • sarah

    nice song


  • memo

    thx alot it's a sweet song

  • lahabi

    Maher is a real talented singer . he is defending islam his way and to me its more effective than violance , thank you maher for all your songs and allah bless us all.

  • lahabi

    Maher is a real talented singer , I jsut can not believe it. Brother go on and allah bless you all.

  • B237

    i love this song.

  • tukangseru

    nice song…will touch every heart in this world…thank you:)

  • asep.sepa

    its amazing brother Maher and thanks for the song

  • Mariam

    Amazingly Amazing ! :)

  • mila amalia rahmah

    masha Allah what a beautiful song it is……..
    it’s really really touch my heart n make me cry..
    may Allah bless u brother maher

  • Sara

    This nasheed has touchd my heart
    It’s really nice and meaningful….. I listen to this nasheed everyday
    May Allah bless you and your family

  • yahya

    for the past 8days i keep singing this song…don’t feel bored…verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice… made my day

    • mrabuazkha

      are u my brother yahyadin munthe…?

  • al-azwar

    salam to u all.
    just to correct the mistake on the lyric..

    “and i pray we’re together (eternally)” *in Jannah

    • Sayyed al Mahdi

      yes! you are right, i wondered where did they missed it!!

    • Afdhal

      salam to u all.
      just to add missing word on the lyric..

      “And I`m singing loud that I`ll would love you eternally”

  • hakim

    so meaningful.all ur song ar so amazing.flawlessssss

  • ARWA

    its a softly melody song its make me cry !!!!!!
    ur song absolutely AMAZING???
    I CANT WAIT to see the CD on my hand I don’t want to hear the songs from the Internet
    i want to listen to it every were!!!!!
    love ur song maher im abigggggggg faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    • salman

      i bought the cd and listen to all the songs,this one touchin my heart directly and increasin my feeling toward my wife….. really Allah bless you

      please guys dont download but go and buy the cd,,, it deserves…

      • mina

        salaam maher ,it's amazing when i hear your nasheed, i feel inspired by your soul who brings hope and make me feel that there is faith which it has to be sent every where.

      • Aziemah

        may i know where can i buy it on9?thanks.

      • SafeTy 463

        i have bought the’s very good!! best!!

    • Ahmad Zaki

      Salam Brothers,

      I brought 5 CD of yours on 12 June 2010, 2 inside my cars and 3 for my relative; I like this song very much. Thanks.

    • eisya humiarah

      such a nice song..walla!great song

    • eisya humiarah

      mee too friends…

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