Insha Allah Lyrics | Inshallah Lyrics | Insyallah Lyrics

By: Maher Zain

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Everytime you commit one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that its way too late
Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray

OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way x2
Insyaallah x3
Insya Allah we’ll find the way

Video & Lyrics Information
Artist: Maher Zain
Album: Thank You Allah
Lyrics: Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi
Melody: Maher Zain
Arrangement: Maher Zain & Hamza Namira
Copyright: Awakening Records 2009

  • salman and daniyal

    this nasheeds is very good and love it i am biggest fan of maher zain ilove this nasheeds

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  • 911biblecom

    Really touching I know maher zain as a close friend since childhood in Sweden he has always been into the music industry

  • noora

    i love its heart touching and the lyrics is amazing

  • moezza tehsin

    LOve YOu . YOu R AWsM

  • Mohammed Zia Uddin

    I love this song

  • Safae

    Maher <3

  • Toma Mostafa

    awesome ^_^

  • zahrah

    touching in my heart

  • emmaabarquez

    As-sa-la-mu-alaikum so nice song May Allah bless upon you…Good Luck. ;-)

  • harsh sharma

    all song of maher zain are best listen allah hi allah kiya karo

  • fetah

    belle chanton

  • Vyarlene King

    I really enjoy your music. May Allah (swt) reward you.

  • Sami Yusuf

    Salaam Brother Maher Lovely Voice Mashallah

  • fuzaylah

    i like your naats a lott

  • arzu sena

    my national is türkiye and ı like mail ı love Allah !!!

  • D

    made me stronger to face the iife that i have been going through..Ya Allah..I am so far away from u ;’(

  • Hadi from west of Iran

    Thank you for this wonderful song. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Maher Zain.May Allah help you in your other future songs dear brother.Just Allah

  • محمد


  • Nur Ayzah

    we should & always keep using the name of ” ALLAH ”, but it’s a verry good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • regine K.

    thanks to your contribution songs Maher Zain.I think this is the way to remind all people that no matter what happens ALLAH(S.W.A)never let us alone,and that He will be always in our side all the time.ALHAMDULILLAH!

  • lebanese prayer

    guys when saying HE…the writer means ex: (قل هو الله احد الله الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له كفوا أحد) HE = هو

  • sara

    Don’t despair and never loose hope
    Cause Allah is always by your side , iove this song :)

  • Nancy Gagnon

    …caus Allah is always by our side. inshAllah we will find our way. Everytime i feel i can’t go on…i listen to this song and al-hamdulillah my day is so much better. Thank you and please please, Maher, never stop to fill up our hearts from your deep words inshAllah

  • mostafa

    i love this song more and more and more

  • al mhiieeyaa haazzeeqq

    i like with this song…
    make me always remember allah…

    tanks to maher zain :)

  • fanta

    great song to listen,add to my faith when i heard this song,thank’s maherzain

  • Reem Abdeen

    I love this song,it gives me the hope ♥

  • ramez

    im singin this song at my school concert, it rocks i <3 ALLAH

  • mehreenkhan

    inshallah i will find my way too and hope whoever sees dis video too will be on the right path

  • Rahmat93maulidin

    maşallah…çok güzel bir şarkıcı:)

  • Ibtihel Mhamdii

    insha allah all The muslims fined thier ways :D

  • zahra qurratu aini

    this my favorite song ..
    هذه أغنيتي المفضلة

  • Arland Ramdhany

    tiada hari tanpa dengerin laguu lagu Maher zain,.,.,

    bikin hati tenang.,.,.

  • asma

    gazakom aalah kol 5eer

  • marwa.

    Tres belle chansson.

  • jihad

    pure song it’s from the heart

  • Alesha Patel

    i loved it to mashallah maher zain you are an inspirational but i just found the lyrics different to the nasheed

  • ibrahim bari



    amazing song
    amazing VOICE

  • Jean

    Yes I agree with Pic Depok, for all the better. The songwriter whether it’s Maher or anybody should keep using Allah. There are some debate but the conclusion come through it’s up to one representation. It’s okay to use that since in English we had no choice but to choose between he and she, but would be better to keep saying Allah instead.

    • YoungBlood

      In English, that is okay to use that kind of words. Just because this song is in English. Nothing wrong with that. It depends on our “nawaitu” :)

  • Mannoust Microbiologiste

    thank’s Maher inchallah

  • Sanwar

    very best song by maher zain ………..anwar

  • Novaldhy

    Cause Allah is always by your side

  • Novaldhy

    Cause Allah is always by your side

  • Abidlihouda

    I love this song much :) Thank u Maher :)

  • Mahmoodamjad79

    mashallah beautifully well sang .you give me inspiration. may allah bless you!!!

  • Umulkhayr74

    the best song ever.. im just so proud to be a muslim maher zain your songs are the best xx

  • Jarsumsabandal

    I love this song… I love you

  • lana shaher

    i love this song 

  • reema rilwan

     masha allah!

    • mansour

      A real muslem will never show a picture like this to their brothers and sisters

  • c girl

    one of the best songs everrr
    love it !!!!!

  • Zahrahmujtahiduna

    salam alaik,alhamdulillah. I’m feel lucky  because I can hear this best song.

  • Naiimah

    Yes insyaallah Thank Allah i will surely fined my way. Am proude to be a musilm.Naiimah

  • Sohila98

    Really it’s amayzing words

  • Allahthebest


  • Hanry_1

    even if they do the worship, the God is Forgiving and if they repent. except that the angel of death awaitsAllah is Forgiving, Most Merciful & Most followers Relenter

  • peace _lover

    It’s never too late to seek forgiveness from Allah no matter how much you have wronged HIM except for SYIRIK… I hopes that one day muslim from all over the world would unite and refer back to Quran and Sunnah so that we could restore and uphold Islamic value which is suppose to be all about huminity, woman’s right and peace not just apply to us muslim but also our friends that come from different background (eg.asian,europeans,black,white or even jewish) who wants to stay side by side with us in peace…

    • Hanry_1

      even if they do the worship, the God is Forgiving and if they repent. except that the angel of death awaitsAllah is Forgiving, Most Merciful & Most followers Relenter

      • zahrah

        I like your comment

  • Muharromnur

    the best song, maher give me inspiration. good luck maher

  • Zuvihoneylove

    succes your song

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  • Auliarachman22

    InsyaAllah… im found my way

  • Auliarachman22

    insyaAllah im found my way

  • Imi imli

    this is the best song ever thnk you so much maher ,great jobe

  • Ahmad mheidat

    may allah help you to explain our religion to whole of this world .thank you maher zain ……..

  • lulu

    so proud to be from your country!

  • firda andistiyani

    أحب كل الأغنيات ماهر زين

  • hossein -f- islamic r of iran

    ماهر من از صمیم قلب برای تو آرزوی موفقیت می کنم -خدا کمکت کنه واز فضل و کرمش به تو همکارانت برکت و سلامتی و اخر عاقبت به خیری عنایت کنه

  • hossein -f

    OOO Ya Allah
    Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
    You’re the only one that showed me the way,
    Showed me the way x2 Insyaallah x3 Insya Allah we’ll find the way

  • Laith Abu-Taleb

    Maher, keep doing , u r amaziiiiiin’
    that’s my Fav. song 
    - never ever lose hope O:)

  • Laith Abu-Taleb

    Maher, you r Amaziiiiin’ :)
    that’s my Fav. song ,,
    - never ever lose hope 

  • Khalifah Fana

    touching my deepest heart

  • Khesika94

    I like maher zain :) ! good singer.

  • Nana_rules

     I like Maher Zain!!!!!!!

  • ali

    i love this song, thx :)

  • Abdullah_zihan

    nice song

  • Muslem

    GREAT song.. Mashalla.
    I just LOVE it :)

  • fatima ezzahra

    seriously i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song!!!! <3

  • Nounaghaouche2000

    i love this song

  • Proud to be Muslim,

    I believe that no god just Allah and Mohammed is the prophet

    Inshallah we all will find the way

    Great lyrics …

  • Hashara

    wow nise sngs to herd tht song of crse inshallaha u ii find the wey

  • Hind Raja97

    very nice song and amazing thx maher zain

  • muslimboy

    i love it INSHALLAH he would come to the ris next year

  • Yeni_luphly

    i like the song very much..thanks


  • Raghed99

    u are the best….

  • Uaegirl201111

    omg … i really like it keep up mr maher zain ….

  • Anesjauhary

    great lyrics,…i like it success for maher ”Insyalloh”…

  • Delmonte03

    i like  all the song’s of maher zain  

  • CeriaAiyu

    aq suka bgt lagu y…
    sukaaaaaaaa bgt!!!
    give a spirit,,,,,thx u…:-)

  • CeriaAiyu

    aq suka lgu y….sukaaaaaa bgt!!!
    give a spirit…
    thx u…. ;-)

  • CeriaAiyu

    aq suka lgu y….
    give a spirit…
    thx u so much….

  • Highway Traveller

    if anyone ask me, who do you love the most? i would say, I love Allah (swt).

  • Talilah

    this site has got music in nazms toba toba

  • afiqah

    such a nice song..good job Maher Zain

    • Talilah

      no it isnt

  • Toka

    wallahi haza song is ry nice wallahi ana sawi kalam good and mafi ymzaa7

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  • Ishtiyaquemisbahi

    i am very glade to visit yours islamic english lyrics.Allah guid us ours steps dont let us astray.
    Ishtiyaque Misbahi, Siwan, Bihar,India.

  • Yemenmaher

    i love you

  • N Mahafuz

    ple free download & lyrucs

  • Lellynur39

    sya pngagum brt lgu ni,,,ngefans abizzzzz

  • Sisca_ica19

    keep on your mind to make religius albums

  • Defricitraresmi

    amin,,,bersama nada lagu maher zain mengajak kita lebih dekat kepada Allah SWT

  • Linertap_aragrev79

    Though I am Christian but I really love the song!

    • Jaurey93

      yea i’m too..our God..

    • Zahidah_fiqah96

      come and know more about Islam

  • Mohdridwan

    masya Allah, Allah yukrimak wa yu’inak

  • Nurhuda_26

    im really love this song iwish you will continue this ilove your song from nurhuda
    ilive in philippine love you

  • Dimas Alexy

    Subhaaanaaallah Sungguh membangkitkan semangat…

    • Syasyamantap11

      Thu pun

  • Misronicendikia

    yes I like this song

  • Cendanaboy2

    the song has made me amazing, I like it very much because there is english lyrics so it trains me to listen english well

  • Amiliakama

    lagu ini amat baik dan mampu memberi kekuatan kpd saya…

  • Mohammed salman

    MASHALLAHA thanks ALLAHA and maher zain for a nice song

  • Reza_yanthao

    beautiful song and lyric

  • Romy

    saya izin copy liriknya, terima kasih

  • Alqur39anulkarimkitabsuci

    subhanallah…lagu dakwah yg menyentuh hati….smoga trus kibarkn bendera dakwah….allahu akbar

  • nazir ahmed

     so nice that i ever heaed nd every lyrics is true that allah is beside us nd waitng for our call…thanks to allah.he’s so great full nd most mercyful. thank to maher zain for nice song

  • Maher Zain

    Very n!!ice

    • Erni_dian_fisesa

      I LIKE

  • Goo Mi Nam

    I very like

  • dewi hizboel

    speechless and crying

  • Ysabuncakis

    masaallah, esselamu aleykum ve rahmetullah ve berakatuhu,
    allahumme salli ala seyyidina muhammedin ve ala ali seyyidina muhammedin
    la ilahe illallah

  • Mushda-mansor

    this song actually has a very nice and awesome meaning which actually changes people how believe in allah

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  • farhana md abas

    what a beautiful meaning and song…..

  • farhana

    dakwah menggunakan l;agu…hebat

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    awesome…..this song and this lyrics are great…I love Maher Zain..:D

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    likeeee ittttttt

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    good wan happygoooood

  • Abirelassi

    nice song

  • Abirelassi

    meher zain are you from lebanon if you r i am haha nice song

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    i like it

  • Anggiadillah

    i like it

  • Anas Jehmi

    I like your music Maher Zain,especially for the Insha Allah,this music so freezing my heart and my soul.Thank you so much for release this version,yazakummullahukoiron. 

  • Saleh Mustafa

    very nice

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    thank you so much maher zain

  • Barazelle

    ربنا يحميك ..

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      Thanks ZAIN Brother. it was very nice song I love with this.

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    Thank you meher zain
    Thanks a lot

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    I like your song

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    love fullll

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    good luck maher zain

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    pride and love

  • Wan happy

    the Allah bless for that song i am having a really bad time now i lose my husband and my son and i am lost and brock but like u said the Allah always by ous side and inchaalah everything for a reason , Hamdulilah for everthing

    • Nancy Gagnon

      i’m so sorry for the moment you have lived. May Allah give you all you need to be happy ameen

  • Itared1972

    i like it………

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    insha allah you have goodthing  i like it

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    .. Maher Zain good luck.. I like it

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    that right allah always by my side,,forever..

  • Rha Sjoeke

    verry,, very,, good lyrick n good song… ;)
    I really love this song,,, Reallyy…. ;)

  • أنا مسلم

    kenapa bisa pake ” he ”  untuk pengganti ALLAH nya… ALLAH itu kan gk bisa di umpamakan sbg laki2 atau perempuan, sedangkan pada liriknya ;
    “ Turn to AllahHe’s never far awayPut your trust in HimRaise your hands and pray “ 

    ” He ” itu kan menerangkan dia sbg laki2 … 

    • Aatmaleo

      kalo pake “her” itu lebih gk mungkin. “he” dipake bukan brarti Allah adalah laki-laki. tp krna laki-laki lebih kuat dr pd wanita, jd dipake he untuk kta ganti Allah..

      • de_rose

        Ga apa2 mas, emg lebih parah kalo Her.. hehe..
        Indo aja pake “Dia”, yg ptg huruf nya di capital.
        Bhs inggris kan emg bkn dr arab..

    • Kaka

      trus apa donk, masa pake “it” ?

    • De2kurni1

      karena klo bhs inggris ga ada kata “Dia” yang netral spt bhs indo, adanya HE Atau SHE.

    • luciant

      namanya jg lagu, orang berhak untuk mengexpresikan sesuatu.. gitu aja koq repot

    • luciant

      namanya jg lagu, orang berhak untuk mengexpresikan sesuatu.. gitu aja koq repot

    • kasksuaddictde

      ane juga kurang paham sih sebenernya gan,cuman Bahasa Inggris emang gitu,dia ga punya kalimat pengganti ‘dia’/'engkau’  untuk ke Tuhan.beda sama bahasa Indonesia.

      mungkin ada yang bisa jelasin lagi?

    • Muhmmad

      Share aja mungkin terjemahan dari arab Dan al quran menggunakan kata kata هو dan itu menunjukkan kata ganti orang kedua untuk laki laki yang terjemahan inggrisnya he wallahu alam

    • al mhiieeyaa haazzeeqq

      iya ya lirik’y ada yg aneh…
      yg turn to allah he’s never far away………

      sedangkan qta ajj ga tau….

  • its why

    why the lyric is using the word he, him for Allah …. “Turn to Allah
    He’s never far away
    Put your trust in Him
    Raise your hands and pray ….”  

  • Sitiyuliana78

    I love it, awesome…………….it’s true that Allah never left us…………..cuz Allah always by our side 

  • Meeyaa

    the greatest song that i ever hear… *gw bangeetttt*

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  • Shauncoffey2

    I want to mention , I am in a situation in life i don’t know where to go and when i first heard this song i thought Yes this is me . I am an English man and this song is FANTASIC . So true , it touched my soul .
    Allah show me the way . Good on you .

  • Dewimini

    i love this song..

  • Masud

    All the praises and thanks be to Allah. Beautiful lyric and tune. This song inspires me every time I feel down.

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    I Like iT

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    great song

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    great song

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    May allah forgive him:)

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  • VeraAmir


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    This song gives me full inspiration. Thank you.

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    hemm  i’m terkesan bngtt dengn lagu inh membuat dri saya saadr apakah hidp inh bnr ,,,,,,insya allah ,allh akan membenrkan apah yg dibnr kan pleh allah ……

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    it’s so good song

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    Propagation through song, it's very good…

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    Very Nice song.


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    j’adore cette chanson et j’adore ce chanteur! les paroles noous fait du bien . bonne continuation Monsieur  Maher Zain

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    subhanallaaaahh :’)

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  • Pic Depok

    The song is very good and easy listening but unfortunately there is wrong word ” he and him ” I don’t like used that words .

    • Bagas

      so wat should we said?

  • Pic Depok

    ALLAH is not he or him unfortunately for

  • Oktariza_84

    Wow…touching my heart..

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    nice song, the lyrics are so meaningful. Inshalah we ll find our way  

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    knp harus ada kata “him” disana….

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    The song is very heart-touching…. SUBHANALLAH!

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    ku teteskan air mata setelah ku mendengarkan lagu ini..semoga sukses untuk maher yaaa…amiin

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    its beuatiful song , awesome ^^

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    actually, for me song can be "dakwah" if we can combined great lyric with a perfect music..and I see, Maher Zain do it perfectly :) May Allah swt bless you always….aamiin

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    subhanalloh……this is beautiful song……who invite us to always remember to ALLOH SWT

  • Ichieb slank

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    ALLAH is the one who was power over all^^

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    subhanallah !

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    Indah Banget Syairnya

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    If non-muslims hear this song,I think they can appreciate the meaning and feel calm although they're non muslims

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  • aishah

    He is trying to tell us to pray and ask for help in are hard times.

  • aishah

    tells us to ask and pray from Allah.

  • aishah

    gives hope

  • endah

    Subahanallah.. i'm feel so calmdown….. always successfull or you maher zain.. amin..

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    this song is so nice…..i mean the words …what they say in this song is really touching and its…its its just GREAT!!!!!………masha allah!…..

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    You can’t see which way to go
    Don’t despair and never loose hope
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  • khairun

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    Allah SHOW us the way …amine

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    that the l0vely s0ngs !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • bilal

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    in tansourou allah yansoroukom
    so i wish you all the best meher zain, glory that you wish for your ummah

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      was reli nyc mashallah
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      hpe u da best in da future inshallah
      assalamualikum brother

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    for me while i’m listening to da song i must also read da lyrics (so dat i can really know da meaning cos i’m not that good in english)
    truly i say that i cried when i’m doing both at da same time..soo meaningful to me bcos i was lost b4..recall back all my sins..masya-Allah, how lost i was..for maher zain from the da’wah that u bring to all of us i want to thank u sooo much..keep up da good work..

    thanks to ALLAH for all that U give to me..all the tears..i hope U will always show me the way

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    But when i listen this song at the first time song from MQradio indonesia, i love this song.

    This song try bring me to peace.

    I always play this song at breaktime from my activity or bad situation.

    This song make me at ease

    this song remember me about allah when i forget it.

    This song very easy to listening.

    This a perfect song at muslim chart for me

    i hope you can visit to indonesia, my country and sing that song or another song at stage for me and for another fans.

    Im sure allah bless you, amien.

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    For the first time hearing the song, it’s so beautiful and very touch in the deep of my heard personnelly and Honestly, I cried when i heard that song & lyrics (most of their song).

    May Allah guide, and Bless us.. and thank you Maher..Amien

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      Nur Ain…never lose hope…you will find ur way…just put the trust in Allah and He will guide you though…He will bring the light whenever u in dark…just have a faith in Him and believe in His promises…just like u sometime im crying listening to this song…it was like touching my heart and go deep down to my soul…lets pray that we will be good person…

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    You’re the only one could show me the way.
    Show me the way X3
    Insya Allah X3
    We’ll find our way.

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    peace of mind song..

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    Congratulation, Maher. You have just proved that it is impossible to turn such a dream into a reality.

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    But 2 days ago,i felt so helpless..then suddenly a good friend dedicated dis song to me
    I dunno how to decsribe it,but this song brought me peace of mind whenever i listen to it
    I feel so touched when i read at the lyrics
    Its a great song from Maher Zain,thanx for the song..I really appreciate it!
    Dis song lend me strenght whenever Im facing the hardship in life
    Keep up the good work,may Allah bless you and the muslims all over the world
    Btw,happy fasting to all of the muslims!


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    may allah give Maher Zain a very long life. x :)

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    Assalamualikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

    MashaAllah!!! very nice nasheed… its perfect!! this nasheed, its meaning touch my heart so soo much… reallyyy make me feel more close to Allah (alhamdulillah) May Allah bless you…maher zain inshaAllah :)

    sister in Allah, Thailand


    you definitely brought people up when they’re down. perfect song, perfect lyrics

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    May Allah bless Maher and guide his steps to the right way .

    Make Maher always in your prayers .

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    (All you see is night) not (All you is see is night)

    (never lose hope) not (never loose hope )

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    كلمآت أكثر من رائعه ذآت معاني مؤثره والأدآه أضاف لها رونق ..
جزاكم الله خير الجزاء /‏~‏

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    This is so amazing and so nice song. Thank you Maher!
    Allah is the great.

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    You’re on the TOP… GO ON

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    Good I’m Indonesian but I love this song more than other…
    all of your song
    never give up let’s make a dakwah to every angel we step on it.

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    this is the song which penetrated my soul, and it is simply hilarious .. maher is simply the best!

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    may allah bless ur journey.

    islam is our way of life-

    kuala lumpur.malaysia.

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    this song is wonderful!

    if u took a closer look, u'll find that each word have a real meaning. it's not only words that made up just to go along w/eachother, it's… i don't know… i can't discribe it at all. the only thing i can say that it's wonderful and thanks for it.

  • suad

    iam likw speach less ,can not even try to describe how maviluose these songs are

    it just lift you up when you are down

    it keeps you hoping for the best whatever the situations are

    thanku great work brother

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    beautiful music +an amasing lyrics. keep it up

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    Ma shallah May God be with you in more progress to let Islam be first Insha Allah in keeping one hand (in Dreams) ((((sorry)))!!!

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    Loooooooove it a lot 10x u so much . we really need that our youngs will become like u . Looooooooove you

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    touching lyric…

  • Ridho Istianto


  • Wanzy M.

    The songs from Maher Zain are superb!!!! Masya Allah…

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    Masha ALLAH very good. I like it very much.

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    Мне очень понравились его песни, их смысл очень успокаивает

    Google Translation: I really liked his songs, their meaning is very soothing

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    thank you so much..

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    to ejah,..

    you also can find mp3 nasyeed song by SAMI YUSUF..the lyrics is very touching and we feel so closed with our CREATOR..

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    It’s really a wonderful song i loved it so much.
    It’s a prefessional song music,lyrics ..etc.
    Everything is really super.
    Keep it up.
    God help and bless u all.

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    i love this song its really amazing GOD BLESS YOU

  • anan al damoz

    Peace be upon you brother Maher,

    I really appreciates your music.I like it very2 much. May Allah bless us all always with his barakah and rahmah.Ameen

  • Azhar

    Thank you alot Maher,,, Im so proud of you and you Islamic art which really need loyal people like you,,,

    May Allah bless you,, and we need more Insha Allah,,

    Azhar from Syria

  • Zila

    God Bless Maher !

  • Nur Wardah

    MASHAALLAH… great voice n great songs…. syukran jazilan….

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    excelent song…… may Allah bless u to continue pruduce many more songs to guide moslem around the world…..

    assalamualaikum my brother.

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    maher songs are all wonderful

    good work

  • mea zehra

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  • Sister

    A Salam Ou Alaikoum warahmetou Allahi wabaraketouhou

    MashaAllah ya agie Maher you ve got an amazing voice, and you’re lyrics are so good keep on the good work.. (May Allah soubhana wata’ala bless you)
    But It s my duty to tell you that it’s better to let the haram instruments away.. You ve got so an amazing voice you don’t need them!!

    May Allah guide us, and Bless us.. Amien

    Wa Salam ou alaikoum
    greetz from Belgium

  • MeRy

    انشودة رائعة شكرا يا ماهر يحيا الاسلام و المسلمين

  • syukran

    there is a mistake in the line..

    everytime you can make one more mistake???

    actually it is

    everytime you commit one more mistake…

    please do the correction.


    • Administrator

      Thank you =)
      The correction has been made.
      Thanks for informing, keep up the good work!!!

  • izah

    Thanks for creating this song..i made me realize that im not alone anymore ;D

  • maram

    Thank U4 all it is very nice the song
    ilove thise song

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    really luv ur song…its go deep to my hearth, motivates me, myself. thx Maher Zain!

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    best music…… thanks for the song.

    keep the good work my brother.. :)

    may Allah give you salamah and strength. amin99x

    best regards from indonesian. :D

  • afiz amazaing….
    my heart sense with touching of this words….really2 made me fall in love with strongly perfect melody n words…
    thank you Allah…you are always by my side…

  • Dawood

    I happened to know Maher when my brother who just got married last month upload his song “Barakalllahulakuma” and believe it..his voice is just superb!!!and what more important is his awesome lyrics is so “sincere”…O Allah! give Maher more strength to continue this work like Sami Yusuf, Yusuf Islam and many others…

  • Pipit Priharrtanti


    Subhanalloh, my FB friend from Iraq suggested me to be a fan of maher zain this morning. i immediately googled n downloaded MZ’s video…..AMAZING….this is my 1st time ever enjoying his music…I begin to shift my music preference….Thank You Alloh ^_^

    best regards from Indonesia…..

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    very beautiful song….
    I like his song

  • Varanya

    I like this lyrics so much and Maher ZAin ‘s songs very beautiful
    I prond to be Muslim

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    assalamualaikum, from Malaysia..
    about one month ago, i accidently clicked on one of Maher’s song in youtube…
    n Masya-Allah… he’s song was superb… i never hear such a good singer like him before… keep it up Maher! Islam forever!

    • rosila

      assalamualaikuma.. from Malaysia as well, subahanallah… Maher’s songs, the lyrics, all are very inspiring and beautiful…

  • iziani pokcix

    wonderfull song…masya-ALLAH,,,

  • Ivona

    Salamaleikum from Poland!!
    Mashallah, beautiful lyrics and lovely music…… What could be better than this..
    Keep up the good work Inshallah!!!

  • Dominick


    Wonderful song, ^^..I listen to all Maher’s song and never been so deeply motivated in self believe and to Allah..Keep up with more great songs!
    66 two thumbs up !

  • saso


    goooooooooooooo ahead

  • Ahmed Y Ragab

    Thanks for your nice album, i really liked it..
    I followed the Islamic conference held in Canada, you did well & met everyone’s respect.
    My regards from EGYPT

  • nurun


    We came to listen to your song during our trip to Islamic conference in Canada last month. My family love your songs and are played over and over again in our house and in the car. InshaAllah you will continue to give us beautiful islamic song.May Allahsubhanahutaala give you more strenght to produce beautiful and inspiring islamic song.


  • mariam

    I cried when i heard that song , how beutiful r the word how beutiful his voice . how much i luv that song . go on Maher zain baraka Allaho feka wa 7afezaka men kole so2

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    • imnotperfect

      i downloaded his songs at [Hidden by Admin]. just type his name or any particular song then click search.thats how i did it :P
      (i mean,im gona buy the album if i found one)

  • nabilah


    Thanx for the lyrics! ;)

    A small correction though; In the second verse, it’s

    Everytime you commit one more mistake

    instead of

    Everytime you can make one more mistake

    Hope that makes more sense ^_^

    Thanx a lot though! :)


  • al-azwar

    do u hv this lyric in version of franch n arabic??
    ii really loveeeeeeeeeee this song..
    the first song i’ve heard from maher zain..n i fall in love with his songs..

    go islam!!!

  • sara

    this song is so lovely , do u have doubt that after the night their is a morning !!then have faith that when god close 1 door in ur face he will open another ,allah is with us in every breath we take , i love MAHER ZAIN because he make me closer to god , may god bless him and every step he make

  • ARWA

    the song soooooooooooooooo amazing
    i love it
    allah e7mek maher ant mobde3

  • ARWA

    i love allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll maher zain music

  • khawla

    i love it sooo much even the arabic track

    all his nasheed’s are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome

    • ranicaiza

      salam,yuhuu.. sorry if i disturbing you… may i ask something??? hmmm… you though that you listen insha Allah-maher zain in arabic track.. so, may i know that if you have lyric of it?? i hope you have and please send to my e-mail… urgent.. as soon as possible.. i was search for many time but i didn’t get it… sorry again.. thanks for your help…

  • afaf

    i love this lyric. Feels good to hear when i feel like the world is against me..

  • aqilah

    love this so much!
    and i’m proud to be a Muslim!

  • akmar


    very nice song..and i love it..tq maher for this song

  • Bara

    alsalam 3alikum :

    I love this song & i’m so proud of Maher Zain

    ” GO ahead YOU ARE THE BEST “!!!!

  • Ejah

    Salam’alaik..(for muslims particularly)..tq for those provide this lyrics..such a meaningful..i luv this song..actually i luv english song very much..since those english songs full of sex etc i started to enjoy another songs genre..i ve been looking nasyeed english song for a long time..tq for Maher Zain as well..

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  • asrulhadi abdulrahman

    like this song so much!
    really motivates me!

    • salmah


    • megatfoouad

      Brilliant song .. touching my heart !
      another song Rest of my life …
      Maher ZAin .. Allah Bless U

    • alisha

      nice lyric and song….i like it

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