Paradise Lyrics

By: Maher Zain
I remember when I first met you
I felt that God answered my call
There was that one place I always thought about
And I just wanted to be there with you
The place that no eye has ever seen
The place that no heart has ever perceived
I had a great feeling inside of me
That one day I’ll be there with you

And now that we’re here feeling so good
About all the things that we went through
Knowing that God is pleased with us too
It’s not a dream, this is so true
Feeling the peace all around
Seeing things we could never imagine
Hearing the sound of rivers flow
And we know we’ll be here forever
The feeling is indescribable
Knowing that this is our reward

Do you remember the hard times we went through?
And those days we used to argue
But there was not one thing that could bring us down
‘Cause we always had in our minds
The place that no eye has ever seen
The place that no heart has ever perceived
The place we’ve been promised to live in forever
And best of all, it’s just me and you


I remember us praying at night
And just dreaming about this together
I’m so blessed to have you in my life
And now we can enjoy these blessings forever
Paradise is where we are now
Paradise, a dream come true
Paradise, O what a feeling!
Paradise, thank You Allah!


Lyrics, Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
Mixing: Ronny Lahti

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  1. Loly


  2. Khawla Bouaouda

    Cette chanson est vraiment une magie :D J’ai tellement adoré <3

  3. nur afifah

    nice song..i like all the song..
    very touching and it makes me realise..

  4. hoda

    You and ur song impressed me too much, may Allah bless and your family till the end of life

  5. Waffilinator

    maher zain is the best and may allah bless him with peace inshalla

  6. Najila_Muslim

    I love he’s song so much!!<3<3 It change a person to a better person!

  7. annon098765r4

    i love all maher zain songs. very special indeed :0 (speechless…….so beautiful) :)

  8. Abraham Dagogo

    May Allah reward you abundantly.Ameen.Masha Allah