Ya Nabi Salam Alayka Lyrics & Translation

By: Maher Zain

Gönüllerde hasretin var
Yürekler aşkınla çarpar
Sensiz dünya bizlere dar
Selam sana ey kutlu yar
You are missed for many days
The hearts beat with your love
The earth is narrow without you
Peace be upon you
Oh holy love (or my beloved)


Where submission , faith and patience
You conveyed the noble message
Brought this light through your guidance
Peace be upon you my beloved

Ya habibi, ya muhammad
Ya nabi salam alayka
Ya rasol salam alayka
Ya habib salam alayka
Salawatu Allah alayka
Oh my love, oh Mohammad
Oh Prophet peace be upon you
Oh Rasool, peace be upon you
Oh my love, peave be upon you
Praises of Allah on you

Teri muhabbat ki mehak say
Yeh zameen o asman abaad hai
Rehmat ki barsaat aati hai
Dil o jaan ya rasul allah
From the fragrance of your love,
The earth and the skies have prospered
And the rain of mercy have poured upon us
My heart and soul is for you, ya Rasool-Allah

Ayoha al mokhtar fena
Zadana al hobo hanena
Geetana bel khayr dena
Ya khetama al morsalen
Ya habebi, ya muhammed
Oh the chosen one among us
Love has increases our longing
You came to us with the best of religions
Oh the seal of the Messengers
Oh my love, oh Mohammad

Ya nabi salam alaika
Ya rasol salam alayka
Ya habeb salam alayka
Salawat Allah alayka
Oh Prophet peace be upon you
Oh Rasool, peace be upon you
Oh my love, peave be upon you
Praises of Allah on you


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