Ya Ilaahi Har Jaga Teri Ataa Ka Saath Ho Lyrics with English Translation:

Ya Ilaahi Har Jaga Teri Ataa Ka Saath Ho,
Jub Pare Mushkil Sha’e Mushkil Kusha Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! In every instance let me be blessed by Your Bounties,
When I am in calamity, Let me be with the Eradicator of all calamities.

Ya Ilaahi Bhool Jaun Naza’Ki Takleef Ko,
Shaadiye deedare Husne Mustafa Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! Let me not remember the difficulties of Death,
When Blessed by the happiness of seeing the Holy Prophet.

Ya Ilaahi Gor Teera Ki Jab Aaey Sakht Raat,
Unke Pyaare Moonh Ki Subha Jaa Fiza Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When the night of darkness in the grave finally comes,
Let it be brightened by the Prophet, Blessed Face which gives hope.

Ya Ilaah Garmi-e-Mahshar Seh Jub Bharke Badan,
Daaman-e-Mahboob Ki Thandi Hawaa Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When our bodies burn up in the heat of the Day of Reckoning,
Let us be in the cool breeze from the Daaman of the Prophet.

Ya Ilaahi Nama-e-A’maal Jub Khulne Lagay,
Aib-e-Pooshe Khalq Sat’taare Khata Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When the books of our deeds are opened,
Let the sins of the servants be hidden by the One who conceals our shortcomings.

Ya Ilaahi Rang Laayein Jab Meri Be Baaqiyaan,
Unki Neechi Nichi Nazroon Ki Hayaa Ka Saatho Ho.

O Allah ! When my daring actions are unveiled (before all),
Let me be with the modesty of the Lowered Gaze of the Beloved Prophet.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Zabaane Baahar Aayey Pyaas Say,
Saahib-e-Kauthar Sha’e Jood-o-ataa Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When our tounges hang in immense thirst,
Let us be blessed by the Distributor of Kauthar & The Generous King.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Chalo Tareekh Raahe Pul Siraate,
Aftaab-e-Haashmi Noorul Huda Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When We Walk over the Dark Bridge of Pul Siraat,
Let us be with the guiding Light of the Prophet.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Sare Shamsheer Par Chalna Pare,
“Rabbe Sallim” Kehne Waale Ghamzudah Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When we have to walk on the sword like path,
Bless us as the one who removes grief says “O Allah Allow Them Safe Passage”.

Ya Ilaahi Jo Dua’e Nek Hum Tujhe Se Kare,
Qudsiyo Ke Lub Se Aameen Rab’bana Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! For all the Good things which we invoke You,
Allow the Angels to say, “Aameen O Allah” for whatever we ask.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Raza Khaab-e-Giraa Se Sar Uthaa’e,
Daulat-e-Bedaar Ishk-e-Mustafa Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When Raza raises his head from his precious sleep,
Let him be given the Gift of awakening in the love of the Beloved Prophet.

Other Verses from this Naat:

Ya Ilaahi Sard-e-Mehri Par Ho Jab Khurshid-e-Hashr,
Sayyad-e-Besaaya Ke Zille-e-Liwaa Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When the Hot Sun is over our heads on the day of Reckoning,
Let us be under the shade of the Banner of the Shadowless Master.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Pare Mahshar Mein Shore Daar-o-Geer,
Aman Denay Waale Pyaare Peshwa Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! In the Hereafter when there will be total pandemonium,
Let Me Be With Our Leader, The Granter of Salvation.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Bahe Aankhe Hisaab-e-Jurm Me,
Un Tabassum rez-e-honto ki Dua ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When our eyes tear in accountabililty of our sins,
Let us be blessed with prayers from his sweet smiling lips.

Ya Ilaahi Jub Hisaabe Khanda-e-Bejaa Rulaaye,
Chashme Giryaane Shafi-e-Murtaja Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When the Accountability causes us to cry in vain,
Let us be blessed with the Intercession of our Master who tears for us.

Ya Ilaahi Le Chale Jub Dafan Karne Qabar Me,
Ghause-e-Azam Peshwa’e Awliya Ka Saath Ho.

O Allah ! When I am taken towards my grave for my burial,
Let Ghaus-e-Azam the Leader of the Awliya Be With Me.

Information about this Naat:
Written By: A’ala Hazrat(Alahazrat) Molana Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barailvi (rahmatullah alayhi)
Recited By: Alhaaj Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri

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  1. Esra Fatima

    Subhanallah. It’s nice dua, ofcourse in d beautiful voice of Owais Raza Qadri. Every time I listen to ds dua makes me cry n ask for forgiveness. I pray to Allah subhanatallah to show right path to every Muslim n save us from hell fire, Aameen. God bless you u Raza Qadri n everyone who is working there to bring such beautiful Duas n Naths dt mke more n more closer to Allah subhanatallah n our Prophet (SAW).This is d time wer music is played in almost every place, but Naat Khawans like Owais Raza Qadri, Farhan Qadri n others r defeating n bringing music lovers like me to love n sing all to praise Allah n our beloved Prophet. Great job. Jazaak Allah .

  2. Hajira shariff

    wow…………….. wat a beautiful naath mashaallah nd hatts off to owais raza qadri