Anything For You Lyrics

If there were a single sacred rose
On a mountain top that grows
Where nobody ever dares to go
For you I’d climb that mountain high
I would reach up to the sky
If that rose was your desire

Don’t you know that I
Would do anything
Would do anything
For you
I would do anything
Would do anything
Anything for you

For you, I would sail the seven seas
Walk the deserts in between
Just to bring you anything you need
Nothing could ever be too much
Anything to show my love
‘Cos it gives me strength enough

Don’t you
Don’t you
Don’t you know that I
Would do anything
Would do anything
For you
You know that I
Would do anything
Would do anything
Anything for you

For you I would take on any trial
And I would walk on through the fire
You give me strength enough to face it all
You make me feel invincible

‘Cos I would do anything
Anything for you
You know that I
Would do anything
Would do anything
Anything for you

These things are nothing to
All the things you do for me
You are my dream come true

A love I never knew you see
I’d take on a mountain high
Just to see you smile for me
You make me want to be
The very best that I can be

I would do anything
Anything for you
You know that I
Would do anything
Would do anything
Anything for you

Lyrics Information:

Artist: Sami Yusuf
Album: Without You
Year: 2009
Lyrics: Conner Reeves
Melody: Sami Yusuf
Copyright: Awakening Worldwide Limited

  • uchysu

    love it much……

  • Zulfick

    Amazing song!

  • Arham

    good work my brother. reminded me of so many memories

  • Ghaida Shweikh

    awesome song … luv it soooo much !!

  • Jromero Eroc

    Beautiful Music.. Amazing songs !!!

  • nora

    gooooooooood i love it 

  • Faziera_sudin

    mashaALLAH !
    really love this song !
    keep  it up !

  • alieza

    this is weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sick and good i luv it keep it up

  • mirok

    good work then good song
    As old songer I appreciate this result

  • zineb

    i love all you song

  • Bboy-marrouan

    Really i like this song So GooD

  • fatima ezzahra

     i love this song thinks sami

  • Parviz Samiev

    Love this song, thank you Sami :)

  • naura

    ya allah… samy… i love all ur song, this song is very very great n beauty but,,, i think this song isn’t for allah… please create song for allah again.,…………………… i will be ur fans 4 ever, insya allah

  • tevide

    veryy good Dear Sami yusuf best wishes

  • maryam

    Surely is not for God or our dear prophet .maybe for his wife;))it’s beautiful but I myself prefer the songs which are for ALLAH

  • Raihanah

    I like Sami's song. it is good lyric :)

  • jamila

    one would think it’s music n nt nasheed,bt nyc lyrics

  • Conita Maaolaya

    good luck for Sami Yusuf <:))))))>< ^_^

  • MNAA

    what is behind this song? friendship? couple love? or what!!

  • liyana lovely..i love this song and all sami yusuf sami yusuf too..

  • Faig Aghazada

    this song is my favourite

  • amina

    thnks sami that a great song :)

  • jinggan

    I Like it……Subhanallah

  • Andik

    subhanallah I like it

  • hajar

    it very strong to lising like this nachid

  • hana

    it's a great sooong….really i love you sami yusuf

  • Muhammad Abu Omar

    I like's making me feel that I'm full of a great power for giving and helping the others

  • Doaa

    it is a very beautiful song, thank’s so much sami

    I think it can’t be for allah the almighty because its words are inappropriate for him like ” bring you anything you need”, we Worship allah because he deserves that and we need him, not because he needs us, but may be sami mean it for the Prophet peace be upon him .

  • Sami Parvez

    assalamu allaikum va rahmatulloi barakatuh,
    Do anything for my Alloh!!
    thanks for this music…

  • Hawdang Kamal

    I am totally captivated by “Anything For You” when i listen to it, i fell calm down. it has a magical power to soothe me.
    My life has been dominated by this songggggggggggggg.

    Good Job Sami
    Hawdang in Kurdistan

  • roses

    mm..salamun 'alaikum..

    can someone please describe this song for me..hu22 because im not very clear of the message hidden from this nasyeed..


  • Dr Ashrat

    Nice song………..

  • Mohmmad

    Thx Vere much for this music i love It

    • Nida Rehman

      its not music its naat

      • Sarah

        Actually, when he’s singing it like this and doesn’t even mention who it’s for (i.e. Prophet or Allah) then it sounds like a Love song. It has so much music in it. People might as well go and listen to American songs!

        • ferzsna

          I totally agree with you Sarah-This is not a Nasheed-Sami uses music more and more in his ‘Nasheeds’ and has corrupted them to an extent. Na-udhubillah

        • jsdgf

          do you even understand what he is saying
          he sings islamic nasheed not love songs like you said
          he sings ove songs for allah for giving us life

  • margaret

    lovely song i get alot of inspiration from it and cant get enough of it.

    keep it up sami

  • omaima

    good song love it

  • Risal Yusuf

    it’s the best song……

  • amanay

    great song. just amazing.

  • Ramisha

    Mahshallah ,, subhannallah ,, Veryy Beatifull

    Mayy Godd Give You Strenth Further On In The Life ,, And Give You Hope And Need For Anything

    Thank You For All Your Nasheeds I Am Following Your Path To Read Nahseeds When I Grow Older !1 Thank You For Being My Role Model Thank You For Leading Me To The Right Path!! THANK YOU!1

    Love Your Younger Sister ,, Ramisha Hussain

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