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Du’a Lyrics

Ne guzel yaratmissin nimetlerini
biz kullarina ey Yuce Allah
Nasil sukredelim verdigin bu kadar
ihsanlarina ey Yuce Allah
How beautiful are the blessings
You’ve bestowed upon us your servants O mighty Allah
How can we ever thank You
for all the bounties you’ve bestowed upon us O mighty Allah

Her zaman ismin dilimizde ey Allah, ey Allah
Her zaman askin kalbimizde ey Allah, ey Allah
Your name is always on our tongues
Your love is always in our hearts

Biz gunahkar, biz perisan,
Sen Rahimsin, hem de Rahman
Aglarim, yalvaririm,
Bagisla bizi…
We are reckless sinners
You are most merciful and most compassionate
I cry and implore You to forgive us

Kendimize yazik ettik,
Hak yolunda hata ettik,
Aglarim, yalvaririm,
Bagisla bizi…
We’ve wronged ourselves
From the way of truth we have strayed
I cry and implore You to forgive us


Nasheed Information:

Artist: Sami Yusuf
Album: My Ummah
Lyrics: Ustadh Firooz
Composition: Ustadh Ali Tajwidi
Copyright: 2005 Awakening


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