Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah Lyrics

O Allah the Almighty
Protect me and guide me
To your love and mercy
Ya Allah don’t deprive me
From beholding your beauty
O my Lord accept this plea

Hasbi rabbi jallallah
Ma fi qalbi ghayrullah
My Lord is enough for me, Glory be to Allah
There is nothing in my heart except Allah


Wo tanha kaun hai
Badshah wo kaun hai
Meherba wo kaun hai
Who is the only One?
Who is the King?
Who is the Merciful?

Kya unchi shan hai
Uskey sab nishan hai
Sab dilon ki jan hai
Who is the most praised and benevolent?
Whatever you see in this world is His sign
He’s the love of every soul

Affeder gunahi
Alemin padisahi
Yureklerin penahi
He is the Forgiver of all sins
He is the King of the universe
He is the Refuge of all hearts

Isit Allah derdimi, bu ahlarimi
Rahmeyle, bagisla gunahlarimi
Hayreyle hem aksam hem sabahlarimi
O Allah hear my sorrows and my sighs
Have mercy and pardon my sins
Bless my night and days


Ya rabbal ‘alamin
Salli ‘ala Tahal amin
Fi kulli waqtin wa hin
O Lord of the worlds
Send peace and blessings
On Ta-ha the trustworthy
In every time and at every instant

Imla’ qalbi bil yaqin
Thabbitni ‘ala hadhad din
Waghfir li wal muslimin
Fill my heart with conviction
Make me steadfast on this Religion
And forgive me and all the believers


Nasheed Information:

Artist: Sami Yusuf
Album: My Ummah
Hindi lyrics: Ustadh Mehboob
Turkish lyrics: Ustadh Firooz
Arabic & English lyrics: Bara Kherigi
Melody: Afghani folklore
Copyright: 2005 Awakening

  • usman cool

    perfect and allah is only the god

  • mahya.

    It was the first song of Sami that I heard!!!!
    Sami is the best……..

  • hashim

    Excuse me its not a song its a Humd for Allah.

  • noory rasool

    thank you for the best song ive ever heard

  • vow

    superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    perfect and beautiful

  • haneef ahmed

    great great great great great and with a great voice singer

  • Mohammad Siddique

    Allah tumhari hamd ko kubool kre aur tumhe bahut makbool kre

  • Mohammad Siddique

    Sami bhai too goood yar

  • haseeb aslam

    this naat is the best and I will
    read this not on my school milad

  • don ammad shaikh

    this naat is very nice

  • shiza junaid


  • hooriya nadeem


  • darakhshan mirza

    jazakallah brother your voice is a gift of ALLAH and your hamd and naat is really heart touching. ALLAH bless you with his love n care (ameen)

  • http://twitter.com/awsomecricket aashikhan8

    its awsome naat

  • captain ramal

    assalam o alaikum i m also a naat receiter n i believe that it is a blessing 4rm Allah Almighty to whom He love n sami is one of those people

  • atif aslam

    friends.. i kno ap meray fan ho to mujey add karo msg karo or achay achay song or naat muj sey or sami say sikho

  • atif aslam

    wah wah yaar sami kya baat hai main tera dost atif aslam… hope yaar hum dono superb! gataien hai kya naat hai subhanallah allah ka shukar hai kay us nay tujey itni pyaari awaz di

  • http://www.facebook.com/alishah.bangash.7 Alisha Bangash

    my favorite naat

    • husna

      it is not a naat…..Its a HAMD

  • annah

    sme says that it is naat it is nt a naat plzzzzzzz……………… awesm work but unfortunately mr sami yousuf adds music in it.. its totally disgustingg

  • kiran zahra

    subhanallah i love it i will try my level best to learn and resite it frequently

  • mano

    Ur naat is so wonderful.I like it very much,this is one of my favorite naats,i hope u that u will read more interesting naats like this.pplleeaaassee do this,thank u so much,salam to all……………….good bye………….

  • a b khan mardan pak

    i love sami yousaf kash ap se mulaqat ho.najane kab par ummed he hogi

  • http://www.facebook.com/laibah.mustafa Laibah Mustafa

    great hamd

  • annie

    subhanALLAH beautiful hamd

  • Tehreem Khan420

    such a beautiful naat….one of the top most in the whole worlddddd…………………………..

  • Tehreem Khan

    such a beutiful naat………

    • husna

      never mind ALL OF YOU….Tehreeem ye naat nahi ye hamd hai………

    • husna

      never mind ALL OF YOU….Tehreeem ye naat nahi ye hamd hai………

    • husna

      never mind ALL OF YOU….Tehreeem ye naat nahi ye hamd hai………

    • husna

      never mind ALL OF YOU….Tehreeem ye naat nahi ye hamd hai………

    • husna

      never mind ALL OF YOU….Tehreeem ye naat nahi ye hamd hai………

    • husna

      never mind ALL OF YOU….Tehreeem ye naat nahi ye hamd hai………

  • Syedshadman77

    OnE oF thE BeSt NaaaTh In ThE WorlD ,,, SubhanAllah…n i thnxzz To My goD AllAh For ThaT He Gve Yu A beAuTIfuL TonGue foR SainGinG FoR ThIS tyPE Of Naaaaat

  • Shamsa75860

    aslaam I like this naat.may Allah. give u more ucsess in my brother ,s life.salaam

  • fiza

    i dont know if i should read this beautiful naat in my talent show i usually always read a nasheed and make it sound professinoal my using instruments

  • Bareera Younas

    i love this naat

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lubna-Mohammed-Asif/100002096598604 Lubna Mohammed Asif

    asalam i think u wll be fine nd iwish i cd meet u iluv ur voice and u allah  hafiz

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lubna-Mohammed-Asif/100002096598604 Lubna Mohammed Asif

    i luv your voice and ur naat and luv u 2 

  • anonnymous

    omg this is so lovely i hope sami yousef writes more naats like this

  • Minhapari

    Asalam-o-alaikum I have no wordsss to say how i like thiss song and all songss of sami yusuf i realyyy like all songs of sami yusuf and i am proud to be a muslim & I see Sami yusuf i feel very very proud Mashallah Sami yusuf is the best……………….

  • Hnahaz

    O Allah the Almighty
    Protect me and guide me
    To your love and mercy
    Ya Allah don’t deprive me
    From beholding your beauty
    O my Lord accept this plea

  • sidra shahid

    heart touching hamd 

  • Guest

    hes got such a good voice if only he sang wothout music.. amy allah give him the taufiq to do so

  • Kuma-2012

    Alhamdulillahi!Sami Yusu,you are a worthy singer!!!Go on to sing and laud  Allah! I’m proud of you!Praise to Allah!)

  • Smiley Maru

    in the name of allah most gracious most merciful

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali.soekarno Ali Soekarno


  • Fazlina Azwar

    May Allah accept our Duas  :)

  • FawadRasooly

    salam to all…….

  • FawadRasooly

    THE WORLD IS PRISON FOR BELIEVERS AND PARADISE FOR UNBELIEVERS…..I love you sami yousuf brother i really like ur voice and ur naats one of ur MUSLIM brothers from afghanistan….

  • Anglzn20

    u r d idol of my life i have never seen a handsum person & melodious voice in my life i love u so muchchch

    • FawadRasooly

      i love ur voice sami brother  

      • Aiman

        oh shut upppp

  • Juli358

    nyc voice but music haram in islam

  • Maria

    your naats are really heart touching.you are the lover of God and his prophet that is the great thing but do you know that the music is not allowed in islam.you use music in naats, what is the reason behind it.please tell me soon.

  • Maaya_ali

    ssoooo……………….. coooOOOll
    i love it..

  • zishu khan

    its a heart touching hamd.

    • kaleem

      i love this hamd

  • http://www.facebook.com/safoorah.baloch Safoorah Romesa


  • Matiullah

    Heart blooming

  • Arabic gurl

    Realyy AWsme.. <3 Luv et

  • Samiyusuf71

    just luv dis naat

  • Md. Ataour Rahaman

    My name is Md. Ataour Rahaman, I am your Bangladeshi brother. I love your sweet Naat and voice. How can I get this in CD along with Lyrics in hard copy ? Pls inform me.

  • abuthahir

    awesome masha allah gud performance very interesting to saw this…

  • http://gmail.com syed abuthahir

    awesome masha alllah very interesting to listen, this song increase more affection to allah beautiful…..

  • adeel khan

    very very nice so beautiful

  • mohamed aslam vengara

    nice to listen dear…

    Go on..

  • faiza

    subhanallah it very nice

  • amir hasan


  • maimuna dg

    wow!nyc n excellent song,i like u sami .

  • Mubushra Humayun

    An excellent naat and wonderful voice

  • Mubushra Humayun

    i luv this naat very much this is my one of the favourite naat. i am your biggest fan i luv your voice very much what a wonderful voice.

    • pakora

      true een though i dont knw u m8

    • naushad

      mashallah good comment

  • bint abdullah

    Assalamu Alaik
    ya yusuf
    zayyanallahul ambiya-a bi nimataani kubrayaani [1]Husnussurat [2]hHusnussaut.
    Alhamdulillah allahu zayyanaka bihimaa. haza daleelu hubbihi minka fa ajib hubbahu bi-ijtihadiddeen wa ifsha-iddeen ala nahjatinnabiyyi.[saw]

  • Shadab aslam

    Whenever i listen this hamd it touches to my heart.excelent hamd sung by sami yusuf god bless u.

  • Farhat

    maasha allaha
    ur voice a very beautyful

  • yusra

    subhanallah very beauti ful

  • amina

    ur voice is too goood wen ihear ur naats i feel iam inmadina near to my rasoallah salallAH ho ali wa salam

  • mahnoorsaeed

    SAmi i m ur bigest fan,luv ur naats

    • Mubushra Humayun

      Mahnoor i know who are u. i am your friend and i am also his biggest fan. i luv his naats and his voice.

  • zainab nadeem

    really like it mn.
    so gd.
    wish a was u
    so mch talent in urself

  • zainab

    subhanalllah, mashallah. thankyou, this naat is very excellent
    it really touches ma heart.
    this naat is really beautifully written. i wish y u gd luck throughout ur future

    • zainab nadeem

      this naat s beautifully written

  • Hina

    I just Cry when i listen to this.i feel Allah so close to me listening this and my heart just cry for forgiveness.Thanks Sami Yusuf you have given me such a great thing which bring me closer to Allah.May Allah Bless you my brother.

  • rossy

    Subhanalloh alloh akbar fantastik naat


    when i listen to this naat i just feel happy.

  • Fearoze

    subhan allah .tum pe allah ki meher hai.tum humesha aise hi allah aur mohhamad (saw)ki taareef karte raho.

  • Arsh

    I think it s' EXCELENT and SUPERB!!!!!!!!


    subhannallah and mashallah this naat is veeeery beautiful i can pray for god you always success in every field of life may god bless you.

  • maha amin

    i love this naat it is very beautifully written and speaked this naat can touch my heart i only can say you this naat is very best mashallah and subhannallah

  • zaki achmad

    subhanallah…very lovely.. :)
    four thumbs up for sami yusuf :)

  • ramaaisah

    yeh naat humaara sab se aacha he ham bhot is se sunnti hoon.

  • adil mirza

    heart touching…..!

  • sabbir

    you are the best.

  • Javid

    Sami Yusuf is Azerbaijanian. Hope to listen songs in Azerbaijani.

  • azfar

    when will you visit Pakistan Sami.

    • zainab nadeem

      yh true

  • Amer

    i would love to listen to this Hamd without music.

  • Palwasha Gul Ayub

    I am really very happy that you sang your ISLAMIC song in urdu too … My mother tongue is Urdu too …

    wo Tanha Kaun Hai
    badshah Wo Kaun Hai
    meherba Wo Kaun Hai
    who Is The Only One?
    who Is The King?
    who Is The Merciful?

    kya Unchi Shan Hai
    uskey Sab Nishan Hai
    sab Dilon Ki Jan Hai …

    Keep on doing this and believing in Allah … You are on the right path and you will inshallah get much much more … Thank you … Allah Bless you Ameen … !!!

    PaLwAShA GuL AyuB … !!!

  • hassan

    this Hamd its veeeeery mind blowing to all languages English,Arabic,Turkish and Urdu read this Hamd.

  • batoolsughra

    Sallamoalaikum, me my staff members and our students like this Naat and have sellected it for the begginning of our annual progrm,but it would look nice if it would be recorded in Sami Yousuf ,s voice only ,i mean with out music recitation of Naat can be done without music too,otherwise the Naat is best.Mashallah!

  • Naila

    i like it. Mashaallah
    its very nice


    mashallah. it's great, very very nice naat e sharif. i love it. really like it

  • wafi


  • Shady

    May Allah bless you

  • mohd.azhar

    mashaallah mashaallah very nice i m fan sami yusuf

  • aisha

    wow mashallah very nice voice.!!!!!!!!!!
    im a fan of sami yousuf.

  • rehan ahmed

    Mashallah .bohot payri naat hai . ek dum dil chu lene wali. i have heard the audio also . yussuf voice is really sweet . khuda hafiz

  • Wasim mansoor shaikh

    Mashaallah bohat pyaari nath hai! Wonderful


    salaam u alikum to one & all…..
    me ma family & my friends love this naat e sahreef……….
    & we love o listen his voice & songs…….
    the only thing i doesn’t like is the music of this album coz our ISLAM dont give permission to sound the music…………
    over all i luv this one

    • Aisha

      sorry to tell u dat,its not a naat its an hamad

  • kouser

    i lkie this naat and who read this naat i thing sami yusuf i like her voice i like tis naat and you

  • maryam gull shah

    woooooooooooooooo lovleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kulsoom

    aslakam alikum so nice



  • rehan ahmed

    really i like it.osome

  • rehan ahmed

    wow really i like it and it is very beautiful . the words touch hearts. sami yusuf is best.

  • rayla

    i htink sami yusaf is the best and i love his naats

  • ikra

    wow mashaallah i love this naat and it is very good
    nice voice sami yousaf

  • ikra

    wow mashaallah what a butiful naat

  • http://islamiclyrics.net ramsha

    hasbi rabbi is one of best hamd by sami yousaf .He has got beautiful voice.the most best thing about this hamd is that he had sung this hmad in many languages.im a bid fan of sami yousaf.keep it up!

  • http://www.live.com ayesha

    mashallah you are a good nazam writer i have listened to all of them and i know all of them by heart

  • http://www.live.com ayesha

    mashaallah this naat is very good all the things that are said ameen after each

  • Sayeeda Md Afreen.S

    as salamu walikum its vry touching naat i love it a lot

  • Dika

    This is beautiful song that i never hear before.
    Appreciated for sami yusuf, never stop to make beautiful song & always istiqamah certainly.

  • egha

    what a beutiful song, I love it much, Always istiqamah in Allah’s ways…

  • http://www.yahoo.com Reda

    asalamu alaikum, mashallah this is a very touching naat
    i love this website to everything is available in this

    • Sayeeda Md Afreen.S

      its corect

  • arfia

    has any got the words to meeta meeta hai mere muhammed ka naam

  • lauren

    i love this naat it is my favroit and ilove this website

    • isma

      meee too

  • http://www.sweetmadeena786.piczo.com hansa

    i wish that i could be like sami yusuf so then i could be famous and sometimes on the computer.i also wish that i was sami yusuf so then i could talk in different kind of languages to people

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