Jaaneh Jaanaan Lyrics

By: Sami Yusuf

O You whose thought seizes the heart of the young and old
In your midst, the hearts takes flight at every moment

You are the hope in hearts; the shelter of lives;
The eternal light of the heavens and the earth, and the face of infinite beauty

You have become my world, my dream, my Beloved!
Tears stream down from my eyes when I linger in thought of You

I am at safety with You, o desire of my soul, I have no home nor name without You
I am in darkness without You, ignorant of any direction (to take)

Your name will never leave my tongue till I am alive
Your loving and desirous fragrance settles my heart

You are boundless light, eternal grace, I’m a sinner but You are The Most Kind
You are a signpost for the lovers’ hearts

Without You, o the One who puts my heart at rest, I would be the loneliest soul in this world
Till eternity, I will be Your most enraptured lover in this world

I can only be in thought of You as I know naught but You
O object of my everlasting desire, the reason for the peace of my heart and mind

Jaaneh Jaanaan:
Jaaneh Jaanaan resonates with the tones of a tradition of divine love poetry in Persian that has resounded through the hearts of lovers for a millennium. Jaaneh Jaanaan is an intimate conversation with the true Beloved, whom the bewildered poet sees everywhere. He sings of earthly beauty, of the spiritual guide, and of the Divine Beloved Himself, for all true love is ultimately love of the Divine.

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