Ya Rasul Allah Lyrics (Part 2)

By: Sami Yusuf

Ṣallū ‘alayhi shafī’ l-’ummah
Send salutations upon him, the intercessor of the Muslim nation

Bi dhikri r-Rasūl tushḥadhu l-himmah
By mentioning the messenger we sharpen our zeal

Yā Rabbi bi-jāhin Nabī ’azihi l-ghummah
O God, for the sake of the prophet, clear the adversity

Ṣallū ‘ala l-Hādi l-Bashīr*
Send salutations upon The Guide and Bearer of good tidings

Ḥabībī l-Badri l-Munīr
My beloved the luminous full moon

Shafī’ī ‘inda l-Qadīr
My intercessor with the All-Powerful

Ṣallū ‘alayhi
Send salutations upon him!

Ṣallū bi-’aḥla l-kalām
Send salutations upon him with the sweetest of words!

Ṣallū ‘ala l-badri t-tamām
Salutations upon him, the full-moon

Rasūlī, khayri l-’anām
My messenger, the best of mankind!

Copyright of Andante Records. All rights reserved.

Words by Dr. Imed Nsiri
Music: Traditional Islamic (from Kurdistan region)

Performed and arranged by Sami Yusuf
Recorded at Andante Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios
Video editing and post production @ Andante Studios

Published by Resonance Music FZE Administered by Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd for the World

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