Jashne Aamede Rasool Lyrics with English Translation | Celebrations of the coming of the Messenger Lyrics

Jasne amade Rasoole, Allah hi Allah x2
Bibi Amna ke phool, Allah hi Allah x2

Celebrations of the coming of the Messenger,
The flower of Lady Aminah.

Jab kay Sarkaar tashrief lane lage,
Huro gilma bhi khusiyan manane lage

When the master was about to come,
The maidens and boy servants of Paradise began to rejoice.

Har taraf noor ki rosheni chagayi,
Mustafa kiya milay zindagi milgayi,

The light spread everywhere,
With the coming of the Chosen One came life to us all.

Aie Halima teri goad mein aa gaye,
Dono alam ke Rasool, Allah hee Allah

O Halima in your lap has arrived,
The Messenger of both worlds.


Koi chehray ki tareef kernay laga,
Koi zulfoun key tarif kernay laga,

Some would praise his face,
Some would praise his locks of hair.

Aminah dekh ker muskuranay lagein,
Hawwaa, Mariam bhi khushiyaan mananay lagein,

Seeing this, Aminah began smiling,
Eve and Mary too began rejoicing.

Amina bibi sab say yeh kehnay lagein,
Dua ho gayi qabool, Allah he Allah.

Lady Aminah began saying to everybody,
The prayer has been accepted.


Shadiyaanay kushi kay bajaye gaye,
Shaad kay naghmay sab ko sunaye gaye,

Festive music was sounded,
Songs of happiness were heard by all.

Har taraf shor Salealla ho gaya,
Aaj peda Habib e Khuda ho gaya,

Everywhere shouts of ‘peace on him’
Today the Beloved of God has been born.

Phir to Jibriel nay bhi yeh elaan kiya,
Yeh Khuda kay hein Rasool, Allah hi Allah.

Thereafter Gabriel announced,
This truly is the Messenger of God.

Jashn-e-Aamade Rasool, Allah he Allah, x2
Bibi Amna kay phool, Allah he Allah. x2

Celebrations of the coming of the Messenger,
The flower of Lady Aminah.

Nasheed Lyrics Information:
Recited By: Shaam Group
Album: Mercy Like The Rain
Album Released: 2002
Languages: Urdu & English

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