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Shahid Baltistani's Biography: Shahid Baltistani is Shia Muslim and recites beautiful urdu naats, nawhas and salams. Currently he is residing in Pakistan and has also been featured on QTV reciting naats and salaam.
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Aie Mere Baba Jaan

Aur Sham E Gharibaan

Artist Page:   3 COMMENTS

Fikr E Iqbal

Artist Page:   4 COMMENTS

Mera Asghar Kafi Hai

Mere Ghazi Kahaan Ho

Artist Page:   9 COMMENTS

Meri Zanjeer Na Kehncho

Artist Page:   4 COMMENTS

Qabr E Darvaish

Artist Page:   4 COMMENTS

Qasim Di Mehndi Agae

Shab E Tareh

Artist Page:   3 COMMENTS

Wa Hassan Sabz E Qaba

Artist Page:   7 COMMENTS

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