Mountains of Makkah Lyrics

Oh Mountains of Makkah, what can you say
Of the day that Ibrahim passed your way?
And He was instructed by God to build
A House of peace where people will pray

And they will come on every lean
camel and out of every ravine
For the purpose of praising Allah
To glorify Allah

Oh Mountains of Makkah, what can you tell
Of the day that stones from the sky fell?
Destroying an army determined to break
The House of Allah that Abraham built

Oh Mountains of Makkah, how was the dawn
On the day that my Prophet Muhammad was born?
How did it feel knowing he was to be
the last and most beloved of all?
Rasul of Allah, Nabi of Allah

Oh Mountains of Makkah, you were there
When the Prophet Muhammad climbed down in despair
Engraved in his heart were the words of his Lord
To all of mankind this was his call
La illaha illAllah, Muhammadun-Rasul-Allah
Oh people praise only Allah, Glorify Allah

Oh Mountains of Makkah, how did you mourn
On the day that the beloved returned to his Lord?
And up ‘till the last breath escaped from his lips
He prayed that his Ummah would find success

Oh Mountains of Makkah how will it feel
When the earth shall quake and tremble with fear?
And we shall be gathered together to stand
In the court of Allah with our deeds at hand

Oh how we pray that on that day
We’ll be with those to whom Allah will say
“Peace be with you, I am pleased with you”

Oh Mountains of Makkah, Bear witness that I
To the oneness of Allah do I testify
For all that He’s given me, how can I deny
My purpose in life should be only to cry:

La illaha illAllah, Muhammadun-Rasul Allah
There is no god but Allah, Muhammad’s His Messenger

Allahumma Salli ala, Muhammad Rasullillah
Allahumma Salli ala, Muhammad Nabi Allah
Allahumma Salli ala, Muhammad Rasullillah
Allahumma Salli ala, Muhammad Rasul of Allah

Lyrics Information:

Album: Mountains Of Makkah
Words and Melody By: Zain Bhikha.
Performed By: Zain Bhikha
Released: 2005


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