Allah Hu Lyrics

Ye zameen jab na thee ye jahaan jab na thaa
Chand suraj na theh asmaan jab na thah
Raze haq bhee kisee par ayaa jab na thah
Thab na thah kuch yaha
Thah magar thoo hee thoo
When the earth was a void
And the world had not been
When the blackness of space
Was not there to be seen
There was nothing at all
Not even a trace
No creation at all
There was only Your Face
Pawnche meraj mein arsh taq mustafa
Jab na mabood aur bande mein parda raha
Tab malaik ne hazrat se juk kar kaha
Sari makhluk mein
Haq numa thoo hi thoo

The time when there was neither land nor the world, nor moon, sun or the sky, [and] when truth was not known to anyone. At that time there was nothing except You [God].
There is no one like You and that is Your Grandeur, O The Unique One, You are the imagination and inquisitiveness, You are the wish, You are the light [and] the voice of the heart, You were there, You are there and You will always be there.

Language: Urdu, English

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