Allah The Almighty


Allah The Almighty Lyrics

We turn to You day and night
Seeking ways from wrong to right
We turn to You in pray and bow
Not knowing all the deeds we do

We turn to Your endless favours
Increasing in their flavours
We turn to You in sheer delight
For truth never strong to fight

We turn to Your kindness
Your mercy and Your mildness
We seek Your generosity
Forget and enter vanity

We turn to You in fullness
In sorrow and in harshness
We turn to You – The Only Way
Forgetting on a good day

We turn to you Most Merciful
Our sins so plentiful
O Mankind! You wrong yourselves
My mercy is endless!

Lyrics & Video Information
Track: Allah The Almighty
Album: Majesty
Artist(s): Aa’shiq al-Rasul
Lyrics By: A. Ellahi / K. Ellahi
Melody By: A. Ellahi / K. Ellahi

This is nasheed attests to the Greatness of Allah that He is most Forgiving and most Merciful given the
frailty of mankind. We indeed make gestures of supplication and prayer. We turn to Allah for His
‘endless favours’ for His ‘Kindness‘, we turn to Allah ‘In sorrow and in harshness’ when we face
difficulty and calamity, but then we neglect and are forgetful of Allah ‘Forgetting on a good day’.
Despite our human characteristics, our forgetfulness, our moments of weakness… Allah says ‘My
mercy is endless’.

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