Kullama Nadayta Ya Hu Lyrics & English Translation

Kullama Naadaytu Ya Hu

Kullama Naadaytu Ya Hu
Qaala Ya `Abdi Ana-llah
Every time I called out to Him
He replied, “O My servant! I am Allah!”

Rabbi Waj`al mujtama`ana
Ghayatuhu husnul khitaami
Wa a’tina Ma Qad Sa’alna
Min `Ataaya Kaljisami
O My Lord! Let the purpose of our gathering (be)

The achievement of a good end (with You).
And grant us what we have asked
From the choicest of Your Bounties.

Wa Akrimil-Arwaaha Minna
Bi-liqaa Khayril-Anaami
Wab li-ghil-Mukhtaara `Anna
Min Salaatin Wa Salaami
And honour the souls amongst us
With the meeting of the Best of Creation.
And convey from us to the Chosen One
Our Invocation of Blessings and Peace.

Lyrics & Video Information
Track: Kullama Nadayta Ya Hu
Album: Majesty
Artist(s): Aa’shiq al-Rasul
Lyrics By: N/A
Melody By: N/A

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