Light of the Worlds


Light of the Worlds Lyrics

O Muhammed light of the worlds
O beloved of ALLAH
O picture of perfection
O symbol of devotion

Who can walk in your greatness
Who can talk about your status
Who compares with your kindness
Your a symbol for the righteous

Your face is full of beauty
Your essence full of mercy
Your heart is kind and lofty
Your beloved to The Almighty

You are known for being generous
You are known for being magnanimous
You are known for being victorious
Only you could be so glorious

You attained exhalation by your perfection
You dispelled darkness by your beauty
Beautiful are all you qualities
Praise and salutation be upon you
and your family
from Pilgrim, track released 28 July 2011

This track recognizes Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the highest examples for the teachings of God. We show our reverence for him so that we may be further illuminated on the path to God, as Mohammed is the’ light of the Worlds’, ‘beloved of Allah, ‘picture of perfection’, ‘ symbol of devotion. The track goes on to express and capture some of the distinguishing characteristics and defining higher attributes of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) , with final praise and salutations given.

The rhythmic influences are more of Indian-Pakistani style with light European harmonies.

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