Tell Me


Tell Me Lyrics

Ki Ki nah kiytah yaar ne ik yaar vaaste
Rab mehfalan sajayyaan ne sarkaar vaaste

My heart is made to love him my tongue for his praise
These eyes of mine are made to gaze upon his beautiful face

Others like us we suffer the test if only we had met
Some most fortunate ones behold his face blessed

He laid the heavens and adorned the skies for him with ornaments

Tell me what our Lord has not done to honour His lovely one

Tell me, O tell me, just tell me, tell me

O did He not find him an orphan child
And by his hand returned back the sun

O did He not find him a simple man
And by his tongue taught the Quran

O did He not find him in the desert dunes
And by his command split the moon

O did He not find him needy and poor
And elevated his zikr and more
from Pilgrim, track released 28 July 2011

This track draws attention to what God has bestowed on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as examples for us, signifying his close relationship with God Almighty. The achievements sung are not only testaments to the miraculous nature of Prophet Muhammad but through God’s leave and love. ‘Oh and did He not find him a simple man and by his tongue taught the Quran’?

The influence of the words are from a Punjabi naat and rhythm is European with an ‘opera style’ infusion.

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