Taweel Al Shawq


Taweel Al Shauq Lyrics

My son…my son,
The sight of my eye,
You are the most precious thing to me,
You create happiness to me…
I am ready to sacrifice myself for you,
And with the best of what I have,
Oh. What a nice time it was,
When you were a lovely child,
Looking at me with laughter…
Where is the one who was my happiness?
What has changed that now he has forgotten me?
Is it this mean life?
What wrong have I done?
Which made you forget me?
Have you forgotten our love?
How I always wished that you stay loyal to our love,
I used to face every difficulty for you,
So you can live a happy life,
And done the impossible to make you,
Get the best education there is…
And to see one day in front of me,
A strong man,
Who aims for sky higher than the stars…
I spend the night sleepless,
My son, come back to me,
Clean and pure as you used to be…
Maybe I will meet you one day,
Before I meet my death,
Despite the distance,
My heart is still with you…
May Allah forgive him,
And lead him to the proper path,
I have forgiven him so please God,
You forgive him too…

Hisham Zarzour

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