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Ahmad Hussain was born in November 1981. He is the founder and owner of Iqra Promotions. He started working in the mainstream industry at a very young age and had high ambitions to move forward in the music industry, until he was met with many challenges in his life. It was at this crucial stage in his career that Ahmad was met with a tragic death in his family. He lost his sister at the tender age of 28, who died suddenly while participating in a sporting activity. This prompted Ahmad to question his own life and he began searching for answers through the Deen of Islam. Alhamdulilah by the grace of the Almighty, Ahmad decided that he would no longer associate himself with the mainstream industry. He began looking into Islam more deeply and found the inner peace and tranquility he had been searching for in the material and false world of fame and fortune. Ahmad became very inspired by the first revelation which came down via angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), in the cave of Hira in Makkah. The message was clear “IQRA” (Read). In 2004 Ahmad began work to set up a chain of Islamic outlets to propagate Islam. He also set up Iqra Promotions, a medium by which he could promote Artists who share & express the same values. In 2006 He met with Kamal Uddin and produced Kamal Uddin’s album “Illallah, which has gained success and acclaim internationally. In 2008 he produced and featured on, Inspirational album “Show me the way” by Wajid Akhtar. Ahmad released his first single in 2009 entitled “Aye Khuda” which was No1 on Noor Tv's top ten charts, five weeks consecutively. In July 2010 Ahmad released his Debut album “I Turn to You” along with the new video entitled 'Children of the World'. You can catch Ahmad on, Ummah channel (Sky 828). He is one of the three judges on the increasingly popular show 'Ummah Talent'.