Du’a Lyrics

Lyrics by: Fez Meghani & Aftab Ali
Music Composed by: Aftab Ali

Du’a Yeh Nikalti Hai Lab Se Mere
Daaman Tera Na Chhoote
Chaahe Jo Bhi Ho Jaaye
Mera Vaada Kabhi Na Toote

Allah Hi Allah Karta Rahoo(n)
Naam Tera Mai(n) Japtaa Rahoo(n)
Tu Hi Dil Mei(n), Tu Hi Zubaa(n) Pe
Kalma Har Dum Padhtaa Rahoo(n)
Allah, Allah…

Tera Karam Hai, Tujh Se Hi Dum Hai
Jaau(n) Na Haath Khaali, Mit Jaaye Ghum Hai
Tera Karam, Tera Karam
Allah, Allah…

You’re The Sun In My Life, Shining Ever So Bright
Chase The Cold, Dark Feelings Away, So I Feel Your Warm Light
You’re Sun In My Life, Yeah You Are The Sun
Allah, Allah…


My Lips Utter A Prayer
I Pray That May I Never Be Parted From You
Whatever Happens
I Hope My Promise To You Never Breaks

All I Say Is Allah, Allah
I Keep Calling On Your Name
You’re The Only One In My Heart, The Only One On My Lips
I Keep Reading The Kalma
Allah, Allah…

It’s Your Mercy, I Take Every Breath Because Of You
I Know That I Won’t Be Turned Away Empty Handed, All My Sorrows Will Be Erased
My Lord…
It’s Your Mercy, It’s Your Mercy
Allah, Allah…

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