Shahaada [English Version]


Shahaada Lyrics (English Version)

Lyrics & Music Composed by: Fez Meghani

Islam Is My Way; I Submit And I Pray
Islam Is My Way; I Submit And I Say
La Ilaaha Illallah, Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah

Far In The Distance I See A Light
Shining Within Me Forever Bright
He Is The One Who Kindles My Soul
He Has The Power, He Has The Might
La Ilaaha Illallah, Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah

No One In Front And No One Behind
I Hold The Faith That He Has Defined
He Is My One and Only Desire
I Hope One Day To Feel And To Find
La Ilaaha Illallah, Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah

None Of My Clothes; And No, Not My Car
Neither My Gadgets, Nor My Guitar
I Have To Face Him All On My Own
With Just The Weight Of My Deeds That Are
La Ilaaha Illallah, Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah

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