Beautiful Brave Souls


Beautiful Brave Souls Lyrics

we need not say a word
our mother’s tears tell it all
our bloody bodies tell our story
ask the Earth that birthed us
what it has seen
these children I bore
are beautiful brave souls
unflinching and bold
how do you hold
the hearts of a thousand martyrs
In your chests?
I do not know
beautiful brave souls
unbroken by
whips and chains
cages and flames
these infiltrators
rabble rousing trouble makers
gangs and thugs
germs and rats
and if that’s the way they’re going to play
then long live the street rats
Lord of the seven heavens watch over our sons and daughters
they are willing to die for You
to rise for You
you beautiful brave souls
how do you hold
the hearts of a thousand martyrs in your chests
I do not know
all that is certain for sure
is that there is no turning back
there is no stopping now
we shall overcome hearts of stone
let them be remembered
the bravest souls ever known

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