Healed Lyrics

in my dream
I take my fathers hand
we walk together
in the jasmine filled streets of Damascus
rekindling something in him
that has been missing for 30 years
his smile tells me
that he has finally healed
but when I open my eyes I see
the sky is falling
our tears are falling
the minarets of our golden mosques are falling
our sons are falling
in the dark dungeons of Deraa
their scars are calling out to the world-
a baby girl
lies lifeless in Latakia
limbs longing for love
her eyes echo-
when it will be said
“for what sin was she killed”
close your eyes
to see
we stand at the threshold
of something beyond imagination
crossed into the land of the unthinkable
so let them ink our stories on the scrolls of time
that we did not sit back and curse the dark
the dark cursed us
for we broke its choke hold on us
and when they slit the suns throat
left the world so dark
we lit a torch of hope
for the faith in our hearts
will shine brighter than a thousand suns
and we will outshine all their guns
and we will pray until the dawn comes
and we will give rise
to a new dawn
that will dispel the dark
we will no longer have to close our eyes
and dream to see the light
our eyes will be open
our hands will be clapping
clapping not in demonstration
but in celebration
of the dawn
the new age
the new page
where it will be written
that this wound of ours
has finally

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