Ring in the Desert


The Song of Rebellion Lyrics

what are we
but seekers of beauty
in times so trying
once a desert lion
now trying to regain the pride that died a dignified intellectual culture
now stalked by the shadow of a vulture
so we search though these sands for our spiritual oasis
to make these withered walls bloom
a rebirth from the earth’s sacred womb
for what are we
but seekers of beauty
in times so trying
our wills are dying
for finding beauty in this beast of a world
is like finding a ring in the desert
and we are lost
40 years we roam
and had we only known
that beauty is masked in shrouds
like the full moon behind dark clouds
perhaps the wind of our breath
will cause the clouds to drift
the mask to lift
and the ring to appear clear
crafted by our every breath and motion
every compassionate emotion
to give life to the rotten
to give a hand to the forgotten
for we have not forgotten
that serene are the seekers
sifting slowly
searching closely
for a ring in the desert
for beauty in this beast of a world
searching for God in this beast of a world
for God is beautiful
and He loves that which is beautiful

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