The Song of Rebellion


The Song of Rebellion Lyrics

They said this was all unprecedented but they lied
I have seen this before
like a momentary glimpse
of déjà vu
we have all seen this before
a childhood dream
long forgotten
an aging hope
drowned in tears we do not mention
we have all seen this before
nesting in our souls
waiting to hatch
waiting to fly
come freedom
breath in our spirits
and blow out fire
teach us your song
that once was sung
one by one we will echo your verses
teach us that song
the song of rebellion

I know these words
our lullaby when we were born free
there were no chains
just a crown of dignity placed on our heads
but we forgot our song
blinded by portraits of tyrants
polluting our walls
tear them down and draw pictures of our children
write these poems across the skies
rise thunderous voices rise
let the Earth rumble beneath their feet
until their palms sweat
their knees shake
and they remember our song
come freedom come
teach us your song
that will make Pharaohs tremble
do you hear them now?
free souls ensemble
uttering words once forbidden
words we were scared to mention
do you hear them now?
they’re singing our song
they’re singing our song
the song of rebellion

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