Valley of Musk


Valley of Musk Lyrics

I come from the valley of musk
where we used to fast from speaking up
from dawn until dusk
silence was a must for survival
revival was taboo
but tattooed on the chests of those who
fear none who walk this Earth
we walk the path of the stranger
sing the song of the Moses sparrows
in the face of falcon Pharaohs
truth in the face of power
this is the hour where tyranny crumbles
see these devils tremble when they hear God’s name
feel the wind of change across your face
embrace it
let it gently sail our souls through these stormy seas
take us home
so we may kiss the soil
beneath our saints
that have been tainted by tyranny
for too long
but this is our valley
and we shall return
every broken hearted mother
exile and traveler
will break the chains
or remain a slave
till the day we die
but this is our valley
and we will send
prayers on the wings of angels
oil for their lamps to light their way
guide them through the night
in search of the day
when we will no longer be

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