Our Creation


Our Creation Lyrics

Can we not see how the planets look like diamonds in the sky?
And everything on earth was created for you and I
And can we not see that man is merely waiting
For the final day to arrive, to arrive

Do we feel a deeper meaning to it all?
And in our creation there are no flaws
And we’re trying to control something we can’t explain
Or we wander around blindly in the dark without an aim
Do we think it’s all a game?

La Ilaha Illa Allah
Muhammadun Rasool Allah
There’s no God but Allah
And Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

And do we think the truth is no longer clear to see?
And the simple things are left behind
Like smiling at your fellow man
Or looking up at the velvet sky
And sometimes it makes me wonder why we’re all still here


Nasheed Information:

Singer: Hamza Robertson
Album: Something About Life

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