Show Me


Show Me Lyrics

Show me our way to return to him in peace
Show me a way and I’d be gone tomorrow
For there is only one way for you and me
Show me the way home

His character was a thing of beauty
One to be admired
And when I think of him
There’s a warm feeling deep inside
No one had conducts like him
And his enemies did agree
That he was known as the trusted one
Sent for you and me

The only time I feel happy
Is when he’s on my mind
When I think of his perfection
He was so merciful and kind
He’s a perfect example
Of the way we all should be
His mission was accomplished with grace
And he was sent for you and me

Have we forgotten the one who loves us the most?
Have we forgotten the pain and the sorrow?
He went through so much for us, so much don’t you know?
To show us the way home


If only I could be with him
Just for one day
Just to sit with him he could show me
The right way
In character in conducts and in body
And in mind
Nothing can compare to the master
Of mankind


Nasheed Information:

Singer: Hamza Robertson
Album: Something About Life

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