Let Me Breathe


Let Me Breathe Lyrics

By: Harris J

I know you’ve walked in my shoes
And get just what I’m feeling
I know you’ve brought me up
To always do the right thing
You don’t need to solve all of my problems
I can try
Let me feel naïve, let me feel alive

I just need a little more space
To live my life
And make my own decisions
Looking through my eyes, oh
I’m not trying to break your trust
It’s all I need
But I’m growing up now, so let me breathe

I can make the right choices
‘Cause of all you taught me
And you know that I’m always going to call
If I say I will
You don’t need to stay up and worry
I’ll be alright
Let me feel naïve, let me paint the sky

You have been my safety
My protector from the start ‘n
There’s no way, no one
Could try replacing you in my heart
‘Cause you’ve been there for me
You’ve always cared for me
And I will never let you down


Written by: Paddy Dalton, Moh Denebi, Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi

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