Paradise Lyrics Ft. Jae Deen

By: Harris J

Got a dream in my life, yeah!
I pray that it will happen
Devote all my time, yeah!
More than you could ever know
Ooh, I do it all with a smile, yeah!
Ooh, I’d go a million miles yeah!

In this world I dedicate my life to just dream about it
In this world I’ll never be afraid to dream big about it
Come on let’s dream big about it
About it: Paradise
Dream big about it
About it: Paradise

If I dare to fly higher
Then I could touch the sky
It’s a really tough climb, yeah!
But I’m aiming for the next life
Ooh, I do it all with a smile, yeah!
Ooh, I’d go a million miles yeah!


Yo, I’m dreaming big about it
So many days and counting
I got a blessing in my life, I couldn’t live without it
So that means that I’m never doubting
No I’m never doubting, no!
And that’s everyday
Jae Deen on this track, I’ve got Harris J
It’s your biggest dream that means you’ve got to strive
I know you want it so bad just make du’a
Yeah, you want Paradise
‘Cause everything ain’t about this worldly life
You won’t party or go club at night
Won’t do bad things, no no ‘cause that ain’t your type
Here’s what you do
You’ve got to work hard ‘cause it’s coming soon
So let me tell you one thing that will help you through
Just know that…

Paradise will come true
Taking one day at a time
I know it’s not easy to do
It’s what I want most from this life


Written by: Paddy Dalton, Jae Deen, Moh Denebi, Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi

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