The One


The One Lyrics

By: Harris J

When I learnt for the first time
I know my heart wasn’t prepared
For just how much You’d mean to me
But Allah, how I know now
That a life without You there
Is like a bird without its wings

You are The One
In my life
Always right there beside me
I’m so blessed
You’re The One
In my life
Always right there to guide me
Giving me strength
You’re The One
Oh, oh, oh, oh

I’m not saying I’m perfect
I haven’t read all the pages
But I know that You’re The One
It’s the way that You turn mess
Into a beautiful message
It’s You I place my trust upon


Forever I won’t be afraid
With You right here I’ll be OK
‘Cause everything about You is the truth
Whenever I call out Your Name
Lift up my hands, bow down to pray
I feel so good, it’s all because of You


Written by: Paddy Dalton, Moh Denebi, Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi
Video by Omar Ghomrawi

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