Humood AlKhudher

My name is Humood Alkhudher. I was born in Kuwait in 1989. I was blessed with an educated, wise, and friendly father and a lovely mother. My father is a professor in psychology. He received his PhD degree from Great Britain, which is where I spent most of my childhood. My mother is an educated, friendly, creative person. I always love being around her and listening to her touching advice. She always pushes me ahead to achieve my goals and is a great influence and support throughout my life.

I’ve always given great attention to beauty and Art. I feel that I’m addicted to anything beautiful in this world. That’s why when I look at my best interest; music comes first. I’ve always believed that every person in this world is powerful. Smart people are those who implement all their potentials in something beneficial.

I feel that Allah has blessed me with a beautiful voice and great talent. I have tried my best since I was ten-years-old to improve my skills and contribute something useful to this world. I was blessed with an uncle who was already a well-known artist. I followed him into the studios and watched every step he made. I watched the way he wrote the lyrics, set up the rhythm, assembled the vocals, and performed on stage. I learned from his experience, which resulted in the reduction of the steps to my success. Afterwards, I had several offers from other artists to join them in their albums. I did not miss any opportunity and gave my ultimate effort to sing my best. My first auditions were very successful -Alhamdulillah; and the positive reaction of the audience was and will always be the inspiration to improve, to contribute more and more songs.

Humood AlKhudher
Humood AlKhudher

“What’s your goal in entering this field?” A random question I’ve always been asked. Most people think that artists are only seeking recognition or fame, but why circulate this theory onto all artists! I would lie if I said that fame was never in my mind, but it was never a primary goal for me. I believe that the greater the fame that you earn in this life, the greater the responsibility that comes with it. I believe that it’s my duty to express and defend my religion, country, and society. I believe that Allah will ask me on the Day of Judgment how I used the tools he has provided me with; and I’m working hard to be able to provide an honorable answer for that day. That’s why I spread the words of peace, love, morality, and Islamic spirituality in all my songs and performances.

Humood AlKhudher’s Lyrics & Songs

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