Allahu Lyrics

Jahan bhi dekun Allahu
Har khayal har guftugu
Jahan bhi jaoon Allahu
Mileen mujhae har manzilaen
(Wherever I look Allah is there
In every thought and every conversation
Wherever I go Allah is there
I’ve reached my journey’s end)

I’ll keep on searching; I know I’ll find Him
He is beside me; He’s always close to my heart
Always in my heart; we are never far apart
I always think of Him when I feel I cannot go on


I’ll keep on moving; with every step I take
I’ll feel Him closer; I’ll never lose my way
I always turn to Him when my faith is wearing thin
I always remember He is Al-Baseeru (the All-Seeing)


I’ll keep on praying for Him to guide me
I won’t lose my patience, believers always come through
Always there for me, especially in my time of need
I raise my hands and I know He’s listening to me


Lyrics: Irfan Makki & Bara Kherigi
Melody: Irfan Makki
Arrangement: Hamza Namira
© 2011 Awakening Records

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