Mabrook (English Malay Version)


Mabrook Lyrics (English Malay Version)

Today smiles all around
Both of you are shining with faces so bright
These memories will always remain
Deep in your hearts brightening the darkest night
We always pray your everyday
Will be blessed with joy
May all your dreams come true

Look now, happiness is all around
Your love has brightened up the night sky
Your loved ones are gathered here just to say
Oh.. Congratulations!

Ya Allah, berkati pasangan ini,
Bahgia, hidup berkasih sayang,
Rasulullah, indahnya sunnahmu,
Dunia, terasa bagai di syurga.

We always pray your everyday
Will be blessed with joy
May all your dreams come true


Mabrook, mabrook, mabrook
Congratulations to you


Mabrook, mabrook, mabrook
Congratulations to you

English: Bara Kherigi & Irfan Makki
Malay Lyrics: Syah Inteam
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
© 2011 Awakening Records

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7 thoughts on “Mabrook (English Malay Version)”

  1. hi
    my name is haafizah
    i am 10 years old and i love your songs!
    not many people know about tour fantastic nasheeds but i wish to tell the world!
    i first found out about you after watching a nasheed you did with maher zain (another fanntastic nasheed artist) and i thought that it was worth investigating. well here i am writing to you.
    thank you for your beautiful nasheeds and i cant wait to hear more.
    ta ta for now.

  2. It’s very beautiful naats, it remains me to my past memories when I was celebrating my wedding party. Mashaa Alloh.. Barakallah to All new couple..

  3. Salamualaikum Hello, I’m Kahdijah from Nigerian, I found out about you from my Christian friend so I thought it worth looking out for, amaizing song, Masha Allah


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