Subhanallah (Subhan Allah)


Subhan’Allah Lyrics

By Khaleel Muhammad


Subhan’allah, Subhan’allah, Subhan’allah, Subhan’allah

The glory of Allah is with me all day long
Moulding my frown into a smile
The beauty of this world makes me want to sing out loud
From every mountain top for all to hear

Subhan’allah, Subhan’allah, Subhan’allah, Subhan’allah,

When our hearts makes dhikr of Allah
Surely your mind and soul will comply
Those simple things we have
we take for granted
Are gifts from heaven
that fill our lives

Subhan’allah, subhan’allah, Subhan’allah, subhan’allah

As you sing the praise of Allah
His tranquillity descends on you
Your world is filled with miracles
Allah’s glory is supreme:
So sing with me…
Sing with me…
Sing with me…
Sing with me…


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