Where’s the Love?


Where’s the love? Lyrics

By Khaleel Muhammad

Verse 1:
Last night, had a dream
Found a hole in my heart
Couldn’t feel, couldn’t cry
Then I knew
That something inside me had died

I wondered why I felt so cold
Unmoved by the suffering around the world
So ashamed that I never faced the truth
That my selfish heart won’t cry
For nobody but me and mine

Where’s the love we promised God?
To help each other regardless of….
To aide our fellow man in his moments of need?
What’s the problem with our souls?
Complacency has taken hold
Could it be our hearts
are harder than stones?

Verse 2:
Met a man
Who couldn’t speak
But God knew
The devotion of his heart

When he prayed
Tears would flow
Every word
Much weightier than Gold
But he’s home is just a cardboard box
In a rat invested alley way
Nobody gives a helping hand
How can we say we care
When people like him are everywhere?


We make a plea each time we pray
To be guided along the straight path
And never go astray
But with guidance comes responsibility
We have to share our bounties
With the people that’s in need


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